Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Jessica Chasmar of the Washington Times: 
  • Are 5th graders smarter than the rest of us and why are they asking "Mommy, what is Thermite?" 
  •  "Mommy, if 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia why did we invade Iraq?
  •  "Mommy, when A President's first born son becomes the President are we becoming more like the Saudi Royal family or the British?
 by Dee Dee Rink Umbemeheri CPW News Services

  Those may not be her questions exactly, but Jessica Chasmar of the Washington Times reported on March 21, 2013 that a Texas mother, Kara Sands, has some hard questions.  She is concerned that her fifth grade son was the target of anti-American propaganda being taught in her son's public school.  The sniper? His public school teacher.
     The teacher's quiz titled “Remembering September 11th, administered by the Flour Bluff School District contained the question “Why might the U.S. have been a target of terrorism?”
    Sands, the boy's mother, told KRIS-TV “I’m not going to justify radical terrorists by saying that we did anything to deserve that over 3,000 people die.”
    Though the quiz was not part of the CSOPE curriculum, some parents felt that the issue should be brought before the local school board.  CSOPE is a type of Texas clearinghouse for acceptable public school curriculums.  Mrs. Sands also noted that the quiz identified food and medicine as "rights" and asked for students' agreement or disagreement.  Mrs. Sands said that her son's answer to that question had been marked "no" and counted wrong because he did not think that it's the government's place to provide food and medicine.  "Does that mean that the school nurse will be let go?" asked Lilly Paddington of Peoria, Illinois upon hearing of the Sand's family plight.
     “Jessica Chasmar’s newspaper, the conservative alternative to the Washington Post, and founded by South Korean religious leader of the Moonies, the Unification Church, Sun Myung Moon in 1982, may have had a significant stake in what is taught in Mrs. Sand’s school system.  The head of the security for all of South America for the Unification Church, Gerhard Peemoeller, once owned a home site near Sands' school,” said Judianne Gurry, of the group Dark Side of the Moonie Watchers who recommended reading about Moon's relationship to George Herbert Walker Bush.  "Nobody wants schools to be a tool of propaganda one way or the other.  They should be a place where children are taught how to think, not what to think," said Gurry, "but reporting from a Moonie newspaper is already problematic and marking a fifth grader's answer to the food and medicine question as 'wrong' is telling him not how to think, but what to think.  Unfortunately after the Food for Oil Scandal at the United Nations which included a Texas oil man how do you get a fifth grader to think ethically about whether food and water should be a weapon of U.S. foreign policy?" asked Gurry.

    Elsewhere, members of a Westchester Pennsylvania school district asked “When is the CSOPE going to include in its curriculum and testing the 1930’s business plotters who were confronted by our favorite son, two time Congressional Medal of Honor winner,  General Smedley Darlington Butler?”  Butler, born in Westchester, confronted an attempted coup de tat of a sitting U.S. President, FDR, which included coup leaders Henry Ford, Charles Lindberg, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs and Prescott Bush," according to one Westchester history teacher.  "That never makes it into the public school curriculum," the teacher maintained.

    The families of Col. Theodore “Ted” Westhusing and Lt. Pat Tillman have expressed concern that their local school curriculums do not responsibly cover real reasons for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan including Yellow Cake Uranium and an insatiable thirst for fossil fuels and poppy by-products.  "We tried to get Valerie Plame to write some of the curriculum, but that hasn't happened yet, but should," said Barney B. Westhusing.

    Members of Remember Los Alamos, a survivor’s group for those who witnessed the detonation of the first atomic bomb have expressed concerns that their local public school curriculums do not cover adequately the amount of information withheld by their government relative to the dangers of exposure to radiation to which they were unknowingly subjected.

    Mildred Prawlin, whose husband fell from a ladder and died in 1955 during a U.S. Civil Defense program called "Clean-up, Fix-up and Paint-up" while painting their Michigan home with the recommended Dutchboy lead-based white paint had her concerns, too.  She wants information in the curriculum that explains why 50 years after Europe banned lead-based paint her husband felt he had to save the house during an atomic bomb blast when the official U.S. policy was MAD, or "mutually assured destruction"?

      Members of the Tuskegee Time Travelers, a group of syphilis survivors who annually pay tribute to those brave members of the Tuskegee Experiment that rarely finds its way into even college curriculums, leveled their concern about either Mrs. Sands' conservative agenda or naivet√©. “Mrs. Sands needs to understand that our government withheld information about the Tuskegee Experiment between 1932 and 1972 a gross violation of any sense of human decency,” said syphilis survivor G. Mahoney Wilikkers who admitted that he was still angry about it, but not in any way a terrorist.  "I'm a follower of non-violence," he said. 

     Dr. Lance Fisher, a member of TTT's sub-group called Henry VIII Walked With a Gate, and the son of Tuskegee Experiment victim said "Henry's VIII's wives would have been horrified at the U.S. government's Tuskogee Experiment.....before they lost their heads." 

     Henry VIII, of course, died of syphilis and the insanity associated with end-stage syphilitic brain lesions.  "My father's victimization by his government and my study of history led me into brain surgery," said Fisher.  "Henry may have remained Anne Boleyn's faithful husband if the drugs withheld from the Tuskegee patients had been given to Henry, the founder of the Anglican Church," said Wilikkers who also noted that Henry may have stayed faithful to Catherine of Aragon had she looked more like Salma Hayek, with or without producing an heir to the British throne.

      Members of Survivors of Bender's Brazen Abuse, who as children were given LSD as part of Loretta Bender's  CIA sponsored MK-Ultra's Project Bluebird conducted at New York's Bellevue Hospital between 1953-63 have likewise lodged their concerns.  "School children in the USA are not given the whole truth," said one SBBA survivor who wanted to be identified only as 'Little Bug-eyed Bluebird." 
      Civil War historian, Buford T. Beauregard of Mobile, Alabama, said that he can rarely locate in any public high school curriculum information about the plot of post-Civil War Confederates to firebomb the entire city of New York following the Civil War in which 600,000 Americans died.  "The FBI and ATF are still worried about Neo-Nazi groups and the far right and put Timothy McVeigh and Randy Weaver in that group, though they are not likely to all become like the Confederate bomb plotters of the 19th Century, but like the Unabomber, Ted Kazcynski and McVeigh, act from a mixture of their own motives that can be as convoluted as a wormhole in Alice's Wonderland," said Beauregard.  Beauregard noted President Obama's friend, William Ayers from Chicago, whose father, not unlike John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban, was a main cog in the workings of major companies in the U.S. military complex serving on several major defense company boards.  "Some of these guys, no doubt think that they are a type of Lt. Dunbar from Kevin Costner's Dances With Wolves, protesting American soul-less militarism," said Beauregard. "Flying drones over your house on a Friday night and knocking out your next door neighbor while leaving your daughter without her face can cause your thinking to fly down a wormhole, too," Beauregard concluded.

      The Council of Comparative Religions in Public Schools also weighed in on the need for broader transparency in public education.  "Without teaching comparative religion in the classroom, how will children know that Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who gave $1 million to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library or that he bought 1.5 million acres in Paraguay and planned to build a utopian colony there not far from the Bush family's 100,000 acre ranch?"  asked Mohammed Ghandi Wesley, the CCRPS' president. 

     Julian Assange reportedly stated that some of the information he provided through Wiki Leaks has some of the members of the surviving Reuter's news team that were killed in Iraq by U.S. Apache helicopter gunships anxious to put that information into all public school curriculums.  "We're talking about the killing of our loved ones and the injury of two Iraqi school children," said one family member.  "This needs to be in our civic lessons unless we want to be branded as suffering from pandemic cranial/anal impactions," said an Assange supporter in Seattle using terminology first spoken by Dr. Lance Fisher.

     Tomas Young, the U.S. soldier who has chosen to die as a protest to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that left him paralyzed believes that his high school curriculum was "full of horse xxxx."
     Young has asked permission for the song Tom Is Dead by Col. E.M. Bolmer to be sung at a wake in his honor shortly after his death.  Col. Bolmer said "Tomas Young is my hero. While I wrote that song for a good friend of mine from the Vietnam War, Tomas Young has my unqualified support for his courage in telling the truth as it really is and he can sing that song to the angels in heaven!"

     Col. E.M. Bolmer also knew the son of celebrated Marine Chesty Puller who stepped on a land mine in Vietnam and never really recovered fully from the trauma of it.  Chesty Puller admitted that facing his son in recovery in U.S. military hospital was the one time this fearless Marine wept openly.

     Fr. Francis Tuck, of Roman Catholics for Transparency in Journalism, said “Fifth graders are pretty smart and in time will figure things out for themselves, but to purposely provide curriculum devoid of reality for the sake of some misguided sense of what?  Community? Is absurd.  You might as well have another Inquisition!”
     “As for whether or not the government should provide for the possibility of food and medicine, the answer may be ‘no’, but it is a qualified ‘no,’" said Fr. Tuck.  "The Lord’s Prayer says…. 'Give us this day OUR daily bread,' as if Jesus believed that eating food is a God-given right for those who will sow, water and harvest, though he also seems to feed those who find themselves in a blight or fishing 'dry spell' and if a nation is going to be brazen enough to put ‘In God We Trust’ on its money….the medium of exchange of goods and services…..then it should be argued that the government not stand in the way….as in Nazi, Germany...….. of food or medicine for all people,” said Tuck of  Saint Miriam's Parish in Sherwood, South Dakota.  "If CSOPE wants to become the gatekeeper on curriculum standards it has an obligation to be truthful about the knowledge it distills.  O'Malley's Ale was said to be a most beneficial brew from the finest hops and barleys, but there was barely any hops in it and the barley was mildewed.  Rot gut stuff indeed!  You can't tell an ale by its bottle nor a book by its cover and the books that CSOPE are influencing are dangerous to the human mind's digestive system," said Fr. Tuck.
     Tuck also expressed concern that without a government's encouragement of a healthy and clean environment where sowing, watering and harvesting can safely transpire without the dumping of heavy metals and oil slick sinkers like Corexit and other various toxins that "we're all xxxxxx anyway and the Mrs. Sands' of this earth and their fifth graders can eat dirt mixed with heavy metal and bomb shrapnel."

     "Kara Sands whose husband is a physician who  patented clothes that have a built in a tourniquet for use by accident prone hunters or soldiers on battlefields has a vested interested in seeing that endless warfare continues," said Dottie Grimm of the Mother's United Against Armless and Legless Casualties of  War.  "There's no tourniquet for a massive head wound like my son Gary had," said Grimm.
     "Once the heart throb of actor Matt Damon whose anti-war rhetoric in Good Will Hunting left apparently no lasting impression on Ms. Sands, she has turned her interests to war apparel with built-in tourniquets, but we all feel that it's better to address the root causes of endless warfare: Money and profits.  Our biggest fear is not that there are terrorists out there, but that there is also a type of Murder Inc. still going on.  What keeps some real wacko from detonating a  pressure cooker bomb at  the Super Bowl because he just bought stock in a tourniquet trouser company?   We also think that when a nation teaches its children to think for themselves they will still defend freedom and liberty, but without all the bxxx sxxx thrown in," said Mrs. Grimm.

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