Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Robert Luskin, Karl Rove and the  Comey Connections

 By Peter Pezonus CPW News Service
     The June 21st, 2013 appointment of James B. Comey as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation  appears to be the elevation of the Constitution's champion despite Comey's support of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.    The magnanimity designed to catalyze acceptance of the former aide to Judge John M. Walker of New York whose law partner, Robert Luskin, is attorney for Karl Rove, will surely not be missed in Senate confirmation hearings.  Or will it?

     “Yes, well, one must remember that Barack Obama, while a graduate of Harvard and resident of Hyde Park, Illinois where John D. Rockefeller pumped a steady flow of myth making dollars into the educational system including a renaissance in Near Eastern, Egyptian, Persian and other pyramidal models of outmoded governance, married an attorney, Michelle, who worked in the historic Republican law firm of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln.  That law firm, Sidley Austin, merged in 2000 with the New York law firm of Brown and Wood with its historic ties to Brown Brother Harriman.  Brown Brothers Harriman is organically linked to Brown and Root and KBR, the leading services and products provider for the U.S. military. 
     Comey was instrumental in bringing down John Gotti and key members of the Gambino crime family, but that meant his alliance with Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his ball-buster, Bernie Kerik.  Kerik would become L. Paul Bremer’s chief of security in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein.  Kerik went to jail on corruption charges and would be followed by U.S. Army Colonel and West Point ethics professor, Theodore “Ted” Westhusing, who died following a bitter confrontation with General David Petraeus over contractor corruption and unnecessary civilian deaths.  Westhusing supposedly committed suicide four hours after the confrontation, a claim that is widely disputed," said Barry M. Goode, spokesperson for Citizens With Eyes Wide Open in Sleepy Hollow, New York.

    "Mitt Romney's Bain Capital had dismantled the San Diego newpaper when it acquired that company.  At the same time William Gore, the FBI agent in charge of the Ruby Ridge, Idaho case where Randy Weaver's wife was killed by FBI sniper Lon Hourichi as she held her 10 month old baby was elected San Diego's sheriff.  San Diego is home of the U.S. Navy Seals whose headquarters is shaped like a Nazi swastika.  It is also where the Duke of Windsor met Nazi spy Wallace Simpson in the months before World War II as the German America Bund, U.S. fascist business leaders including Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs, Charles Lindbergh and Prescott Bush whose 'Business Plot' was foiled by General Smedley Darlington Butler," said Goode noting that since his becoming the County Sheriff William Gore has threatened to use sometimes fatal high frequency sound weapons on citizens at public meetings.

     At the center of Hyde Park, Illinois as with Manhattan where Rockefeller Center housed the forerunner of the CIA, the OSS, is the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute.   The Oriental Institute is not there to explore the New England China Trader’s ambitions in Peking, Shanghai, Tokyo of Hong Kong, but the historic contributions of Egyptian and Persian culture to Western Civilization.  Funded by John D. Rockefeller whose attorney, Ivy Lee, often referred to as “Poison Ivy” by Upton Sinclair for his part in the propagandizing of the Ludlow, Colorado massacre at the Rockefeller coal mine, Ivy Lee was also a leader in the “Business Plot” of 1930 which sought to recruit two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Darlington Butler, in a coup to topple FDR. 

     Ivy Lee, considered the "father of modern public relations" and whose primary competitor was Edward Bernays,  was investigated for his part in the “Business Plot”.  In 1929 Ivy Lee became the public relations counsel for German pharmaceutical company, IG Farben, makers of Zyklon B, with Farben’s connections to Max Warburg and brother Paul, a founder of the U.S. Federal Reserve System.  Rockefeller’s interest in the German American Bund, IG Farben and the “Business Plot” when combined with other monopolistic business practices following the Ludlow incident suggest that the dimes he handed out on U.S. street corners was a public relations ploy to conceal a deeper interest in pyramidal, pharisaic business structures and imperial ambitions.  "If Rockefeller had been truly remorseful after the 1914 Ludlow incident would he have been backing the Fascist business plotters in 1930?" asked Barry Goode.
     Gunther Von Dovya of the Society of Former PR Executives in Chicago said, “Obama’s actions relative to his rubber stamping nearly every Bush initiative including his avoiding the reinstatement of Habeas Corpus, failure to reinstate the equivalent of Glass-Steagall Act after Paulson and Greenspan’s blunderings, giving Paulson's raiders money with no strings attached is problematic.  Obama's warrantless wiretaps, increasingly targeting government whistleblowers and paying nearly blind allegiance to the dogs of war...then fetching Comey for the FBI.... are the same characteristics that would have made excellent participants in the Tuskegee Experiment.   In spite of Comey's supposed support of the U.S. Constitution as evidenced by his stand off with Bush's Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, over wire tapping, something isn't right here.    Comey was legal counsel for the biggest U.S. corporations including Lockheed Martin.  The large telecoms and other communication corporations do not have a great history of opposing cock-eyed executive orders.  Not unlike Rockefeller’s funding of the Oriental/Egyptian contribution to Western Culture that was definitely a mixed bag of nuts and bolts in a slurry of toxic drilling sludge that's antithetical to most of the dominant values of Western Civilization from Greek democratic principles to the Magna Carta to Washington, Franklin and Jefferson's vision of the future, Obama is learning his lessons from the best....or worst....depending on your point of view," Von Dovya concluded.

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