Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Douglas Harriman Kennedy's Baby

Mid-wife Says Fresh Air No Problem for 
Kennedy Baby

By  Lilly Meme Selfenye for CPW News Service

     Beulah Maude Oswald, no relationship to Lee Harvey Oswald, a Boston mid-wife, said that the recent flap between newborn nursery nurses and Douglas Harriman Kennedy over fresh air for his baby was totally unnecessary.
     “If Mrs. Kennedy had used my services in their home, I would have allowed Mr. Kennedy to take that baby into the fresh air and sunlight.  There’s nothing better than for a newborn baby to expand its little lungs with the rich amalgams of air and the atmospheric by-products of the world into which he was born.  I realize that it’s a heroic idea, but the Kennedy men have always been heroic when it comes to full access to their adorning public.”
     Mrs. Oswald noted that as a mid-wife she has no protocols like that of the Boston hospital and that the Kennedy’s are tireless challengers of those who would try to “handle” their choices in life.   “Consider Douglas Harriman Kennedy’s name,” said Bob Frissche of the Foundation For the Study of The Harriman-Kennedy Connections in West Lower Manhattan, New York.
     Mr. Kennedy is named after Averell Harriman, the son of the Union Pacific railroad robber baron, E.H. Harriman.  Averell attended Yale instead of the Irish-invaded Harvard University of Boston’s Cambridge suburb.  “Well, the Protestant Boston Brahman families were stressed by the arrival of the unwashed “potato eaters” from Ireland and with their Roman Catholic roots, they quickly proliferated like bunnies filling the Boston streets with their kith an kin and overrunning the historically Puritan Protestant University....Harvard,” said Frissche.  "The Kennedy’s were close to the Brahman Bostonians, as evidenced by this totally transparent connectedness in Douglas Harriman Kennedy’s name.  The Kennedy's were the beloved handlers of the Irish masses and played their role without the obvious Helsinki Syndrome characteristics that have the enslaved identifying with their captors while breeding resentment and hatred among their own.  Whether it was the need for Civil War recruits from  Boston Irish needed in the South or railroad workers for Harriman's Union Pacific in the West, the Kennedy influence was there to supply the Harriman's needs, but not without a price.  There would be nothing worse for a little Italian nurse doing her required duties than to have to run down Mr. Douglas H. Kennedy with his baby in his arms, only to inadvertantly show the connections and disconnections between the old Brahman society and the deep Irish/Brahman entanglements.   That’s like asking Danny Greene to open a his car door in the middle of the Cleveland Irish/Italian Mafia wars with a box on the back seat marked 'From your Italian buddies', but even worse.  It shows the clear connection between the Boston Irish ‘royalty’ and their Brahman backers right there in Mr. Douglas Harriman Kennedy's name,” said Frissche.
     Averell Harriman attended Yale University where he was initiated into the infamous Skull and Bones secret society. Harriman and Bones buddy Robert Lehman organized Pan American Airlines in the 1920’s and by 1932, Harriman sat on the boards of 54 corporations, including Mobil Oil.

Douglas Harriman Kennedy is named for the family of
"The Old Crocodile",
W. Averell Harriman, son of Union Pacific Railroad
baron, E.H. Harriman, and the husband of
Pamela Churchill Harriman, ex-daughter-in-law
of British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

      “In the Kennedy White House, Averell Harriman was made undersecretary of state for political affairs.  The Bay of Pigs...also known as Operation Zapata...and the Gulf of Tonkin Affair that had the father of Jim Morrison of The Doors, Admiral George S. Morrison, overseeing the pretext for the Vietnam War buildup...all had Averell Harriman in the middle of political and military meanderings.   “Consensus reigned in the East Coast ‘Establishment.’ . . . in late August 1963, as the United States geared up for war with Vietnam with JFK as the exciting young president and lowly Irish front man for Harriman and friends' extensive ambitions. Harriman moved to oust the South Vietnamese leader Diem which the U.S. had backed for the past nine years.  Without JFK’s approval and behind Kennedy’s back while President Kennedy was vacationing at Hyannis Port, Averell Harriman and his Brahman cronies cabled Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., the American ambassador in Saigon with orders for the overthrow of the Vietnamese leader.  That gave the green light to South Vietnamese officers to launch a coup to overthrow President Diem of South Vietnam,” said Frisshe.  Averell  Harriman dictated policy in both the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. They called him the 'Old Crocodile’,” said Frissche who noted that a similar move against the ruler of Cambodia is chronicled in a book titled The Expendible Elite by former Green Beret and Vietnam veteran, Col. Daniel Martin and that similar tactics can be seen in American dealings with the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein, Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and others.
     “I think the Kennedy family has much bigger problems than a newborn’s fresh air,” said Frisshe who noted that Averell Harriman was also related to Brown Brother’s Harriman the Wall Street investment house that employed the father of George Herbert Walker Bush, Prescott Bush.   “Most agree that Operation Zapata was named after CIA Director, George Herbert Walker Bush's oil company Zapata Petroleum and General Smedley Butler’s story chronicles the fascist leanings of the Brown Brothers and others involved in the 'Business Plot' for whom Butler said of his work as a U.S. Marine... “I was a goon on three continents.”

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