Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, June 27, 2013


James Bond’s Tortured Identity

By Harry T. Mann for CPW News Services

     James Bond’s life has been, from the start, shaken, but unstirred by reality.  Ian Fleming, James Bond's creator, was called on a night in May 1941 to interrogate a downed German fighter pilot, Rudolf Hess.  Hess, the number three in power in Hitler’s Third Reich, had flown his Messerschmidt to the estate of Lord Hamilton near Dungavel, Scotland, presumably to lay out a plan for an Anglo alliance and world domination.  Interrupted in the middle of watching a new Marx Brothers’ film, Winston Churchill would be asked by spy master, Ian Fleming,  if it would be alright for expert in German neo-paganism, Aleister Crowley, to interview the German leader.  Churchill declined. 
     “Yes, as well he should have,” said historian, Gilbert N. Sullivan.  “The British royal family was filled with German spies, Crowley had lived in Egypt and Hess had grown up in Alexandria, Egypt.  Pyramid climbers in costume.  How could Winston have written his books on his appreciation of democracy while leaning on Crowley's twisted advice? Remember that the Duke of Windsor married Wallace Simpson whom he met at the Coronado Hotel in San Diego, California where today the U.S. Navy Seal head quarters are built in the shape of a Nazi swastika.  With John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s father beholding to the New England power elites and supporting Hitler's European initiatives, Churchill was cornered.   The Kennedys were themselves knee deep in German connections as evidenced by the 1930’s business plot and Fred Koch’s construction of many of Germany’s oil refineries, not to mention his American oil broker, William Rhodes Davis, father of California’s future Governor Gray Davis.  Winston had much to worry about.  He wisely sent Joseph Kennedy packing with FDR’s help, though Roosevelt was no stranger to the intrigue as his family's fortunes attest. He then put the German Saxe-Gotha Prince, the Duke of Windsor and Wallace Simpson on ice in the Bahamas where they could do no harm,” said Sullivan noting that Wallace Simpson was nearly daily receiving flowers from one of Germany leading generals.  The British interest in the Bahamas wouldn't focus on the islands again until James Bond visited there in Thunderball.   James avoided visiting the Windsor's bungalow.

     Sullivan believes that with the German American Bund’s desire to stay out of the war even as they profited off of it, even though many leading American Jews were seeking U.S. intervention to save their families, including the future head of the Motion Picture Industry, attorney Louis Nizer, that the American power elites showed their own fascist sentiments.
     Albert Broccoli saw in this devilish drama the mixture for a Broccoli cheese soup of a spy plot.  He would not unveil the fact that Ian Fleming  whose family connection to the eventual merger of Jardine Matheson, the Scottish equivalent of America’s Russell Trust, was knee deep in the Chinese opium trade as had been the British Empire which was now being led by the Windsor’s and a tortured Winston Churchill.    “Tortured because he knew damn well that the Windsor’s who were from the Hessian region of Saxe-Gotha Germany and had changed their name to hide the reality of it and because he knew in America the Irish Kennedys were second tier power elites, eating the table scraps from the American China traders who had usurped the British East India Co.’s control of the lucrative Middle East poppy fields,” said Sullivan.  “They could sell Irish whiskey to the Irish, but they dare not over step their ambitions,” he continued.
     “What you have in James Bond is the appearance of a loyal servant who in spying for his Majesty’s secret service is clearing away the chaff of the old Soviet Empire or the other evil empire, Spectre.  Good will triumph over evil and he will kill any mo-fo that gets in the way of her Majesty’s majesty,” Sullivan asserted.  “Problem is that Winston Churchhill would not have seen it that way especially after his daughter-in-law divorced his son and married Averill Harriman whose company gave Prescott Bush, a member of the 1930's business plot that aligned with the Duke of Windsor and with Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs and Charlie Lindbergh, who was given  a job at Brown Brothers Harriman.  At that point I am sure that Winston was wondering just how much of the truth must be covered with a swarm of lies and whether Queen Victoria’s servant man, John Brown, was the English forerunner of the Russell Trust’s British colleagues and perhaps even a member of Baltimore’s Alexander Brown family and the clan of galvanizing warrior, John Brown,  the American abolitionist.  Were they related to Eva Braun?” asked Sullivan noting the American power elites' connection to University Heidelberg, the bastion of secret societies in the German neo-pagan and Thule traditions?
     Broccoli, of course, had no incentive for raising any of these questions as he was seeking to market, then franchise, the Bond name.   Mythology is magical. When the American version of James Bond, Simon Templar, emerged first as a novel character and then as a television personality in the I Spy, Get Smart and The Man From Uncle era, Templar’s creator had no reason to tell us that his family ties were to West Coast shipping through which must pass the very products for which the New England China traders had fought so desperately to take over from the British while Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs and John Muir frolicked among the West Coast's forests.  "Ford benefited from the taxpayer paid roads while decrying the threat of socialized society and using Muir Woods, formerly "Eagle's Nesting Ground" in Indian lore, on post cards to stimulate auto sales.  Muir and Ford wisely rejected a photo of a Wyoming buffalo slaughter to spur travels of Eastern vacationers across the rolling plains.  Similarly, Fleming's and Broccoli's myth of James Bond pulled people to the movie houses like a magnet attracting metal shavings off the floor of Ford's auto factories.  Like the slaughtered buffaloes any mention of her Majesty's compromised family history, would not have served the bottom line.  Why should Albert or Ian pee in their own broccoli soup?
    “It’s all very entertaining, but about as far from reality as you can get,” said Sullivan.  “Kind of like what a young Marine faces while walking through a poppy field in Afghanistan long after Osama bin Laden is dead and wondering why the hell he is there.  Or like Jim Morrison, the Doors lead singer waking up in San Diego to discover that his daddy, the Admiral,  had just lead the Gulf of Tonkin affair followed by the massive invasion of Vietnam with its sights on the Golden Triangle,” said Sullivan.

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