Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bomb Sniffing Dogs Rejoice In Future Job Prospects

Big Nose Knows Bombs

by Selma Fine-Goody for CPW News Services

     In the aftermath of the "Boston Marathon Massacre" one group of Americans is rejoicing in the future prospects for job security.  Bomb sniffing dogs.

     Dog psychic, Harry K. Niehen, of the German Shepherd breeders association Hunde Riechen für den Frieden, reports that his group's membership sees a boom in business.  "This will mean a phenominal rise in demand for our trained bomb sniffing hounds," said Niehen.

     Mr. Niehen, says that he has interpreted the dog chatter between his canines to be extremely enlightening.  "A conversation between Willie and Panzer, for example, indicated that they believe that not since the fall of the Berlin Wall has the possibility for the promulgation of something akin to the old Cold War through the export of Islamic terrorism migrating North into the old Soviet Union, have their jobs been more secure," said Niehen.   "Willie and Panzer speculated that this would help to secure the future of the business of dog sniffing security and elevate their importance as a new addition to every American family, home and parade route," said Niehen.

     When asked if the dog's could be trusted to secure public events like the Boston Marathon in light of Nazi failures in expanding the role of dogs in the Third Reich, Niehen said "We have made wonderful advancement in dog mind science and training this those days."

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