Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, December 6, 2016



by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service
        On Monday, December 5, 2016 President-Elect Donald J. Trump announced that he would officially appoint U.S. Marine General James "Mad Dog" Mattis as his Secretary of Defense.  On the same day "Mad Dog" also known as the "Warrior Priest" for his celibate, spiritualized and well-read view of warfare, announced that he believed that the U.S. war in Iraq "may have been a mistake."
      While this brought the four-star General's viewpoint on the Middle Eastern debacle in U.S. foreign policy leadership  closer to Trump's, the current ongoing war on terror...  implemented by what former NATO General Wesley Clark said was "a NeoCon policy coup" of promoting five or six wars in the region following 911.... "Mad Dog" did not repudiate the U.S. policy in keeping with Philip D. Zelikow's construction of the "preemptive war policy" of the Bush administration that was essentially adopted by the Obama administration.  This led Ron Paul to ask "Can Trump Leash His Pentagon 'Mad Dog'?.

       "What the hell do you expect?" said Norman "Wolverine Jaws" Norris Erickson of Soldiers for Sanity in Deep Valley, Idaho.  "Here you have Donald J. Trump who went to New York Military Academy, played some sports, missed Vietnam and grabs women by their pussies appointing a soldier who unlike Chesty Puller had no children of his own.   Puller was the Marine hero of WWII who was seemingly made of steel and whose soldiers never saw him cry until he stood over his son's bed in a military hospital after his boy stepped out of a helicopter in Vietnam and had his legs blown off by an impersonal, heartless, inglorious, mother-fucking land mine.  Going to work for veterans of U.S. foreign wars and writing a book about his experience, Chesty's son eventually committed suicide," said Erickson who is a strong advocate of mandatory reading lists for Marines and all military personnel.
     "That's right," said Erickson who provided the list he feels is essential for all soldiers to read.  "Leaders are readers!" he strongly asserted. That list includes the following:

War Is A Racket by Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler
Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo
Expendable Elite by Col. Daniel Marvin
Fortunate Son by Lewis Burwell Puller, Jr.
Blood Money by Christian T. Miller
La relación of Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca by Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca
All Quiet on the Western Front by E.M. Remarque
Billy Budd by Herman Melville
The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk
War Against the Weak by Edwin Black
The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

     Erickson was asked why he included Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea.  "So the soldier's can ask themselves the question 'which am I?  The Old Man trying to reach too far for something too big like the proverbial mad dog that grabs a truck's spinning tire....or the sharks that devour his prize," said Erickson.   Erickson added....Hemingway, like Chesty's son, committed suicide and he gave us a bit of a precursor as to why well before he went to the roof of W. Averill Harriman's hotel in Sun Valley, Idaho....."I like sleep," said Hemingway.  "My life has a way of falling apart when I'm awake, you know."
    I asked Erickson why he didn't list Moby Dick instead of Old Man and the Sea since the stories are so similar.  "I could have," he said, noting Hemingway's is shorter and the stories are essentially the same and with a similar ending.  "What I couldn't do is include Cormac McCarthy's book Blood Meridian since he also wrote No Country for Old Men.  Hemingway's story slices apart No Country for Old Men like a hot knife through butter in much fewer words.  Then you have to contend with the fact that Yale's Dumbledore of the American literary canon, Harold Bloom, likened Blood Meridian to Moby Dick....a total bamboozle."  I asked Erickson why.  "Because Bloom shifted canonized scriptures of Western literary monuments from Moby Dick whose author died unappreciated and penniless like most truly prophetic figures....a work that assumed a benevolent God that saved Ishmael to rich writer McCarthy's corrupt Judge Holden and John Joel Glanton with Judge Holden saying....War IS GOD!"  The black Sabbath bastards love it, but it ain't my view of life.  That's some gnostic hocus pocus that's being asserted across a troubled planet," said Erickson whose ancestors worshipped oak trees.

Roy Cohn and Donald Trump,
fallen angels in America.
    Erickson is astounded that Donald J. Trump was choosing North Carolina to announce James "Mad Dog" Mattis' appointment.  "North Carolina was Jacobite Tory country during the American Revolution.  Hell, its flag has on it the date of the Mecklenburg Declaration that was a total fraud trying to redeem the history of the region by saying that they trumped Jefferson's and the Founder's Declaration of Independence of 1776 by a full year.  North Carolina is a bastion of banking misconduct, too, and that's apparently rooted in its Tory past.  What do you expect when Trump was in that god-awful Roy Cohn's inner circle, you know, the wacko Jewish attorney who was the strong arm of Red Scare scarecrow, Joseph McCarthy.....Roy Cohn who was the attorney for the attempted takeover of a Texas foundation by Shearn Moody in the 1970's.  Within the Moody family was John Moody of Marsh McClennan which had supposedly filled floors 92-103 of the World Trade Center on 911," said Erickson noting that Houston-based Mosher Steel had provided 13,000 tons of steel for the critical first 9 floors of the WTC from the hometown of John Moody whose law firm was not far from Bracewell & Patterson which became after 911, Bracewell & Giuliani when it admitted Rudy Giuliani as a partner.  In 2015 Giuliani left that firm to join the Washington D.C. firm that employed Jack Abramoff.  Bracewell & Giuliani had also employed William Edward King, the business partner of GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath, who along with Saudi royal banker Khalid Bin Mahfouz had been board members of the Iran-Contra scandal's leading money laundering bank, Bank of Commerce and Credit International or BCCI.  Roy Cohn's connections to Texas' Moody Foundation heir, Shearn Moody, are covered extensively in Gary Cartwright's book Galveston: A History of the Island.  In August 1987, Gary Cartwright wrote "The Sleaziest Man In Texas" about Shearn Moody for Texas Monthly Magazine in which he noted that Shearn was a collector of Nazi memorabilia including a copy of the Nazi propaganda film, Triumph of the Will, that demonstrated how a lie widely disseminated to the masses will be believed.  Cartwright notes that Moody appeared to be inspired by the film's message of manipulation rather than its anti-Semitism, perhaps judging from Moody's close association with Roy Cohn. That is to miss the other evidence that Roy Cohn's voyage into South Texas put him into a region that included Albert Pike's KKK influence, William Rhodes Davis' businesses connections to Hitler's oil pipeline through Texas and even Joseph P. Kennedy's oil drilling, with his support of the British Windsors and their friendship with Clint Murchison of American Liberty Oil Company.

      "Marsh McClennan filled the World Trade Center's upper floors?  Have you seen the evidence that that god damn twin sticks building was hollow and morphed into a god damn one world trade center?  One world?  The stage is now set, isn't it?" asked Erickson noting that Minoru Yamasaki, the Bin Laden's favorite architect for the Saudi royal family, had not only built the WTC, but the St. Louis Pruitt-Igoe building that was the site of a U.S. military undisclosed radiation experiment on unwitting U.S. civilians.  "You'd have to read Edwin Black's book The Transfer Agreement to understand just how Cohn's alliance with American fascists was part of a larger Jewish conspiracy against their own kind," said Erickson....a reference to  the 1930-40's Nazi/Zionist transfer of Jews out of Germany for $5000 per head for immigration to Palestine which most couldn't afford.

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       "Choosing North Carolina for Trump's announcement is like General David Petraeus choosing Fort Campbell, Kentucky where he took that through-the-lung arrant bullet that was patched up by G.W. Bush buddy, Dr. William Frist in Nashville, as the site for Petraeus to announce his appointment had he received it instead of Mattis," said Erickson.  "I guess they want a Secretary of Defense that's not quite as traumatized as Petraeus who is turning out to be America's Belisarius," said Erickson adding, "but given Zelikow's doctrine of preemptive war I think that Congress and the President should rename the position "Secretary of War" until or unless they change the policy of preemption.  At least that's an honest title.  They are obviously not attempting to repeat JFK's American University 'peace speech'."
     Trump has appointed Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo, CIA Director, a former member of the Army Corp of Engineers which is made up of top West Point graduates from each class, a Presbyterian member of the Wichita's Eastminster Presbyterian Church of the Koch Brothers whose father, Fred Koch, founder of Koch Industries, was also a founder of the John Birch Society and built Koch refineries in Germany for the Reich.  "Hitler's oil agent in Texas was William Rhodes Davis who claimed kinship with both Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Cecil Rhodes the British money man for the Rothschild's.  Suddenly, Joseph P. Kennedy's oil wells in Texas drilled by his MoKeen Oil Company, an approximate combination of the names Modesett and Kennedy, and even the 1937 meeting with FDR and American Liberty Oil Company's Clint Murchison at his Texas Gulf Coast ranch where Nazi spy,Wallis Simpson Windsor, and her Nazi-sympathetic husband, the Duke of Windsor of the German Saxe-Gotha-Coburgs makes perfect sense.   Wallis Simpson was the godmother of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, daughter of Draper Kauffman, the first U.S. 'frogman' or Navy SEAL and sister-in-law of George Herbert Walker Bush.   FDR was smoothing over the hard feelings of the American Liberty League and America First Committee's right-wingers after the Smedley Butler affair.  This could help to explain Trump's phone call to Taiwan that angered Mainland China.  Mainland China, and I'm no fan of totalitarianism, but when you screw over a whole culture that's what steps in to fill the void and to give the protection against the screwings, is very sensitive about U.S. involvement in their culture just as the Japanese had been, but mainly because they wanted to screw China for themselves and keep it all in the oriental culture, relatively speaking. Why? Because the U.S. China Traders took over the British opium routes from the Ottoman's Middle East Golden Crescent and dumped opium in their country as trading chips for goods.....silks, spices and other goodies....essentially enslaving the people there....thus leading to the Cultural Revolution that evicted Chiang Kai Chek and his drug backed Green Gang supporters.  I'll give self-professed Presbyterian Donald J. Trump credit for one thing.  He's keeping it all in the family, too.  Presbyterian Alan Dulles loved Nazis and so, apparently, does Trump.  The Jewish Roy Cohn?" asked Erickson.  We asked historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth.
       "You ever heard of Helsinki or Stockholm syndrome in reference to Roy Cohn, Trump and the other players?" asked Wigglesworth who, given the critical opioid addiction epidemic in the USA since the Middle Eastern wars began,  I believe that Americans are as endangered as the Chinese who have largely taken the American jobs for a pittance.  He pointed out that Presbyterian Alan Dulles' cousin, Avery Dulles, converted from Presbyterianism to Roman Catholicism, became a priest, then became the first Catholic Cardinal to skip first being a Bishop.  "Can you see why the Orientals are a bit nervous when they remember just how the U.S. appointed a puppet leader in Vietnam, a Roman Catholic, in a Buddhist country and given that the Roman Catholic Church helped pack Operation Paper Clip Nazi into the American mainstream!" asked Wigglesworth.  "Warrior priest" is as much a oxymoron to them as "military intelligence", said Wigglesworth.

      "Wolverine Jaw" Erickson suggests reading Dale Harrington's book Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis, Hitler's Nazi Agent of Influence for the best analysis of W.R. Davis' Texas connections.  Erickson also noted that James Maddis was, as a Marine, part of the US Navy. The USN SEAL commander and subject of the documentary Dirty Wars, Admiral William McRaven, from San Antonio, Texas is now the Chancellor of the University of Texas and that the SEAL headquarters in San Diego, the original site of the Pacific terminus of the Confederacy's transcontinental railroad which the Union moved to San Francisco after the Civil War, was built in the unmistakable shape of a Nazi swastika.

     Lowell Wigglesworth made the further connection between Roman Catholic Nazi sympathizer, Joseph P. Kennedy's, Clint Murchison's and the American Liberty League's and America First Committee's history with McAllen, Texas publisher of the former H.L. Menken magazine, The American Mercury.  "Jason Chilton Matthews bought The American Mercury from Menken and turned it from a liberal to a far-right, anti-communist periodical.  Matthews is another mystery like William Rhodes Davis, but his hacienda, Quintana Mazatlan, in McAllen, Texas was built with cedar wood, a gift from the King of Lebanon.   Matthews made broad claims of having fought alongside T.E. Lawrence of Arabia, the illegitimate son of Britain's Lord Hamilton, the one to whose estate in Scotland Herman Hess had flown his Messerschmitt in order to forge with Great Britain's power elites an Aryan-Anglo alliance.  It is my contention that just as Smedley Butler had been approached as the appointed leader of the 1930's American "Business Plot" that triggered the McCormick-Dickstein Committee hearings, that T.E. Lawrence had, likewise, been approached to lead a parallel British coup.  Like Butler, T.E. Lawrence refused for which it is quite possible that he was murdered while riding his motorcycle. Joseph P. Kennedy was drilling MoKeen Company oil wells on the property directly across from Matthew's McAllen hacienda," said Wigglesworth.  Indeed, American journalist Lowell Thomas had taken a lead in the build up of T.E. Lawrence's heroism and military reputation across England with lectures beginning in 1919 and continuing through the 20's.  The American and British English Speaking Unions for which the son of Yale Skull & Bones founder, William Howard Taft, had been an outspoken supporter of Lowell Thomas' pumping of Lawrence, found that Lawrence was unreceptive to Thomas' exploitation of his adventures.  A true national hero, Lawrence may have sensed that  Thomas' supporters  had many connections to the German legacy of the Saxe-Gotha-Coburg region that produced the Frankfurt School and educational methodologies of Wilhelm Wundt that informed Taft's galaxy of influential colleagues in the U.S. and Germany.   Lowell Thomas' whirlwind tour of the T.E. Lawrence legacy in the Middle East and his public relations campaign was a big success, but not as a recruiting tool for a coup attempt.
      Did Lawrence know that there was evolving in Europe of the 1930's what Edwin Black would describe as a "transfer agreement" between Hitler and wealthy Zionists to create Israel with the exportation of wealthy Jews at the expense of the less powerful from Eastern Europe?  Black's book on the subject along with his massively documented War Against the Weak brought into question any simplified explanations of national and religious identity.  Roy Cohn had exemplified the hypocrisy that Edwin Black defined for a city and financial system that found personalities like Henry Morgenthau, Jr. whose son Robert Morgenthau, became a mentor to Rudy Giuliani and James Comey, while Samuel Untermeyer and their non-Jewish counterparts and earlier financiers promoted and defended New York's ability to wage wars for profit. 
     Roy Cohn, Donald Trump and the Goldman Sachs galaxy of financiers found themselves in the city of Samuel Swarthout whose support in the early 19th Century funded the Texas Revolution, thus making war look relatively easy when well funded.  As Rome learned, it's not and adopting Machiavellian principles is no guarantee of anything other than a Roy Cohn-ending.  That was especially true when Moses and Stephen Austin had gone to from the Potosi lead mines of Missouri looking for lead for musket balls and when the largest sulfur dome in the world, sulfur the key ingredient in gun powder, along the Louisiana and Texas coast was married to the Frasch process which Bernard Baruch monetized with Wall Street funding.  Was it any wonder that sitting on the board of Freeport-McMoRan Sulfur Co. was Henry Kissinger who employed L. Paul Bremer the first U.S. Iraqi Provisional Governor?  Was it any wonder that both Dwight Eisenhower and Winston Churchill paid Baruch a visit at his Manhattan apartment after WWII and before Ike warned against the morphing of very system Wall Street had made possible for defeating Fascist Germany and Japan.
      Smedley Butler and T.E. Lawrence likely saved Western Democracy that is now, as the cryptic last 28 pages of the Official 911 Report fail to make clear, being assaulted by a Fascist/Saudi alliance with the majority of the Islamists unaware of what is really at stake for them should the Judeo-Christian anti-primogeniture, anti-monarchial, anti-pyramidal model of shared governance die.  We're talking the Dark Ages, folks," said Wigglesworth.
     Wigglesworth further noted that Matthew's The American Mercury Magazine featured the writings of Baptist evangelist Billy Graham whose family was deeply connected to the Presbyterian mission movement in China that turned a blind eye to the long-standing New England China trader's legacy of dope dumping that had followed the business plan of the British East India Company and Sephardic Jew, David Sassoon, whom Wigglesworth believed planted the Mexican port city of Bagdad at the mouth of the Rio Grande near McAllen in the mid-19th Century.  "Baghdad, Iraq, spelled with an 'h' was Sassoon's opium center for the Golden Crescent.  He shipped from Basra before the Ottomans pushed him to Bombay, but Smyrna was also one of his ports and it was from there that Jefferson Davis as U.S. Secretary of War had envisioned importing camels for the caravan from Texas to San Diego," said Wigglesworth.  "Suddenly you see just why a Southern Baptist like Billy Graham so supported the New England theological school of Gordon-Conwell with it direct links to the New England Brahmin Puritan Protestant power elites in Boston.  It explains why, for example, Caleb Cushing, the negotiator of the treaty that displaced the British in China, took with him to China William Tecumseh Walthall who became Jefferson Davis' aide de camp and ghost writer on Davis' memoires.  Walthall, whose British clan had created Port Walthall on the James River in Virginia, was also part of a long line of Presbyterians which included leading aviators in General Claire Chennault's Flying Tiger's of the AVG or American Volunteer Group.   Chennault, a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason from Clear Lake, Texas trained at Houston's Ellington Field.   Nearby, Salem Bin Laden, Osama's brother bought the Houston Gulf Manor Airport with the help of GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath, with money provided by the Saudi royal banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz.   That airport was razed after the 911 attack and on top of it was built a Tuscan housing development," said Wigglesworth. 
    Chennault's Scottish Rite Masonry is not to be confused with the Christianized York Rite Masonry of Washington and Franklin.  That expression of masonry was usurped by the Jacobite minion of the Prussian royal court, Albert Pike, Jeff Davis' chief Indian Agent for the Confederacy and the chief legal counsel for the KKK which Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest organized and left when he saw what was happening.  In 1908 William Howard Taft joined his father's Cincinnati Scottish Rite temple.  W.H. Taft's father, Alphonso, had joined with William Huntington Russell, to create Skull & Bones at Yale in 1833.  That was the same year that Benjamin Brown French arrived in Washington D.C., the Scottish Rite Mason who initiated the U.S.'s first Scottish Rite President, Andrew Johnson, following the murder of Abraham Lincoln.   Lincoln would find his widow managed by the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin where Michelle and Barack Obama met.  That law firm would merge in 2000 with the New York law firm of Brown & Wood, a longstanding defender of National City Bank for which Smedley Butler said "I was a goon on three continents."  On 911 Sidley Austin/Brown & Wood were domiciled in the hollow WTC.  Employing 600 employees it lost only one on 911. By 2005 the former President of Rice University, Frank Vandiver, one of whose predecessors, Kenneth Pitzer, had defended the big oil against a potential threat from nuclear energy by attacking J. Robert Oppenheimer before the Gordon Gray Committee, would write the book How America Goes to War.  It goes to war based on a catalyizing event like the Boston Tea Party, the sinking of the Maine, Pearl Harbor or the downing of the WTC into which Vandiver's Mosher Institute for Defense Studies' founder Ed Mosher's Mosher Steel had placed steel in the lower floors.

     With so much of Donald Trump's and Rudy Giuliani's power supply coming through the valleys of New York's Wall Street district, Trump Tower where Paul Manafort owns a condo and Houston's petrochemical pipelines....where Benjamin Rhodes, David Rhodes and Philip Zelikow and the Bush oil cabal canibals cut their teeth in the city that produced Enron's entrepreneurialism.....and with Roy Cohn's connections to Texas power elite Shearn Moody at the same time Cohn was mentoring The Donald, we must wonder just how independent Gen. James Maddis will or can in his new role, a role that Ron Paul has argued is deeply anchored in the rock and roll of the U.S. military industrialist complex which runs on oil and which finds through the ever expanding military budget a direct Washington lobbyist grip on the oil spigot, weapons and drugs and anesthetics handle needed to keep up the flow of war racketeering.
    From this vantage point we can also see how and why the problematic Billy Bush was hired by the NBC Today Show only two months before the 2005 "I grab them by the pussy" video was released by NBC's Willie Geist and friends who vetted it through David Farenthold at the Washington Post before GWB's PR man, Mark McKinnon and NBC's Mark Halperin jumped on it and Julian Assange's "clear" ties to the Kremlin.  Billy's father was a top executive in the Riggs National Bank of Joe Lewis Allbritton whose father owned cafeterias in Houston and where Joe married Ms. Barbara Jean Balfanz at Ed Mosher's First Presbyterian Church on February 17, 1968 before Joe bought Riggs National Bank only to see it fined for hiding the bank accounts of Chile's murderous dictator, Augusto Pinochet.  Joe had listed on his wedding license an address of  room #927 in John Mecom's Warwick Hotel directly across the street from the church and a couple of blocks from Rice University, only forty five miles from Shearn Moody's hometown of Galveston and less to Clear Lake where Chennault's Ellington Field found James R. Bath filling military, civilian and CIA airplanes with aviation fuel.

Rayburn Otto Ewers (l), William Edward King (left center), Rudy Johnson
 (right center), Kevin Eugene Severance (r). Tanaku, Alaska, July 14, 2001.
     As if The Donald didn't have enough tentacles into the Texas oil reservoir through his mentor, Roy Cohn, he had Rudy Giuliani's sucker cups holding future Houston Mayoral candidate William Edward King as an employee attorney at Bracewell & Giuliani, James R. Bath's business partner at Southwest Airport Services at Ellington Field.  William Edward King's connections went even into hometown of the Texas CPA who had derailed Roy Cohn's and Shearn Moody's attempt to commandeer the W.L. Moody Foundation fortune, Paul R. Haas.  Hass had come from Corpus Christi where Bill King fished with his buddy, Rayburn Otto Ewers.  Ewers lived on Stonewall Boulevard across the street from the church where U.S. Representative Tom DeLay the "Bug Man"  had been married before he became what Washington D.C. lobbyist Jack Abramoff called "the most respected majority leader in the House".  That was before both men served jail-time for corruption.  In 2015 Rudy Giuliani left Houston's Bracewell & Giuliani and joined Abramoff's former law firm Greenberg & Traurig where he is now hoping to become Trump's Secretary of State like Houston's favorite son of the Baker & Botts law firm, James A. Baker before he created the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy at Rice University.
     Perhaps most troubling about the Trump/Cohn history is that Cohn was a major Mob attorney and reported by NYPD detective James M. Rothstein to have been a pedophile like convicted New York billionaire, Jeffery Epstein, with whom both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton have partied.  Roy Cohn's kinky cadre of colleagues is picked up by Texas Monthly Magazine writer Gary Cartwright who had written Dirty Dealing about the El Paso Chagra brothers and their murder of Judge John Howland Wood whose killer was actor Woody Harrelson's father, Charles Harrelson.  Cartwright notes that Cohn reportedly kept young boys on a Caribbean island not unlike Jeffrey Epstein's party house in the Caymans." It reminds me of Pompey just before the volcano blew," said Erickson.  "Go watch Al Pacino play Cohn in the made-for-TV Angels in America since Cohn and Trump  partied at the same New York clubs where Pacino met Cohn thus informing his amazing characterization of him.  This can help to explain why Robert DeNiro who attended the Horace Mann school in NY was so visceral in a TV ad against a Trump Presidency.  Senator Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn had negatively impacted DeNiro's father and friends.   This also helps to partially explain why there's that weird video of The Donald with Rudy Giuliani in drag.... why Det. James Rothstein says that New York DA, Robert Morgenthal, stalled water-tight requests for search warrants and wire taps....and perhaps why a Morgenthal understudy, James Comey, was so strange during Hillary's email scandal."
     It was NYPD's James M. Rothstein who made the connection between New York and California via the Process Church, a dualistic off-shoot of the L. Ron Hubbard Scientology myth and gnostic dualism myth.   "Can you now understand why 'Mad Dog' carried around a copy of Lucius Cornelius Sulla's diary, the pagan Roman General's diary?  You find that weird little nuggets are still at play especially in New York where Wall Street has funded wars ever since industrialized wars became a huge profit center for blood-money-minded-investors," said Erickson who has studied the Germanic Thule religions associated with the Third Reich and various off-shoot cults.  "What's happening in American is the old solid mainline Christian denominations and synagogues of the Judeo-Christian ilk have found their rabbis and pastors pinching the incense of expanded empire under the guise of national security.  They can either do the Moses tradition of resisting the pharaoh or they can be like Joseph, the little imp that polished the pharaoh's boots, but whom God Almighty still used for his own purposes.  Moses was not about empire and neither was David, the last born son of Jesse whom the Muslims with their first-born, primogeniture Sharia Law that every top-down Cosa Nostra godfather has practiced since the Fall, cannot envision celebrating Mecca or Medina without the Saudi royal's protecting them like King George guarding Westminster Cathedral, but for a hefty price.  So all these rabbis and pastors have pinched the incense.  They claim to be serving the one and only, but they have to swallow Baden-Powell's scout shack out on the edge of the property where little future war-profiteers prepare to serve the empire.   They find out soon enough that if they try to serve the pyramid leveling Moses and Jesus tradition that they'll die like Melville whose New England China Trading, opium smuggling, church-going Puritans, never really got the gist of his Moby Dick, let along Billy Budd.  So now we have Roy Cohn's buddy Donald Trump and "Mad Dog" at our heels.  That was a hell of a Molotov cocktail to have thrown into the 2016 house of cards, but with Bill and Hillary in the joker's parlor what did we expect?


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