Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

George Lucas, Darth Vader and Volkswagen's Child Abuse

Super Bowl of Bull: Will New Little Boy Darth Vader Ad Raise New Concerns?

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

     According to George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, Darth is a variation of the word “dark” while Vader in Dutch means “father” as does “vater” in German. “Darth Vader” is “Dark Father”.
     Dr. Felix Von Rubenstruben, of Bavarian Gesellschaft Zeit Gut Rollenbild or The Bavarian Society for Responsible Role Models, believes that Volkswagen had a responsibility not to idealize the personification of evil.  “Instead they took the innocent child and dressed him as a powerful tyrant in a   small body immolating a ‘Dark Father’,” said Von Rubenstruben.
     “Anyone who has had a ‘Dark Father’, knows that they don’t want another one, however powerful he may appear to be,” said the 92 year old Von Rubenstruben whose father was a Senior Waffen SS officer.
     “My father worshipped Oden and was member of the Thule Society, responsible for teaching pagan rituals to Nazi occult leaders,” said Von Rubenstruben.  Every time I hear that damn Imperial March, I remember my father coming in to whip me with a leather belt for not saying ‘Heil Hitler’ when I came into the house.”
     The young actor who plays the part of the young Darth Vader in the 2011 Deutsch L.A.  advertisement which aired during the 2011 Super Bowl is the survivor of a congenital heart defect.  
     Would this mitigate Von Rubenstruben’s concerns about putting a child into the costume and role of a tyrannical ruler?  “It might deflect the criticism from anyone who is too young, uninformed or knot-headed to take seriously what the Third Reich and Hitler’s stinking little ‘people’s car’ symbolized to the slave laborers who had to build the first ones, but it does nothing for me.  I think it is all around a better idea if people in America, especially the children, identify like Bruce Willis’ character, John McClain, in Die Hard with Roy Rogers even if they say 'Yip-ee-i-o-ki-aye, mother fxxxxx',” said Von Rubenstruben.
      “I like the white hat guys, or if they are black hat guys, then at least make your role mode Hop-A-Long Cassidy or the Blues Brothers.  The world already looks at Germany as a dark star that burned itself out on the misguided ambitions of an idiot.  The world looks increasingly at the U.S.A. especially after your idiot, George W. Bush, led your empire into a preemptive war using the same kind of lame excuse that our idiot used to invade Poland.   I know that Henry Ford had a picture of Adolf in his office and was part of the 'Business Plot' that would have had Americans speaking German today, so the same advice would apply to Ford if they were using a Darth Vader and Imperial March ad.  You want to drive a Volkswagen because you can blink its light and start the engine with a remote controller?  Knock yourself out,” said Von Rubenstruben, "but don't get kids to do your dirty work for you. And don't get a kid with a fixed heart to play a heartless tyrant.  And don't think it's cute when they do!"

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