Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Debbie Cook, Scientology and Heartbreak of Peer Pressure

California Scientologist, Debbie Cook, Tells All In Texas Court
by Hulen B. Burnsides and Winsip Custer for CPW News Service

     With strong connections between the Southern California and Texas paranormal, metaphysical and spiritualist communities, people are wondering if there is more going on in the courtroom overseeing the damning testimony of former Scientologist executive and defector, Debbie Cook.

Former Scientologist, Debbie Cook, in Judge Martha B. "The Witch
Is In" Tanner's San Antonio, Texas courtroom

    ABC News has provided extensive coverage of the Debbie Cook story, including the intimidating tactics used by Scientologist leaders to silence her.  When she and her husband left the church they were required to sign a “non-disclosure agreement” promising not to tell anyone anything of a negative nature concerning their experiences in the church.  Their departure and signed agreement was accompanied by checks of $50,000 each, according to Ms. Cook.
     Lars D. Erickson, of the Missouri Lutheran group, Reformed Druids For Orthodox Christian Values, said “The Druids didn't give me squat when I quit.  While Ms. Cook agreed to submit to Scientology’s rules of discipline, I don’t believe that those rules can hold up under the close scrutiny of the court room.  As a Druid I was forced to eat dried frog skin and newt eyes before ingesting cured goat blood soup or suffer the wrath of my Druid mentor, Mahmano Gobanik.  That wrath included being hung upside down on a twelve foot high granite monolith until my bowels moved….a symbol of the ‘reverse purging’ described in our group’s sacred text called Onan’s Rules of Dark Redemption.”

Judge Martha B "The Witch Is In" Tanner

     Erickson noted, however, that the judge overhearing the case, Judge Martha B. Tanner, has a sign hanging on her bench that reads “The Witch is In”.  Next to the words is the iconic picture of a witch flying on a broomstick wearing a pointed hat in front of a full moon.  “Is there a war going on between Scientology and the Texas based Church of Set or the Worldwide Church of Satan?” asked Erickson.  “If that’s the case there could be a whole lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that goes against not only the U.S. doctrine of separation of church and state, but also pits the powers of darkness against the powers of darkness.  We favor the powers of light and healing.  Frog skin and newt eyes are hard to digest and doing number 2 while dangling from your ankles is equally distasteful,” said Erickson who believes that the Scientologist's lawyers may ask the judge to recruse herself because of a conflict of interest or risk the case being thrown out on appeal.

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