Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Spaghetti Western, Popcorn and a Koch
By Niehbuhr Niemoeller Barth Commentary for CPW News Service

Quentin Tarantino's No Frank Capra, But Koch Finds Future Fortunes In Naming Nobody
     When Koch Media Films announced plans to release a collection of spaghetti westerns on DVD and BluRay to coincide with the German release of Django Unchained many wondered... “Holy schmolie, does this mean that Koch Media is connected to the Tea Party and the Koch Brothers whose father, a builder of Hitler's refineries and supplier of his oil and a founding member of the John Birch Society,  are now courting Hollywood’s high profile American-Italian director, Quentin Tarantino?"

     In January 2013 at the Venice Film Festival Tarantino hosted a type of Spaghetti Western symposium of his favorite pasta pictures.  Koch Media announced that in Germany it would package the films and sell them to commemorate the release of Django Unchained.

Tarantino's selection of
"Spaghetti Westerns" distributed in
Germany by Koch Media Inc.
     Dada.  Why should Tarantino be shackled by history?   Let Hitler be killed by Jewish American soldiers in a French movie theater….the inglorious bastard!   Hitler may have murdered Jews and Gypsies, belittled Jesse Owen, but Germans loved the Gypsy, Django Reinhardt.   What a jazz guitarist!  Don’t kill Django! 

Django Reinhardt (l) and Django Jamie Foxx (r)
    Wagner, good for blitzing, is hell to dance to.  Italy?  Why it's home to Sergio Leone and Benito Mussolini who wasn't all bad....he did deport the trust-funded  leach, Aleister Crowley, whose kinky unchained imagination re-chained so many like little Leah Hirsig.
     Why not a non-racist German dentist somewhere in Texas where even Jim Bowie was a slaver and where Governor Rick Perry's Niggerhead Ranch is just north of CIA Director Alan Dulles' key terminus for the import of Hitler's brightest and best war criminals after World War II.  It's been long enough to forget that George Washington who would free his slaves without a Civil War fought British paid German Hessian mercenaries who found with Texas' openness to brutality toward Indians and Blacks a fine Hessian resting place. Without them there would be no Latin-polka-Tejano music which Blacks rarely dance to though Django Reinhardt would have.  Why not a Dr. Schultz who unchains slaves....pulls their teeth.... and maybe invents insoles for tired feet? 
     It's been long enough to forget what Martin Luther King said about the myth of Northern enlightenment versus Southern ignorance....long enough to forget that John Brown's secret backer was Bostonian lead-miner, George Luther Stearns, who was seeking to corner the market for lead bullets and said when asked of the approaching Civil War "will it be war or peace"  as two men were fighting on the street and four watching. "Three out of four will egg them on.  I'm betting on war!" said Stearns.   Whether on Wall Street or Rodeo Drive the Bears and Stearns,  Tarantinos and Kochs are selling war bonds of differing sorts, but still betting on war....and its profits.   
     Whether the Montigues or Capulets, Bandinis or de Medici's, Hatfield's or McCoys, the evolution of John Brown to the Brown Brothers Harriman and Kellogg Brown and Root its all the same.  Cain and Abel were barred from racism and still they battled.  It's been long enough to forget that like the Italians and Castillians, the British and New England Brahmans, the real fight among them all was for the domination of their world....money and power, silk and spices from the Orient, opium from Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan, whale or fossil fuel from Nantucket or Iraq, or for simply a place next to Daddy's hearth in the big house.

     Why not a Calvinist plantation owner who whipped black women for breaking eggs?  Leonardo Dicaprio can play the favored son of a favored Calvinist so well.   No stretch of the imagination there.  And the Italians have long been whipped for their connections to Sicilian mobsters, Giuseppe Mazzini's alliance with the KKK's Prussian-backed lawyer, Albert Pike, or for their Vatican Bank and its arm lock with the Skull & Bonesman whose symbol Dicaprio hacks on the dining room table as a reminder of the Bonemen's misguided eugenics.  The Southern power elites may not have originated eugenics which would be pumped at Cold Spring Harbor, New York by Mrs. Mary Harriman, wife of railroad robber barron, E.H. Harriman, who would employ Prescott Bush just as he had been by Hitler's banker, Fritz Thyssen, before that cozy arrangement was closed by FDR, himself from a family of New England's finest opium smugglers with eye on a quicker route from New England to China across the Great Southwest flat land route.

Railroad tycoon, E.H. Harriman, husband of Mary
Averill Harriman whose backing of the pseudo-science
of "eugenics" provided  a rationale for institutionalized
racism, centered not in the South, but at Cold Spring
Harbor, New York and  adopted by both Northern and
Southern Fascists.

     Why worry about all that. This is Hollywood where people dream!  Dr. Schulz makes it all so believable....all of it, except one.  In a world of equality where everyone can be traced by a circling drone with components made in India, China, Mexico and America, all things are possible except one.  Peace.

     Dada.  Let the fight promoters do what they’ve always done.  Da-Da-Da-Daaaaaaaaa!  Promote fights. 
     The Koch’s enjoy, no demand, the language of the liberal left in promoting the fascist right and like Dr. Schultz in John Joel Glanton bounty hunter fashion, Tarantino obliges them, the proof of his bounties...the Academy's awards.... hanging like so many doctored scalps from his sash.   Django and Hilda.... and Tarantino hit this squarely on Old Ben's bleached skull.....is every man and every woman, just waiting for the return of the Colosseum  where...unchained....the Fertitta brothers and the Koch brothers will dress like Adolf and Benito and bludgeon each other to death in a chain-linked octagon with the finale provided by a small Iranian or North Korean nuke followed by a surgical drone strike of Tehran and Pyongyang.

    Tarantino may or may not know his historical facts but he does know how to sell popcorn and Koch....ah, Coke.

     Dada Unchained! And life is good for the fight promoters, but there is no peace. "Mein Kampf!"

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