Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, September 17, 2012

Remote Bombing Booming

Robotic Warfare Guaranteed
by Betty Megs for CPW News Service

     Using the logic that “every weapon ever devised has been used”, developers of smart weapons like the Predator Drone airplanes used to fight terrorists in Iraq or Afghanistan have seen the use of these weapons jump from a handful to thousands in a few short years.  “High tech death is doubling-down,” said one drone software designer and children’s gaming expert.
     Mickey Ratswaller, a computer gaming expert with FunTime SkyWackers, LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada says his new software for children will help them to begin early to compete for the high-paying seats at the controls of the next generations of super drones.
     “We’re talking quality of life.  There’s nothing more exciting than finishing a hot cup of coffee and breakfast, driving to your job and filling your day with flying body parts half a world away.  If we had these new weapons a hundred and fifty years ago, “How the West Was Won” would have been a much shorter movie,” said Ratswaller, whose cousin, Simon Megs, is a killer drone operator in Afghanistan.
     Megs has been front and center in a drone incident in the U.S. that has U.S. citizens fearful that the new technology will be used against them.
     Meanwhile, security expert, Marvin P. Perts, fears that a small drone in the hands of a Colombine killer like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold could have disastrous implications for U.S. teachers and school administrators.  “When the mayor of Chicago heard that the teachers there made an average salary of $76,000 per year he surely thought of how these brilliant weapons could be used to get people to go back to work for less money,” said Perts.  "But, of course, the highest and best use would be to get college football coaches like, Mack Brown, of the University of Texas, to work for half of his $5.7 million dollars, but it will be the other professors and coaches who will be flying those drones," said Perts.

     Nate Boyer, Coach Brown's "deep snapper" and the youngest member of the U.S. military's Delta Force, had no comment, but former Delta Force soldier and Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, said "robotics will make all Special Forces units a thing of the past.  Keep deep snappin', Nate."

Betty Megs is a freelance technology writer living in Nevada.  Here husband Simon, is  a drone "pilot" and their son, Simon Megs, Jr., age 5, has just completed Ratswaller's FunTime SkyWacker, Jr. accreditation by receiving the first perfect score since the program's beginning in 2008.

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