Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tomas Young's Body of War

by Peter Pezonus CPW News Services
Senator Tim Hutchinson arguing for war with Iraq in the
wake 911 that led to Tomas Young's enlistment.
     The road to Tomas Young’s broken body runs through Arkansas.  As Senator Robert Byrd warned against the  price of committing American troops to a foreign war, the brother of Asa Hutchinson, Tim Hutchinson, was arguing for war in Iraq.
     In October 2002, Tim Hutchinson stood before the U.S. Senate and pressed the President’s case.  His brother, Asa Hutchinson, both graduates of the far right-winged Christian-cultish Bob Jones University, had a dark alliance with the Bush family dating back to the Reagan-Bush years and characterized by what one Bush observer said is "a part of that vast sea of darkness in an endless universe punctuated by Bush's self-described 'thousand points of light' aimed at distracting sky gazers from Bush's real enterprise....war and mayhem from which the power elite's profits can be squeezed."
    When the Iran-Contra supply line established by Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush was exposed by the downing of a CIA cargo plane shot down over Nicaragua and piloted by Eugene Hasenfus, the plane had been in Mena, Arkansas where Barry Seal ran a covert arms and drug shipment airport.  Seal would figure significantly in the case against Reagan/Bush. 
   Asa Hutchinson was the highest ranking judicial officer in Arkansas at the time, a state that incorporated the Bank of Commerce and Credit International or BCCI, the money laundering bank of the Iran-Contra network that was nicknamed "BCCI-The Bank of Crooks and Criminals".  When two boys, Kevin Ives and Don Henry, stumbled onto the airport operation they were murdered and their bodies laid on a nearby Union Pacific railroad track where they were mutilated to hide evidence  of the crime.  Their case became known as "The Boys on the Tracks".
     Mena, Arkansas’s operation required the combination of CIA funding, Arkansas compliance and hospitality provided by Governor William Jefferson Clinton and an extensive network of criminal-class minions protected by Hutchinson’s office.
     When Barry Seal came forward to provide testimony in the trial in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that would expose the whole operation to the U.S. media and public, he was gunned down on the Baton Rouge street near the courthouse where he was to appear.  It was Asa Hutchinson's job to protect Seal as he faced danger mostly from the Iran-Contra operatives of which the CIA was the biggest player.  As a reward for his work of failing to shield Seal, Hutchinson was offered the Directorship of the Drug Enforcement Administration or DEA.
    “Together, Tim Hutchinson and Asa, his brother, were key cogs in what could rightly be called 'Tammany Hall #2'.  Gary Webb, the San Jose Mercury News reporter who peeled the skin back on Iran-Contras’ provisioning of crack cocaine to Los Angeles, ratified the decision of Congress in convicting Caspar Weinberger, John Poindexter, Elliott Abrams and Oliver North in the Iran-Contra scandal.  Most of those within the operation would be pardoned and reincorporated, like Elliott Abrams, into the George Walker Bush administration.  This brotherhood, not unlike his membership in other dark secret alliances, provided George W. Bush a false security and led to his proclaiming of the Iraqi resistance....'Bring it On!'.  So much for winning minds and hearts.  It was this fine cadre of U.S. creepy crawlers who would decide after 15 of the 19  September 11th hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, to invade Iraq on false evidence and doctored intelligence.  That decision to ‘bring it on’ by George Bush, a man who avoided military service himself guaranteed the money mill of the Military Complex would continue churning.   J.H. Hatfield, author of Fortunate Son, claimed that GWB was not adverse to personally using the CIA's Colombian imports himself.  GWB and Dick Cheney's decisions effected thousands like Tomas Young,” said Lombardi.

     Wilson Riddell Lombardi, provided a recent expose on the unusual death of James Joste in Austin, Texas has shed new light on the dark alliances that most Americans would prefer, like the decisions that led to the deaths of Pat Tillman and Theodore “Ted” Westhusing, to disregard at their own peril.

    "It's in Arkansas that what Danny Casalaro called 'The Octopus' shows the power elites' game grip on the system.   Tim Hutchinson,  a Baptist clergyman,  was sandwiched between the political careers of David and Mark Pryor, David having been the Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party.  You have to remember that this is the state where the founder of Scottish Rite Masons in the U.S., a tradition that radically altered the focus of Washington and Franklin's York Rite Masons, presided.   Albert Pike was the chief legal counsel for the KKK, Pike's ties to the Prussian royal family shows the bifurcation of American Masonry and the growing marriage between the dark underbelly of American political leadership and other criminal classes.   It was in Arkansas where like Louisiana, another breeding ground state for Scottish Rite values and where Barry Seal was murdered, that a petrie dish of political and religious hypocrisy inherent in America's power elites bred murder and mayhem," said Wilson Lombardi noting that the nation's chief apologist for Albert Pike is also Arkansas-based.... the celebrated University of Arkansas history professor and author Robert Lee Brown.

     On December 12, 2012 the National Rifle Association's president, Wayne LaPierre, announced that he was putting Asa Hutchinson in charge of the NRA's lobbying program for placing an armed police officer on every school campus in America.  Members of Barry Seal's family questioned how that would protect American school children and whether or not LaPierre  was ignorant of Hutchinson's history with protecting citizens  or was knowingly putting a  wolf in charge of NRA's bantam rooster house.

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