Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Education of Mitt Romney


By Sharon Young Moorehead, B.A., B.S., M.B.A., L.P.C., B. Arch., R.N., M.D., D.D.S., Hon. D.B., Hon. D.D., Hon. D.F.A., Hon. D.H.L., Hon. LL.D., Hon. Litt D., Hon. D. Sc., Hon. D. Litt.

     As president of the Council of Educators for Enlightenment, my cousin, Moses Douglas Moorehead,   believes that America has in the past 30 years taken a dangerous turn in its understanding of the place of education in history. 
     “We find that in the  past thirty years there has been an acceleration in the view that education is a servant of Capitalism first and foremost in the same way that it was a tool of Communist propaganda, or Nazi propaganda.  Education is not a servant of any political ideology, but it studies, analyzes, evaluates and critiques political, religious, social, cultural and scientific movements on the basis of their progress toward enlightenment.   That's real freedom!   It passes on what is helpful and jettisons what is not.  It does so with a self-affirming tenacity that Adam Smith's Invisible Hand does not possess as evidenced by Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's  painful admission that his own understanding of Smith's theories was 'flawed'," said Moorehead.

      "This is not a Utopian position as if to say that education believes in the perfectibility of humanity.  History does not bear that idea out, but education’s thrust is unwaveringly toward forward motion that makes education the real power train and real steely rails of the human experiment.  Education reverses itself when necessary, like when we doctors discovered that telling people that Winston cigarettes are good for them when they actually caused cancer no matter how much Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company wanted you to believe otherwise.  Education in service to Capitalism is a myth.   It is a well protected myth spun by the same  power elites who kept the story of General Smedley Darlington Butler's place in U.S. history out of high school civics classes while promoting the purity of the New England Puritans whose fortunes were made in opium smuggling, gun barrels and black powder," said Moorehead who noted that in due course even the well protected myth, no matter how well encapsulated by ivy halls or stained glass windows is illuminated by the very thing it seeks to control.

      "Capitalism serves education and when it does NOT, it eventually reaps a whirlwind.  When education serves a political ideology first then the most trusted of its basic precepts are easily usurped.  Educators in this environment quickly lose courage.  Or consider when the FDA warranted the work of Dr. Brinkley’s goat gonad transplant surgery for male penile erectile dysfunction.  The FDA approval did not make this procedure safe or effective, no matter how much the mind sciences of Madison Avenue spinmeisters touted the procedure all across America from a radio station across the border from Dr. Brinkley’s clinic in Del Rio, Texas…..a radio station reportedly co-owned by a Mexican National and General Dwight D. Eisenhower, slyly usurping FCC kilowatt rules and pumping  goat gonad treatments across the continent,” said Moorehead.

     "Mitt Romney, like President George W. Bush who built upon the movement toward privatization of cultural functions often best provided by historically not-for-profit entities, a movement that President Ronald Reagan had begun, reportedly based on the advice of Nancy Reagan’s astrologer, is just flat wrong.  Education does not first and foremost serve Capitalism any more than science is served by palm readers or gonad gurus.  Education serves enlightenment.  Period.  I don’t care how many nit-witted, second-rate, spineless assistant professors or highly paid harlots of higher learning write essays  like “Wingman For the Free Market:  Smart Bombing the Decaying American Educational System”, or “Keeper of the Invisible Hand:  Manicuring Education's Role In Venture Capitalism, or “Servant to the Moguls:  The Place of Education in Money Making; or, best yet,  “Cash Register Registration:  Enrolling in the Courses That Will Make The Most of Classroom Confinement”, said Moorehead.
     “Capitalism and Communism have historically taken the course of least resistance toward some immediate financial or militarily prescribed short-term objective regardless of the social price.  Education takes the long-view toward true and lasting progress.  Copernicus and Galileo were told to shut the hell up.  The earth IS the center of the universe, no matter how much the evidence denies it.  They were held under house arrest by Papal decree in the same way that educators today are under house arrest by myopic, beady-eyed vulture capitalists.  Scientists were being told like the tobacco researchers that tons of carbon monoxide are not causing harm to the planet and toxic sludge in your drinking water adds flavor.  Phooey!” said Moorehead.

   “When Dr. Jonas Salk invented the polio vaccine and was asked ‘who owns the patent?’, he said ‘No one.  How can you patent the sun?’”  Jonas Salk’s education was serving enlightenment and not a single American pharmaceutical company who benefited from his discovery can argue that their monopoly of the discovery would have made a better world.  Mitt Romney needs to go back to school, but not to the same school that George W. Bush attended.  Any school that failed that miserably in a man’s education could NEVER be trusted to serve enlightenment.  Sorry Yale.  You get an F,” said Moorehead, "just like Princeton when it failed to come to aid of J. Robert Oppenheimer. 'Oppy' wanted to see the same type of development that the French have made of nuclear energy by recycling their nuclear by-products and when he wanted to use the new scientific break-throughs not to create weapons of mass destruction like the hydrogen bomb, but instead products like hydride to cleanly fuel the world's autos he was stripped of his national security clearance by oil cartel witnesses, Rice University's Kenneth Pitzer and Yale's William Liscum Borden.  And now in Houston's Rice University is the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy that defends ignorance with a misguided passion.  Rice you get and F, too.  Princeton, you who safely harbored Einstein, milking his mind for all it was worth while standing by and letting the oil vultures silence Oppenheimer, shame on you, too!  You flunk.  F.  F.  You get an F, too.  You spineless, greasy little weasels."

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