Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Ring Rings True

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James Avery’s New Anti-N.W.O Ring Selling like Hot Cakes
 by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

"Lord of the Rings" Anti-N.W.O. tri-ring.  Wearer
cannot inadvertently flash a
satanic sign.

     With the appearance of Madonna at the 2012 Super Bowl and the announcement of her world tour, James  Z. Avery has created a new Anti-New-World-Order gold ring.  “Madonna is reported to be in some really dark stuff and more and more celebrities are flashing the N.O.W. symbol,” said Avery.“You cannot raise your fingers into a satanic sign when you wear this new ring,” said Avery.
     Avery recounted his conversion to Christianity and his interest in the compulsory “pinching of incense” that was required of Christians who did not want to be fed to the lions in Rome.   “They were called to renounce their faith by throwing a pinch of incense into a fire or become Meow Mix,” said Avery.
Avery is aware that the symbol is also the symbol of the biggest university in his home state of Texas.  The University of Texas Longhorns have long used the symbol to indicate their mascot’s horned head.  
     The new Anti-N.W.O. ring is accompanied by a small imprint that encourages the University to change it’s tradition by simply holding up two hands and point with each index finger.   “Why risk it?” asked Avery who expressed concern that the state school may actually be satanic.  “The head of the Temple of Set, the satanic church that morphed from Anton LeVay’s Church of Satan is in the same college town of Austin,” said Avery.  “Combine that with the fact that the Carlyle Group sees the UT endowment as its own piggy bank and flashing the symbol sends a double-meaning,” said Avery.

     At $2995 per triple 14k gold ring, Avery admits that a person would need two of the rings to prevent an arbitrary gesture from their other hand.  “$6,000 is not too much for peace of mind,” said Avery.
     Meanwhile, resourceful individuals are making their own “gesture-suppressors” by Super Gluing three rings side-by-side or by just taping their fingers together.

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