Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Bombing No Tea Party

Boston Marathan Running the Conspiracy Gauntlet

By Shirley Arndt Rulentout for CPW News Services
     Alex Jones is not accepting the U.S. government and media’s explanation of the Boston Marathon bombing.   Jones, an Austin, Texas radio talk show host believes it was a false flag operation.  “False Flag” is battle terminology for a ship that disguises its loyalty and hides it identity during an attack.

    Jake Legg of the Nashville-based Center for the Study of American Conspiracy Theorists, believes that Jones is both loathed and loved in America.
     “Alex Jones has been branded a nutcake by many.  There were the videos of the two brothers from Chechnya.  They appeared to be carrying something.  There was the Cambridge car-jacking on the MIT campus and a murdered MIT police officer.  There was the late night shoot out that left the older brother dead and there was the capture of the wounded younger brother in small boat in someone’s backyard,” said Legg.

     “Jones reasons that there was also at the time of the bombing a bomb drill conducted by police that could act as cover if the operation was discovered and its cover blown before it was started.  There were bomb sniffing dogs lining the route that detected nothing, presumably because they were not in the immediate vacinity of the finish line where any terrorists would likely seek to catch the media attention.  Why weren't they there in mass?  A virtual convention of bomb sniffing canines?  There was the clear sound of automatic weapon fire as the brother was leading an assault on the police, presumably using automatic assault weapons at a time when assault weapons are much in the news.  There was the father’s concern that the two boy were framed and that they would never have done such a cowardly act….perhaps the weakest of Jones’ argument given that a parent is so often the last to know about his child’s mental condition a la Tommy Lee’s Jone and Susan Sarandon's son in the film In The Valley of Ellah and the dozens of close family members in Colorado or Arizona or Connecticutt who could not believe that their kin folk were dangerous,” said Legg.
     But Jones argues that the one thing that the U.S. Military Industrialist Complex depends on is endless war.  "With the threat of the old Soviet Union gone the perception of the  migration of Islamic radicalism out a region of containment in Iraq....which, by the way, was not a base for Islamic radicalism before we invaded it, Afghanistan and Pakistan into new regions would help to keep the justification for a bloated military budget with its deep pockets of no bidding entitlements in place," said Legg.

     “The presence of assault weapons used by the two Muslim men from Chechnya further strengthens an argument for a type of new world order and crack down on the 2nd Amendment in light of the New Town and other recent massacres,” said Legg reflecting on Alex Jone's arguments.
     “Alex Jones may be dismissed as a screwball, but he may also be part of the very conspiracy he reports.  After all, if these plotters were smart enough to pull off a staged bombing where children and other innocent people are brutally murdered, they are also sinister enough to put out in front of the story a magnet-man or woman.  Someone to whom the best skeptics turn for companionship and consolation…Jones’ list thus becoming their list for a process of quick round up and elimination....a new Kristol Nacht.  A similar example would be the former policeman from LAPD, Michael Ruppert, who emerged out of the crowd at the meeting of CIA Director, John Deutsch, in Los Angeles to quell a potential riot after the outrage elicited by the San Jose Mercury Newspaper’s publication of Gary Webb’s investigation into the Iran-Contra drug and money pipeline.  Webb’s investigation followed the drug money supply of the secret U.S. governments Iran-Contra operation in the 1980’s that led to the conviction of John Poindexter, Eliot Abrams, Caspar Weinberger and Oliver North.  There is, in fact, reason for people to believe that their government will lie to them,” said Legg noting that the entire African American community is aware of the historic Tuskogee Experiments, while workers from the Manhattan Project know that their government knew of the dangers of radiation before allowing them to be exposed to atomic bomb detonations," said Legg. 
     "The San Jose Mercury News' Gary Webb, author of Dark Alliance,  committed suicide on December 10, 2004 by shooting himself twice in the head.  Michael Ruppert defended the official coroner's report and insisted that Webb indeed killed himself by shooting himself in the jaw and behind his ear.  Presumably the jaw shot was either an initial practice shot or the rebound from an involutary reaction to the first shot.  That was before Ruppert appeared in the documentary Collapse and his move from LA to a home within 15 miles of the Bohemian Grove where he plans to wait out the coming world-wide economic collapse," said Legg.
     Alex Jones claims to be a libertarian in a state where Senator Ron Paul is the leading Libertarian, but Ron and Rand Paul’s ties to the Tea Party, backed as it is by the Koch Brothers whose father, Fred Koch, was a founding member of the John Birch Society would put Alex Jones in a Fascist camp.  "It's the Fascists that we have the most to worry about," said Legg although he notes that Mrs. Michelle Obama worked for the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin which merged with the World Trade Center housed Brown and Wood law firm of New York....two firms long associated with Republican causes and with the National City Bank and Brown Brother Harriman firms....part of what Anthony Sutton called 'The Order' and what Dannay Cassalaro called 'The Octopus'," said Legg.  It was the National City and Brown Brothers Harriman initiatives in Central and South America that had General Smedley Darlington Butler writing his book War Is A Racket.
   "In addition, Alex Jones gained access to the Bohemian Grove which is supposed to be like Fort Knox. The Bohemian Grove was also reported by Paul Bonacci and Rusty Turner to be the location of a gruesome story associated with The Franklin Cover Up, as reported by former aide to CIA Director, William Colby, Omaha Nebraska attorney and Congressman, John de Camp, and chronicled in a film titled Conspiracy of Silence as well as de Camp's book The Franklin Coverup."
     Alex Jones is operating out of the state that domiciles what Danny Casalaro called “The Octopus”, but which had its orgins in the politics of the New England power elites....Texas.  Alex Jones could be as much in the grip of The Octopus as those he claims are the conspirators according to Legg, noting that infamous Cave X is not far from Alex Jones' radio studio.

     “There is Boston’s longstanding connection to organized crime and such Irish Mafia mobsters as Whitey Bolger whose connections to the Inslaw case is widely reported. Historically when the U.S. power elites want the mussle for war they turned to Boston's Irish who disproportionately filled the ranks of the Texas Revolution and the Union Army during the Civil War.  It's been arguned that the Kennedy power base of Boston's Irish Celts know their place and play the role of strong-arm for America's power elites with dutiful dedication, but are put in their place when the ambitions of their leaders run too high.  The Inslaw case involved the U.S. Government's inappropriate appropriation of a software designer's program and its subsequent use as a type of Trojan Horse by terrorists to gain access to highly secured U.S. Government databases including the software programs of the Federal Aviation Adminsitration which had been breeched during 911.  Boston is home to the Boston Brahman class of China traders….opium smugglers…..out of which has emerged what Anthony Sutton reported in America’s Secret Establishment….the American power elites.  If a false flag operation was needing a city that could help pull it off, Boston is it,” said Legg who noted that in years past Baltimore was also a logical location because of its connections to progenitor of the Brown Brother Harriman organization,  Alexander Brown, and with its close ties to the Maryland's dominant Roman Catholic tradition that is easily rallied for what might appear to be a new religious crusade.

    Legg advises U.S. and all world citizens to pay especially close attention to the details of any terrorism story.  "We all know that there is the proper company line and what really happens.  Did reporters look closely for witnesses to the shooting of the MIT policeman, Sean Collier?    Do they have witnesses to the car jacking after this killing?  Did anyone beside the police see the younger brother run over his older brother?  Were they dressed in the same clothes from one location to the next?  Were there witnesses to the late night shootouts who can verify that it happened like they say it did?  After all, we just saw in LA, a policeman who, angry that he was demoted for speaking out about police corruption went on his own killing binge....Chris Dorner," said Legg noting LA's ties to Gary Webb's story and the liklihood given LAPD's history that much of what Dorner said was true.

    "With so many video and telephone cameras available citizens need to do their own policing work, but never, ever, never give the police the only record of your photos and videos.  Make multiple copies and give them to your like-minded friends.   In this way the jackbooted Fascist-types can be kept in flip-flops if a threshold of critical mass has not yet been reached and all hell broken loose," said Legg.

     "On the other hand," said Legg, "if Alex Jones becomes like the wacko cult leader from LA, Jim Jones, who fed his followers poisoned Cool Aid, for God's sake don't do that in some isolated jungle somewhere.  Do it in front of the White House after a massive protest where it can do some real good and where it will be difficult to bury all the bodies quickly!" said Legg.

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