Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, December 19, 2016

Trump Dumping On Environment? Grabbing Mother Nature By the Pussy?

Oklahoma's Scott Pruitt To Head Up Environmental Protection Agency. Rick Perry To Energy Czar. Bye-Bye Alternative Energy!

by Polly U. Shunn, CPW News Service

    Everyone knows that oil and water don't mix.  Many are learning that the new Trump EPA Director, Scott Pruitt, who is a global warming denier, is now going to oversee the protection of the nation's environment from a state that recently witnessed a likely frack-induced earthquake in Cushing, Oklahoma.  Cushing has for over  a hundred years been the spigot on the pipelines that set the benchmark price for U.S. crude oil.
     On the other hand, Trump has selected Rick Perry, the former Governor of Texas, to be Director of the U.S. Energy Department, the government department Perry said he would eliminate, but which he couldn't even remember by name.  "Think of Pruitt as water and Perry as oil, but working together to agitate from within to make sludge," said environmental activist from Dripping Springs, Texas, Cecile Lee Enn.   "What is Trump?" Enn was asked.
    "He's the mad chef in the kitchen of earthy nightmares, but he's in a contest with India, China, Russia and the rest of the nations running headlong into a smooty, sooty, globular, gooey future.  He doesn't know that his hotels are not immune to the coming environmental concerns all around him," said Enn.   Enn believes that Pruitt will be as effective at dismantling the EPA as Reagan's EPA Director, Ann Gorsuch Burford, who was held in contempt of Congress which at the time had Representatives who saw themselves standing in the tradition of Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir.  "Ann married Robert Burford the rancher that Reagan put in charge of the Bureau of Land Management.   That was back when the Koch twins were duking it out over their father's estate and business and one said that Koch had stolen oil from beneath public land, producing 50 employee depositions.  Whatever it was it certainly spit in the eye of Muir and Teddy," said Enn returning to  more recent developments.
    "Take Flint, Michigan's water woes," said Enn.  "Flint's lead pipes were laid well after lead was  banned in Europe in lead-based paint in 1922.  If you want to get rid of people, that's as silent a killer as the tobacco smoking that made the Bush family lawyer, C. Boyden Gray and his father Gordon, rich from their R.J. Reynolds Company stock.  Then take the use of lead as a gasoline additive in internal combustion autos that was not banned in the U.S. until 1986, sixty years after the ill-effects of the additive were widely known.  Combine this with the Tuskegee Experiment and the Pruitt-Igoe Experiment in St. Louis, Missouri and similar undisclosed radiation experiments on citizens, about 50 across the country and the subject of Lisa Martino-Taylor's lengthy PhD dissertation available online and you see that Donald is pushing the free world down a really slippery slope," said Enn.
    Enn knows that the world runs on energy, but he also knows that J.P. Morgan derailed the research of Nicolas Tesla and that John D. Rockefeller whose Standard Oil morphed into Exxon, oversaw class warfare at Ludlow, Colorado.  "Add to this the concerted effort by the fossil fuel industry to silence Julius Robert Oppenheimer and his desire to democratize nuclear energy and it's a conspiracy as big as the Bay of Pigs, Iran-Contra, or the yellow cake inspired false attack on Iraq.  "I have learned of the witness-less deaths of two University of Texas gas phase catalysis scientists who were working on the hydrogen fuel cell and it's apparent to me that the petro-chemical industry is growing increasingly protective of its crumbling empire.   That empire is built on as false a premise as that confronting Galileo and Copernicus....that oil is the center of the universe.  It's the center of their universe, but that universe is quickly being depleted and with great ill-effects to the planet.   Let me say this as brazenly as I can:  DONALD TRUMP IS SCREWING WITH SOMETHING FAR TOO IMPORTANT TO BE PLAYING WITH IT WITHOUT REAL SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY.   We need to crumble the fossil fuel empire as quickly as possible with anything that moves us toward sustainable energy....toward zero point energy and toward cold fusion....the twin holy grails of future clean energy supplies," said Enn who knows that plastic will be with us for eons until alternative mold-ables are developed from renewables.
    Enn is especially concerned that by Trump adding two "ignorant morons" to the energy and environment mix along with Exxon's "T-Rex" Rex Tillerson to Secretary of State at the same time, that "Trump is grabbing Mother Nature's sensitive vaginal region indelicately," said Enn.
   Ronald "Bubba-Butch" Krassinfelder an independent mud slurry frack fluid formulator from Sulphur, Louisiana said "Mother nature needs to be grabbed and slapped around a bit.  She can be a real bitch!  The Bible says that we should subdue the earth.  We'll the earth fights back and it takes some really creative ingenuity to penetrate her crossed legs and tough hide.   When asked if his KYJ Fluids is named for Krassinfelder and two partners he said, "No.  I'm sole owner. That stands for KY Jelly.  I'm like a KY Jelly salesman at your local drug store, but we do a better job of keeping it under wraps," said Krassinfelder who admitted that someone had the obligation to develop alternative energy, but who?  "Look what happened to J. Robert Oppenheimer when he tried to develop peaceful nuclear energy for the world like Tesla did with electricity," said Krassinfelder.
   Enn cites a recent water quality issue in South Texas where an asphalt emulsifying agent had leached into a city's pure water supply from a faulty backflow valve.  "That issue was immediately referred to the TNRCC, the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission which has had a difficult time responding to similar events throughout the Texas environment.  They are often cited for their malfeasance," said Enn.

    The Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission was once called the Texas Water Commission which had a budget of nearly $128 million and employed 1,800 workers. In 1991 the Texas legislature ordered the consolidation of the TWC and the Texas Air Control Board into the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, effective September 1, 1993. The TNRCC became responsible for the regulation of air quality, water quality, and waste management throughout Texas.  Enn is concerned that the recent discovery of shale sands and natural gas in the Eagle-Ford region of the state are not properly monitoring the benzene and other hazardous gas emissions that impact clean air.  The consolidation expanded the merged budget and the agency reported: Effective September 1, 2002, TNRCC became the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) (House Bill 2912, 77th Legislature, Regular Session). The primary goals of TCEQ are to protect public health and safety and the environment by reducing the release of pollutants and contaminants, regulating the management and disposal of waste, and expediting the cleanup of contaminated sites. The agency also manages the state's water resources by enforcing compliance with state and federal clean air and water laws. As of the 2014 fiscal year, TCEQ has 2,767 employees, 16 regional offices, and a $379 million operating budget (including both baseline and contingency appropriations). 
    "For years the head of the Texas Water Commission or TWC was the famous lawman, Paul Hopkins, who had championed the closure of the Balinese Room, the famous gambling hall near Houston's massive refinery district near Shearn Moody's glass pyramid at Moody Gardens.  People there were gambling on more than poker chips. They were gambling on their future in more ways than one, so it was natural that Hopkins would become the head of the TWC.  Well, ideally it would have be a cross between Albert Einstein, Julius Robert Oppenheimer and Matt Dillon or Wyatt Earp, but Hopkins was appointed.  Today, an 11 acre park stands in Hopkins' honor on Dickinson Bayou called the Paul Hopkins Park.  Dickinson Bayou, like the oxymoronic Clear Lake into which it feeds is one of the most polluted bodies of water in America," said Enn adding "It ain't good, folks, and Donald Trump might as well ask his star chefs in his 5-star hotels to fill their Oysters Rockefellers with their own excrement."

"The TNRCC is often slow to provide the clear scientific data that clarifies
the source of the pollution.  In this way the petro-chemical industry becomes
essentially a client of the TNRCC which acts as a type of Young & Rubicam
PR firm for the state's enviro-woes."
                                                                                 -Cecile Lee Enn

       It was into this polluted arena that Donald Trump's mentor, Roy Cohn, had ventured to attempt to commandeer the estate left to Mary Moody Northen with fellow heir Shearn Moody who didn't like the split.  "Yea, you had running around in Perry's Texas, Shearn Moody and Trump's mentor Roy Cohn, and after 911 there arrived the other Trump insider, New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani who joined the Houston law firm of  Bracewell & Patterson to become Bracewell & Giuliani before Rudy left in 2015 to join the Washington D.C. law firm of Jack Abramoff, the buddy of disgraced Texas Representative and Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Tom DeLay," said Enn who added...."There's all kinds of pollution."
    Enn is concerned not only that the TNRCC is acting as a PR firm for the petro-chemical industry, but that in Houston, the energy capital of the world, that local hospitals are providing without so disclosing, blood samples tested for the EPA's chemicals highest on the list of offenders to provide early warning to industry that pollutants are reaching highly detectable levels in humans.  When asked if he wasn't being paranoid and conspiratorial Enn stated:  "Was Credit-Mobilier a conspiracy?  The Texas Veterans Land Board scandal that included over 200 indictments?  The Gulf of Tonkin? Watergate?  Iran-Contra?  The invasion of Iraq based on yellow cake?  Hillary's emails?  Tuskegee?  Pruitt-Igoe?  How about when those guys witnessed the Bikini Atoll nuking wearing only sun glasses and baby oil and kaki pants?"
   Oddly, Enn is in favor of deregulation, but with an accompanying empowerment of whistleblowers who are willing to come forward to report fraud, waste, abuse and spoilage of the environment and a renewed posse law that allows them the highest level of protection for like minded colleagues who protect them in case of retaliation from the criminal violators.  "You have to take your environment back at the street level or in this case.....at the mud flats," said Enn.
   "Looking back at the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster of April 23, 2010, I can't think of a better way to mask the cumulative effects of the lengthy legacy of toxin drippage along the Gulf Coast than with a super-event, a mega-event that, acting like a PR magnet, pulls all criticisms toward it like an old timey scape goat slaughtered for a similar purpose.....to relieve guilt, but more importantly, to relieve public criticism so that the guilty can continue undetected in their misadventures.  When the Harris County Medical Examiner's office came under fire for botching its records under former Washington D.C. ME, Dr. Joyce Carter, who was brought in to investigate?  Michael Bromwich, the leading prosecutor in the Iran-Contra case whose work guaranteed that the conviction of Caspar Weinberger, Oliver North, John Poindexter and Elliot Abrams would provide enough scapegoating to ease the decibels of the public outcry and save President Reagan and VP, George H.W. Bush from impeachment.  After his work "investigating" the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office, Michael Bromwich was appointed by the Obama White House to investigate the Deep Water Horizon Disaster as Director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement.  I think it's a scam, folks.   What better way to provide a singular event upon which to blame the slow death of a massive body of water?  Like the nitrate runoff coming down the Mississippi River for decades hasn't contributed to the huge dead zone near New Orleans or that the PCP's and dioxin in other Gulf Coast bays and tributaries aren't sky high.  The shadow effect of that disaster which could well have been a classic "wrecking" or salvage job which hits the deep pockets of another nation's oil drillers to mask the ill-effects of your own, can't be ruled out."
     Bromwich is currently a Senior Advisor for the Center for Stategic and International Studies whose Trustees have included Henry Kissinger whose Kissinger Associates Inc. employed the Iraqi Provisional Governor, L. Paul Bremer; Zbigniew Brzezinski, father of Mika Brzezenski of MSNBC whose television coverage of Billy Bush's 2005 video of Donald Trump was followed by Mark MacKinnon and Mark Halperin seeking to link Hillary's leaked emails by Julian Assange to Russia; William Frist who plugged the hole from the errant bullet that hit Gen. David Petraeus at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky; Richard L. Armitage who was reportedly the source for the outing of Valerie Plame's identity following the yellow cake bamboozle and also the focus of Col. Bo Gritz's claim of a Bush family connection to Golden Triangle drug czar, Kung Sa.  Armitage is also a board member of ConocoPhillips which originated in Bartlesville, Oklahoma; also Maurice Greenberg CEO of AIG which was founded by Cornelius Vander Starr who insured in the early 20th Century U.S. "China Trade" mercantilism and was a major recipient of 2008 bailout money, and Rex Tillerson, retired CEO of Exxon, Trump's choice for Secretary of State.
    "Deep Water Horizon was a catch-all for the Gulf of Mexico's man-made disaster like 911 and the WTC was for miserable relationship between the gas-guzzling, oil-chugging West and those who sit on top of the subterranean pockets of dinosaur guts and fermented prehistoric vegetative slime," said Winsip Custer author of "No Giant Sucking Sound At Perot Museum of Natural Science".  "When Texas Senator Ted Cruz was overseeing NASA as a anti-climate-change candidate in the 2016 Presidential election you had to know there was a lot of shamming and shaming going on," said Igor Y. Izehout, author of "Human Catalysts of Climate Change and Global Warming Denier to Head NASA? NASA Scientists Believe Cruz Should Run Program From International Space Station As Sensitivity Training Experiment."
    When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on August 28, 2005, the costliest storm on record at $108 billion, it was clear as Service Corporation Incorporated, SCI, the subjected of G.W. Bush's "Funeralgate" scandal scrambled to collect bodies for burial under contract to FEMA, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers has a broad ranging authority to make and break whole regions for profit based on "national security".   "With the CIA's proposed new Trump appointed Director, Mike Pompeo, from the Koch Brother's hometown of Wichita, Kansas being at the top of his class at West Point he was automatically included in the Army Corp of Engineers being one of the top eight graduates. Well, you have to remind yourself that West Point also produced beloved ethics professor Col. Theodore 'Ted' Westhusing who confronted the future CIA Director, then General David Petraeus, in Iraq's Green Zone over the clear and present corruption Westhusing witnessed in Iraq amid the contractors.  Westhusing reportedly committed suicide four hours after that confrontation with Petraeus. Westhusing was there to train an indigenous security force....the same thing that NYPD Police Commissioner for Rudy Giuliani, Bernie Kerik was there to do before Westhusing, but in 2003 before Kerik was indicted for criminal conspiracy for accepting bribes from New York mobsters.  Westhusing is featured in Chapter One of Christian T. Miller's book Blood Money.  Bernie Kerik, George W. Bush's first choice for Director of Homeland Security before Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Ridge, had previously been employed by the Saudi Royal family whose top architect for the Bin Laden Group, Minoru Yamasaki, had built the New York World Trade Center and the site of the military's undisclosed radiation testing on unwitting civilians in St. Louis, Missouri.... Yamasaki's Pruitt-Igoe project.... a project that was later demolished by Controlled Demolition, Inc. in 1972 using thermite, the same company that later completed the demolition the WTC in New York," said Enn who also recommended reading the 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush by Peter Brewton which focuses on the relationship of the 1980's S&L scandal to the Iran-Contra network and the Houston housing bubble of the 1980's.
   "We see that as just Michael Bromwich was finishing up his work in Houston to move on to Deep Water in comes the new Houston Chronicle  Managing Editor from the Washington Post, co-author with Paula Broadwell of the book All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, Vernon Loeb.  Apart from Loeb co-writing this book with Petraeus' lover, Mrs. Broadwell, Loeb also fashioned the Washington Post's manipulated stories of the death of Lt. Pat Tillman in Afghanistan and the falsified Lynch rescue," said Enn noting that the consent-for-war propagandizing of the Tillman death sent his family to Capital Hill to appear before Congress to complain and to explain that Tillman had been talking to MIT Professor, Noah Chomsky, about the definition of "creating consent for war".

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