Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, September 30, 2011

Rezwan Ferdaus' Non-Suicide Mission Shows The Surge Is Working!

Non-Suicide Model Planes Clear Indication That America Is Winning Hearts and Minds
by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

     Rezwan Ferdaus, a 26-year-old man from Boston was arrested Wednesday, September 28th.  He had plans to aim a remote controlled model airplane packed with C-4 explosives at the  Pentagon and U.S. Capital.
     While counter terrorism experts and model aircraft hobbyists claimed it would be impossible to inflict large scale damage on the structures, some believe otherwise.  “If one of those landed in the right place with couple of pounds of C-4 explosives strapped to them it would sure make you want to move your desk from the outer wall,” said one unnamed Congressional aide.

     "A dirty bomb or biological weapon could be delivered in a similar way," said Reavis Botulman of the Center for Group Panic and Paranoia Analysis in Stepford, Connecticutt.  "Fortunately we have found ways to eliminate the panic and paranoia associated with the endless threat of such crazed Jihadists, home-grown psychotics or pre-adolesants looking for some thrill and excitement or who may are angry after the last school report card," said Botulman.
     Ferdaus’ five to seven foot long replicas of U.S. military planes that are guided with a GPS system are capable of speeds of over 100 mph.
1987 attempt by German man to
crash Cessna 150 into Kremlin or
prehaps simply to have a
Vodka tonic with the Premier.
Prior attempts to crash planes into the White House were successful on at least one occasion.  The President and family were sleeping at the time and unhurt but the crash killed the pilot.  The Kremlin experienced a similar event at the height of the Cold War.  Neither incident used model airplanes, but larger private planes.  At 7:30 p.m. on May 25, 1987, a German man landed a small Cessna 150 on the Kremlin lawn.  Shortly before 2:00 a.m. on September 13, 1994,  Samuel Eugene Corder slammed his Cessna 150 into the White House.  He was the only casualty. Cessna Aircraft Corporation believes that they chose their planes because of their dependability, but denined plans to use the events in the advertising campaings or in recruiting foreign flight students to any of their Cessna flight training schools in the United States, but didn't rule out the possibility for their overseas training centers.

     “This is definitely an improvement,” said Simeon S. Swerdwergle, psychotherapist and counter terrorism expert with Eyes On The Skies LLC, a  Langley, Virginia research and security analysis firm.  “You see, in the past Jihadists were interested in inflicting maximum death, destruction and mayhem with suicide as a logical reward given the promise of 72 beautiful virgins in the afterlife.  When Bin Laden was killed with a porn collection they reasoned that he was not that close to Allah to really know how beautiful the 72 virgins really were and if he was, then they couldn't be all that beautiful in comparison or he would be fixating on them instead of on the the girls in his video collection.  Since 911 there has been a decrease in Jihadist plane crash scenarios and the fact that Rezwan Ferdaus is having trouble envisioning a future without him in it is a clear sign that the 1000 Points of Light that George Herbert Walker Bush claimed that he wanted for the world, but really didn’t, is coming our way anyway.  This is a monumental improvement.  The surge is working!” said Dr. Swerdwergle who also pointed out that this type of attack using model airplanes had been reported in Winsip Custer on November 6, 2010 and on November 9, 2010.  "The surge is working.  Need I say it again?  But it isn't a military surge from our troops.  It's the surge of decent people of various faiths sick and tire, tire and sick of being manipulated and not being included in shaping their own destiny," said Swerdwergle.  "Whatever else this Rezwan Ferdau's plan is telling us, it is that he doesn't want to commit suicide....and that's a good thing.  A hopeful thing.  The world can build on that."

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