Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Clint Eastwood, Hoss Cartright, Clint Walker and Cowboys For Sanity?

Clint Eastwood and Dan "Hoss
Cartright" Blocker
By Polly “Puddin'” Plaqtraqur for CPW News Services

     The 2012 Super Bowl ad featuring Clint Eastwood has triggered political pot shots from Republican leaders.
     The crusty, gravelly voiced, chiseled-jawed Eastwood proclaimed in an ad for the American/German auto maker, Chrysler, and for the broader American auto industry that “it’s half-time….and it’s half-time in America, too.”
     Former George W. Bush aide, Karl Rove, a frequent commentator for Fox News said that he was offended by the ad.  Sources close to Eastwood said “Clint won’t lose any sleep over that dumpy, Pillsbury Doughboy’s dissatisfaction. Rove should slide his bald head up into a burning bush and pretend that he’s important or just go back to rap dancing. Wishbone’s trail stew and biscuits might have given Clint a good case of indigestion, but Rove’s sissified flaps don't come close to chapin' Clint’s Rawhide ass," said one Eastwood supporter.
     Eastwood’s outspoken forward-looking and semi-political ad posturing would not be a first for American actors.  Sean Penn is currently taking on the imperial colonizing ambitions of the British Royals noting that the wedding of Prince William in a red brass buttoned Eaton jacket was a symbolic gesture preparing the Brits for the saber rattling currently taking form in the Falkland Islands, but resisted by some of England's leading citizens.
     Screen Actors Guild leaders, George Murphy and Ronald Reagan, were also highly political actors, though Reagan became increasingly conservative as he grew older, changing from the Democratic to the Republican Party  in 1962 and winning the Governorship of California in 1966 and again in 1970.
     Dan Blocker, also known as "Hoss Cartright" on the highly acclaimed and long-running T.V. western, Bonanza, was also politically active and quite outspoken.  Blocker was a fervent Democrat supporting JFK and LBJ in 1960 and 1964, but parting with his support of LBJ over the prolongation of the Vietnam War.  Blocker turned to support of Eugene McCarthy.   A former U.S. Marine Corp first sergeant, who saw substantial action in Korea, Blocker was so opposed to the Vietnam war that he moved his family to Switzerland to make a clear and poignant political statement.  Blocker had surely seen first-hand the development of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals or MASH units that were the brain-child of Dr. Michael DeBakey, the renowned Texas heart doctor and not always friendly opponent of fellow Houston heart surgeon, Dr. Denton Cooley.  It was in Korea that the lessons about the "Golden Hour" of medicine that has become the standard of civilian EMS protocols eventually became routine thanks to Blocker's brother.  Similarly, working for the George McGovern campaign in Texas was future President, William Jefferson Clinton, and his long-time friend and future biographer from Georgia, Taylor Branch.  After McGovern announced that he was considering as a possible Vice-Presidential candidate, Francis "Sissy" Farenthold, her son was found dead, supposedly the result of an unpaid gambling debt, but questions about the death abound. So, too, about the untimely deaths of Dan Blocker as well as C. Wright Mills whose book, The Power Elite, had drawn the clearest connections to date to the leaders of America's misadventures prior to the publication of the Pentagon Papers.
      Blocker’s younger brother was a leading U.S. Army surgeon who specialized in maxillofacial reconstruction of soldiers who had sustained facial wounds in combat.  “Dan Blocker’s brother, Truman Blocker, was also cross-wise with a leading supporter of LBJ, Frank Erwin, the chairman of the Board of Regents of the University of Texas,” said Willard Obilgulie of the Foundation for Physicians Against Industrialized Harm.  “Guided by an oath of ‘first do no harm’ I am sure that Hoss’ brother was hassled by what he saw and told his actor-brother of the tragedies caused by senseless wars fueled by a profit driven military industrial complex,” said Obilgulie.
     Obilgulie noted that the former head of the Southwest Medical Research Institute, Dr. Jack Howard Upton Brown, had traveled extensively with Dr. Truman Blocker in the early 1970’s to create the existing 911/EMS services so widely used today. The Southwest Medical Research Institute was founded by the "king of the Texas oil wildcatters" Thomas Slick, an eccentric Texas businessman known for his interest in finding the Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, and a  board member of Dresser Industries with Prescott Bush, father of George Herbert Walker Bush whose brother was named for long-time Dresser CEO, Neil Mallon.
     Brown wrote of the experience in his book, Footsteps In Science.  Initially tested in five regions of the U.S., the 911 system was eventually domiciled in San Diego, California because of what Obilgulie said was “reasons beyond my immediate understanding. San Diego is home to the Marine Corp and the Navy SEALS and it has significant ties to the U.S. military complex.  This, too, may have informed Dan Blocker’s anger about the Vietnam War,” said Obilgulie who questioned the need for all 911 calls to be routed through a central nation-wide location.
     Obilgulie does not believe that Clint Eastwood was overtly supporting Obama in his Super Bowl ad.  “Clint has got to know that since Michele Obama worked as a lawyer for the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin that represented Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln, President Lincoln’s wife and took the lead in defending GWB's definition of "torture" that nothing is quite what it appears.  When Obama was tagged as being supported by William Ayers, the Weather Underground bomber from Chicago and son of one of Chicago’s leading industrialists, the water was as muddied as when the U.S. Navy Admiral who oversaw LBJ’s Gulf of Tonkin affair found his son becoming an apparent guru of the anti-war movement, Jim Morrison of the Doors.”
     Obilgulie noted that another ruff and tumble Western actor named Clint, Clint Walker or Cheyenne, has been heard on California talk radio calling for a Republican victory in 2012.  Walker, who turned to Hollywood after working for the U.S. Merchant Marines and then as a security guard in the famous Las Vegas Sands Hotel, believes that the nation has lost its mooring during the Obama years.  The Sands Hotel, one of the most famous icons of “Sin City’s” strip was built by Houston socialite Carolyn Farb, but it was also where fellow Houstonian, Howard Hughes, kept apartments and where Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack performed in the Copa Room.  Walker, who was originally from Illinois, also lived in Brownwood, Texas, home of outlaw, Scottish Rite Mason and Knight of the Golden Circle, Jesse James.  Walker was not available for comment concerning possible ties to the Texas Ranger Samuel Hamilton Walker.

Actor Clint Walker who played "Cheyenne" sees
Republican President as best hope for
America's 2nd Half.

     Samuel Hamilton Walker, for whom Walker County, Texas is named is home of  Robert Lovett.  Lovett, Prescott Bush’s partner at Brown Brothers Harriman  was the leading American advocate of the policy of terror-bombing of civilians during World War II.  Lovett was the designer of the American and British Strategic Bombing Survey carried out by American and British governments by the staff of the Prudential Insurance Company and guided by London’s Tavistock Group.
   “It all looks so suspect,” said Obilgulie who noted that Frank Erwin, like Dr. Denton Cooley, is a celebrated member a University of Texas fraternity with links to organized crime according to Peter Brewton’s 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush and that Jesse James was a major contributor to auto maker, Henry Ford, a member of the "Business Plot" to overthrow FDR.  “Howard Hughes would have been sitting in the dark in his Sands Hotel room if it had not been for FDR's WPA building the Hoover Dam that provides electricity to Las Vegas.  I was seriously considering moving to Switzerland like Hoss Cartright, until I heard Clint Eastwood on that commercial” said Obilgulie, "Plus if I moved to Switzerland I'd be over there with the constant reminded of Mitt Romney's money in the Swiss banks," said Obilgulie whose penchant for sarcasm was previously undetected.  Obilgulie was not without his criticism of Clint Eastwood's ad, however.  "If it's half-time in America then I guess that means we only have another 250 years as a democratic republic.  What then?" he asked.
  “Hoss Cartright’s home in Hollywood is today owned by Rob Zombie, the satanic cultist who makes demonic slasher movies,” said Obilgulie who also wondered if Rob Zombie is a disciple of San Francisco's Anton LaVey who formed The Church of Satan or of Col. Michael Aquino, the LaVey disciple and former head of the off-shoot Temple of Set, a satanic group accused of ritual child abuse, whose current leader teaches college in Austin, Texas.  "The generous, big-hearted family man, Hoss, is surely spinning in his grave," said Obilgulie who indicated that the University of Texas' endowment fund associated with Frank Irwin and later with Thomas Hicks, George W. Bush's partner in the Texan baseball franchise, has long been used to fund leading producers of America's "arsenal of freedom".   "Anyone who has studied the Vietnam War and the second Iraq War or, hell, the first Iraq War when you add our placement of Saddam Hussein on his throne, not to mention the Shah of Iran or Egypt's Mubarak and then you know that it's just as much an American arsenal of fleece-dom," said Obilgulie as he recalled the key players in the "Business Plot" and the part that Marine General Smedley Butler, a man not unlike Marine Dan Blocker or Clint Eastwood, played in that rarely discussed chapter in American politics.

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