Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, April 2, 2013



Christopher Hedges (l) and Christopher Hitchens (r).
For Hedges on Hitchens and his concern for
Hitchen's lack of a core value click photo.

by Ima Freda Takistund for CPW News Services


      Christopher Hitchens had said that Christians who do not argue for a bloody and brutal end to the human race, an Armageddon, a war that ends all wars, a melt-down of planet earth….are apologists hiding the essence of the Christian faith like burned a layer of amber syrup hiding burned pancakes.
     Bertrand Russell St. John of Edinburgh, Scotland, speaking before the Society for the Deeper Understanding of Disparate Ideologies said "I am a semi-secular Christian and I don’t focus on the end.  I believe that all things, except perhaps the highest of human values which I have chosen to call ‘love’ or ‘grace’ or ‘heaven’ or ‘eternity’ will end, but I don't dwell on that.    Christopher Hitchens didn't like the focus on the end-times and I don't blame him, but even Chris Hitchens came to an end.  What's important is that he had a deep and abiding appreciation of culture and learning which included, thank God Almighty,  fine whiskey, an occasional cigar and days without bathing if a stories’ telling required such.  All in all, however, he and his generally amicable Christian apologist friend and fellow debater, Christopher Hedges, were on the same side....in their wishing that the end would come to the world's criminal classes or at least that they would be like reptiles and mad dogs, boarded in zoos or kennels.  On this they were in total agreement and nearly prophetic at indentifying those who should be so detained which is not necessarily those who now are!" said St. John.  "But of course there was 911 and after that Christopher Hitchens lost his objectivity and went.....well.....nutty."

Christopher Hitchens on his love of life on planet earth
and Christian's desire to speed the end of it. (Click photo
for video).
      Bertrand Russell St. John, whose mother appreciated Bertrand Russell and whose father was a Scottish clergyman,  shares with the celebrated atheist Hitchens'disdain for the commandeering of the Christian message of a “God who so love the world that he gave his only son,” by those who  he claims "would hastily speed its destruction by the sale of weapons of individual or mass destruction."
    "Both Hitchens and Hedges believe that the current criminal class of war profiteers hide behind a thin veil of misguided and fraudulent chivalry mixed with a bogus religiosity," said St. John.   "Hitchens, like Christopher Hedges, the Christian author and  an apologist for greater human dignity and love, ironically, have long shared a common vision that is rooted in a similar understanding of the nature and destiny of humanity," said St. John.  "I can find that Jesus said 'I came not to bring peace, but a sword," but that is not justification for stockpiling thermo nuclear warheads or profitting from building laser guided missiles that end up in some poor smuck's bowl of gruel," said St. John.

Kinky Friedman and Christopher Hitchen in Texas:
America Supersized, Hitchen's apologism for
George Walker Bush. (click photo for video)
     "Chris Hitchens got some things right and some things very wrong.....like his support of GWB's invasion of Iraq on cooked intelligence.  If Hitchens thought that was such a good idea then why didn't he go enlist instead of going to Texas and doing that god-awful....or in Hitchen's case....godless-awful expose' called Texas: America Supersized.  Can you believe that Hitchens was an apologist for Bush?  If ever there was a war profittering Connecticutt Yankee, bimbo misguided apocalypticist  who claims to be a cowboy like Ghandi or Nelson Mandella according to the nutcake, Kinky Friedman, Bush was!  Hitchens' documentary was one hell of an apologistic gig for Bush and the spear point of the Military Industrialist Complex, Texas.  I guess he was well paid for it!" said St. John.

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