Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Komen, Avastin, Roche and the Heartbreak of Bad Medicine

Komen, Avastin and Roche $90,000/year Bosom Buddies?
By Winsip Custer  CPW News Service

     New concerns about the relationship between the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s support of the cancer drug Avastin have surfaced on the heels of a complaint of the Foundation’s withdrawal of support for Planned Parenthood.    The Komen Foundation has withdrawn support for Planned Parenthood citing a Congressional investigation into P.P.’s practices.
     Dr. Wilma Uterion of the cancer awareness group Better Medicine has expressed concerns that the Komen Foundation is giving in to pressure from conservative religious groups whose pink Komen Bibles were withdrawn from book shelves as a protest of Komen’s support of the abortion supporting P.P..   The evangelical group,  Bible Recyclers LLP, are seeking to purchase the Bibles and to cover the Komen name with “The Lady Gideon Bible.”
     “More importantly, we are concerned that Komen’s support of Roche’s Avastin for use in its $90,000 per year treatment of breast cancer patients may be clouding the issue even further.  I have it on good authority that the FDA is correct in pulling this drug from its approval list after advanced studies showed no support for Roche’s claims.  Avastin is as helpful in cancer recovery as Roche’s Tamiflu was in treating the flu," said Uterion.
     A former drug analyst who wished not to be identified said "the bad drugs are pushed if they don't have any legally indefensible side effects.  Then the huge sums of money received are parceled out to research and development in modest sums to help produce a handful of really helpful drugs.  The rest goes to stockholders and to exorbitant executive bonuses.  If you want proof of this walk through any hospital on any given day, look for the pharmaceutical reps and write down the names of their companies from the rep's name tags.  Then google that company.....like Roche, for example, or Merck, or Genentech, any of them and put the word 'fraud' or 'fined' with the company name and your eyes will be immediately opened." 
     Tamiflu, a Roche product, has also been in the news of late due to it false claims as a flu treatment and because of a multi-billion-dollar stockpiling of the drug by the U.S. government.  “Bush and Rumsfeldt pull another big one over one us,” said Dr. Uterion noting that former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeldt had a $25,000,000 investment in the Tamiflu producer at the time of the Pentagon's decision to stockpile the drug.  "Hell, Rumy made $60,000,000 from his handling of the artificial sweetner Aspertame made by the J.D. Searle Company and moved that crap around, over and under FDA research guidelines to garner its approval," said Uterion.  "No wonder President Nixon called him that 'ruthless little bastard'," Uterion continued.  "He always leaves the effluvia of the ubiquitous privy," said Uterion.
     In reaction to the initial endorsement of the FDA for the use of Avastin and other recalled drugs, a group of indigenous Americans calling themselves Zuni Medicine Women and Nirang Dancers For Homeopathic Cures are petitioning the FDA for the approval of their ancient remedy for cancer.  They say that their $45,000 per year treatment includes an unlimited access membership to the ZuniLand Health and Wellness Spa near Sante Fe, New Mexico.  The ZuniLand Spa Pharmacy in Northern California sells medical marijuana for cost according to the group's spokesperson but admits that getting it into New Mexico is the cancer patient's responsibility. "The trip to Mendocino County, California can be fraught with danger which is why we prepare the cancer patient with the sacred Nirang Dance before their departure.  We dance to the country and western song, Mendocino County Lineby Willie Nelson and Lee Ann Womack.  We're modern Indians, " said their spokesperson and choreographer, Little Yellow Sour Face who claims that over the years she has learned to add Stevia to her Nirang after learning of the potential side effects of Aspertame. 
     Meanwhile, Susan Wood, a professor of public health at George Washington University and spokesperson for The Susan G. Komen Foundation, could not be reached for comment.
    “Well,” said Dr. Uterion, “George Washington University is the alma mater of former CIA Director Allen Dulles, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, of John Foster Dulles and Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and God knows they would never feed you a line of clap-trap!”
     Uterion went on to say…. “I know that Dr. Wood was educated at Johns Hopkins University, but so was that idiot, Dr. Fred Berlin, who wants to decriminalize pedophilia.  Whose mother’s milk has he been drinking?” asked Dr. Uterion. 
     CEO and Founder of The Susan G. Komen Foundation, Nancy G. Brinker,  served as U.S. Ambassador to Hungary from 2001-2003 and then as the White House's U.S. Chief of Protocol beginning in 2007-2009.  "She was dealing with GWB's political protocols, like where do you seat Donald Rumsfeldt at a White House dinner after Abu Ghraib, not medical research protocols," said Dr. Uterion.

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