Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, April 1, 2013


Anti-Al Qaeda Cleric in Yemen and Policeman Hit By Drone Strike
East Memphis Preacher Rages Against The Machines
by Winnie DePugh Smith CPW News Services

Scott Shane (l) on Charlie Rose's Bloomberg TV program
 relating fellow NY Times'reporter Robert Worth's (r) coverage
of a U.S. "droning" of an anti-Al
Qaeda cleric and policeman.
      To be “Droned” is to be exterminated like a bug by an unmanned U.S military airplane when you are least expecting it.  If you are talking to members of Al Qaeda expect it at any time.  Talking to Al Qaeda operatives is clearly hazardous to anyone’s health as Robert Worth has reported for the NY Times.   Worth discovered that a U.S. drone pilot, perhaps from a Nevada office building near the Las Vegas strip,  targeted three Al Qaeda members who had asked for an audience with a Yemeni cleric who had just delivered an anti-Al Qaeda sermon.  Reportedly, the three Al Qaeda members were trying to convince the critical cleric of the value of their terrorist network.  Fearing that if he met with the three men alone he might be in danger the cleric asked a police officer to accompany him.  After the meeting members of the police officer’s family said “We wish he had no religious affiliations or that he had developed a sudden case of diarrhea and come home.”
     Sometime during the conversation the meeting was abruptly ended by the drone strike as body parts flew in a 360 degree direction.

     An American cleric has been infuriated by this event.  “Suppose Franklin Graham or his father, Billy, was meeting with KKK members from Selma, Alabama trying to convince them that the Klan has no future in the civilized world and suddenly Franklin or Billy along with Buford and Clem Higgins and their cousin Festus Pickens are sprayed into tuna chum?” asked Rev. Harold D. Neughes  of the Fourth Baptist Church of East Memphis, Tennessee.  I think that Americans would be up in arms….well, up to their elbows in at least eight arms,” said  Rev. Neughes.

    The family of Simon Megs, a U.S. military drone pilot who, well on his way to earning a Congressional Medal of Honor (Drone edition), but who was killed in an incident still under investigation, said that they  feel horrible for the grieving families and fully empathize with the families of the Yemini cleric and policeman.  Megs had been a member of a crack U.S. drone team that sought to allay American's fears that their government's drones would be turned on U.S. citizens.

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