Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

General Abdul Raziq: Patraeus' Man In Kandahar Is A Murdering Drug Lord?

Justification for America’s Presence In Afghanistan Laid Bare By Appointment of Kandahar Sheriff?
by Winsip Custer CPW News Service
      “So how long would it take for you to figure out that we weren’t in Afghanistan only to track down Bin Laden and to silence terrorists?” ask Mark Franz.   “More importantly, don’t folks at home understand that it’s to control the poppy fields of the world’s  richest opium producing region just at it had been in Southeast Asia's Golden Triangle?” asked goat cheese importer Franz of the U.S. company GetUrGoat Cheeze Company LLC..   Franz imports high quality goat cheese ‘from the world’s most contented goats’ as his company slogan implies.  "I think they eat the poppies," said Franz who was in Kandahar bargaining with one of  Afghanistan’s goat cheese coops when  we asked him of his impressions about Afghanistan’s new Sheriff of Kandahar.  "You know the story about the Sheriff of Nottingham?" he  asked.
         “I have lost all confidence in the American electorate, in the President, the Joint Chiefs…..well….maybe they're the only ones who come clean…..’Joint Chiefs’!,” said Franz who grew up in Topeka, Kansas and shares a special concern for the treatment of Col Theodore Westhusing, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman and the role of General Patraeus in overseeing operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.  “The American populace is brainwashed to believe that we are all good, all loving, all caring, motivated by truth, justice and the American way.  Yea, well what way is that?  My time in Afghanistan is a constant reminded of why there is blood on the stripes of the American flag and it’s not always that we are motivated by altruism or justifiable military incursions and policing actions.  Our government is as corrupt as any empire since the Phoenicians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, French, English, Spanish and we are blind not to see and understand it.  Opiates reduce pain.  Opiates are irresistible.  Whoever controls them is assured that the product sells itself.  The legitimate medical market worldwide for opiates is astounding and so long as the industrialized nations pass laws to prohibit, those who control the military, customs at home, the DEA, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, they have a virtual monopoly on weapons sales, prison management, street distribution and a new form of slave labor….inmate work programs farmed out as cheap labor to corporate America,” claimed Mr. Franz as he dipped a slice of goat cheese into a sauce that looked like axle grease.
      This week in The Atlantic, Matthieu Aiken’s article “Our Man In Kandahar”, an expose of General Abdul Raziq’s rise to power relates the grizzly story of bodies left in the dessert, part of the price of political ascent in American controlled Afghanistan according to Aiken.  The new American backed sheriff in Kandahar, whose predecessor was assassinated several months ago, has been characterized by this new article in The Atlantic as a school boy gone terribly bad, extremely wealthy and ready like John Joel Glanton’s ferry service across the Yuma River of Arizona during the California Gold Rush, to charge the opium traffickers of Afghanistan a hefty protection fee for crossing the highway from Afghanistan to Pakistan.
           “My first impression is that any American soldier who raises issues with the appointment here in Kandahar, will end up like Pat Tillman or Col. Theodore Westhusing,” said Mr. Franz.  If there is anything that I’ve learned in my work with cheese…..and especially that cheese….people don’t like you touching it, much less moving it, without substantial risk to life and limb and much payola” said Mr. Franz.

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