Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Timing of Coptic Film and Coptic Papyrus Fragment Raises Issue of Political Use of Religion as Tool of Mass Manipulation

Statistician Formulates Probabilities for Jesus’ Wife and Anti-Mohamed Movie in One Week

by Carmine Freidman for CPW News Services

     Engelbert Rhinegold of the Rhinegold Institute in Prague has formulated the probability that two front page news articles containing the word “Coptic” would appear within the same overlapping news cycle.
     “Our computers collect, weigh and analyze benchmarks for the probability that a news story is innocently released without any attempt to manipulate the masses.  By reversing the process we can tell if stories have a high probability that they were used by major news outlets as tools of mass manipulation.

     With Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, Pakistan’s Railways Minister and one of the most powerful figures in Pakistan’s key coalition partner, the Awami National Party, making overtures to Taliban and al-Qaeda forces to kill Nakoula Basseley Nakoula for his release of the film Innocence of Muslims, others are calling for calm analysis of the real motivations for the films production and distribution.
     No one provides calm analysis like Englebert Rhinegold, a third generation professor with actuarial science, statistics and computer science PhD’s..

     “With a bounty on the head of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the U.S.-based Egyptian Coptic Christian behind the film Innocence of Muslims, many want to know if the embassy riots across the Muslim world are spontaneous or the result of an elaborate prankster who provided the film as a cover for misadventure and not by the sane elements of the American leadership.   America’s enemies could have a stake in setting off a culture war.  Or it could have been done by America’s own wayward elements like the money hungry U.S. Military Industrialist complex that claims to be the Arsenal of Freedom, when it may actually be poisoning the well of human society as the Arsenic of Freedom.  It is difficult to tell,” said Rhinegold.
     This is exactly where Rhinegold’s statistical probabilities come to the forefront.  “It is well known that Al Qaeda was spawned in Egypt within the Muslim Brotherhood to help the Mujaheddin fight the Russians in Afghanistan and that happened in Hosni Mubarak’s country where the CIA provided significant support and stability, but through repressive terroristic tactics.  Then comes the 'Arab Spring' which was initially a thirst for freedom, not the promulgation of Islamic fundamentalism.  Something doesn’t fit the scenario.  Frankly, when I first saw the two Coptic stories in the same paper the connections made my gut twist into knots.  I got up at 2 a.m. that morning and came to the office to begin the analysis.  Robert Baer, former CIA agent and author of Syriana and Sleeping with the Devil, has told how the rank and file CIA members had nothing on Al Qaeda in their files in 1988 when CIA agent, Matt Gannon,  son-in-law of the CIA’s Middle East Bureau Chief, Thomas Tweeton, returned to Washington to ask why agents had nothing on Al Qaeda in their files.  Matt died on Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.  The CIA within the CIA stopped him in mid-air along with scores others on their way to school or to see grandma.  Many within the agency fear that anything, therefore, is possible with respect to the Coptic stories," said Rhinegold.

     Of special interest to Rhinegold was the Coptic Church’s connections in the West.  “Dr. Karen L. King's release of the Coptic reed napkin-sized memo seems to have been rushed.  Harvard was to have provided peer review of King's story.  The publication of Professor King's Coptic fragment finding and claims, we are now told by Harvard theologians, was only a work in progress.  Oops. I would want to know if Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is a member of the Jamaica Coptic Church before moving to Hollywood.  Did he migrate there through the Jamaican Ministry of Economics and Star Island, Florida?  The  Jamaica Coptic Church has long been known to support the entire economy of Jamaica with the sale of junga or hemp….Marijuana.  Grace Kennedy Inc. is a major import-exporter in Jamaica.  With Mrs. Kings’s connections to Harvard, I would want to know if a recent Harvard Business School graduate who worked at Grace Kennedy Inc. before joining RMP Inc., an Orlando, Florida company with extensive ties to the Jamaica Ministry of Economics, informs any aspect of this bizarre convergence.  Dr. King was a Brown University graduate before coming to Harvard.  Her Coptic fragment, some say, is cryptic popycock and that it seems to support the notions of Ron Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.  Ron’s father taught at Phillips Exeter Academy which feeds students, to a great degree,  intoYale University.  If Harvard is the "West Point of American Capitalism", particularly the Harvard Business School which has graduated some real doozies, and if Yale is the "West Point for U.S. Intelligence Services"...and you don't have to see The Good Shepherd to see what doozies are there, too, it is quite possible that the doubling down of these two Coptic stories in a single news cycle is for nothing more that the manipulation of mass hysteria. My analysis proves it,” said Rhinegold.
     Walter Becker, of the British group Friends of the Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, claims that Ron Brown stole the ideas in his book The Da Vinci Code from The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail by Henry Lincoln and Michael Baigent.  "Brown did it in order to fill Brown family owned hotels near France’s Louve and art district and I thought The Da Vinci Code looked like a snow job in hell and a massive tourism promotion for the Mona Lisa.  If it worked as that kind of propaganda, why not in fueling the world's fear of a roaming Islamic boogie man that can replace our lost fear of the Soviet Union while elevating the role of women in the Islamic culture where they are clearly oppressed?   Two birds.  One stone. Mind science at it creepiest.  With women of the West controlling 80% of the purchases it's a no-brainer for Wall Street, Madison Avenue and the French clothes designers anxious to tap a vast untapped market and to put their touches on an enormous blank slate....burkas.  Just like Park Ave. and Paris did in replacing buckskin with cotton and silk blends in the U.S..”
     Rhinegold’s statistical analysis will be released on January 1, 2013.  “I wanted to give the statisticians of the world the chance to make their own critical analysis of the probabilities on this one.  Plus I am working on patenting the software that makes instantaneous analysis of news releases.  For a small monthly fee, a subscriber is able to see the probabilities of the truthfulness of all news stories.   All of the world’s citizens will know with some degree of probability the truth of a story so that they don’t spontaneously erupt into some deadly show of emotion that is unjustified just because somebody released some pathetic film or Coptic gnostic gobbledegook.  My program is called Serius Truth.

    George De Vereanim, curator of Società per lo Studio della Propaganda Religiosa in Cypress believes that the release of the anti-Islamic film by Coptic Christians and the simultaneous release of the  very short reference to Jesus' wife by Harvard's Professor King to be "the kind of synergystic inflamatory news release that our organization has studied through the years and often perpetuated by those with an unexpressed unilateral ambition for controlling a region.  This sets into motion tensions to justify some other action, usually military, to line the pockets of the weapons dealers who make money on both sides of any conflict and who live far away from the fields of battle drinking champagne, eating caviar and watching style shows with Islamic Royals."

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