Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, December 11, 2016



by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

      When two University of Texas scientists died mysteriously, both working on the permeable membrane found in hydrogen fuel cell technology, some raised their eyebrows.  Most missed it.  Unfortunately, there has been a concerted effort to stop advancements in energy progress.
    Most notably there was the work of J.P. Morgan to stop Nicholas Tesla's work.   There was the efforts of Kenneth Pitzer and William Liscum Borden to derail Julius Robert Oppenheimer's attempt to democratize nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.  J.P. Morgan's words continue to drown out the possibility of progress toward clean energy....the holy grail of which is zero point energy and cold fusion, but with a sun powered solar system that is capable of producing all the energy we need for four billion years, Morgan's desire to meter everyone's energy was downright draconian.  Morgan's view of Capitalism was Mussolini's view of Capitalism....the state and corporatism holding everyone else captive.
    Mr. Rex Tillerson was recommended to President-elect Trump by former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates after Trump seriously considered Mitt Romney whose Bain Capital employer had made fortunes from dismantling and moving leading American businesses overseas to cheaper labor markets and General David Petraeus who was confronted in the Green Zone by the Professor of Ethics at West Point, Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing, the subject of the first chapter of Christian T. Miller's book Blood Money, an event years before the Petraeus issues with the Paula Broadwell affair.  Broadwell was co-author of All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, with former Metro-Editor of The Washington Post who moved to Houston to become the Managing Editor of The Houston Chronicle, Vernon LoebLoeb found himself the gate-keeper on the Houston news while earlier, with issues at the Harris County Medical Examiner's office and an investigation into corruption was led by Michael Bromwich, leading prosecutor for the Iran-Contra investigation that had stopped short of a Presidential and Vice-Presidential impeachment for violation of the Boland Amendment.  Bromwich went on to oversee the BP Deep Water Horizon disaster for the government.   Tillerson's hometown in Texas was about fifty miles north of Houston on I-45, Huntsville.  Huntsville was also the home to Yale Bonesman, Brown Brother Harriman officer, Robert Abercrombie Lovett, whom G. William Domhoff described as the "Architect of the Cold War."  Becoming Secretary of Defense in 1950, Lovett had developed the policy of pre-emptive bombing of civilian centers like Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki , a policy that morphed into all-out pre-emptive war under Philip Zelikow whose mother is a Rice University graduate with top security clearance and a history of military work in post-WWII Japan.
    J. Robert Oppenheimer was stripped of his national security clearance for being a communist sympathizer for wanting peaceful energy.  It was argued that it was too dangerous...while massive nuclear aircraft carriers carrying thermo-nuclear weapons were seen as the state-of-the-art.  Oppenheimer had been replaced by the Dr. Strangelove of the nuclear arms race, Dr. Edward Teller.   "Oppy" had been tag teamed by Rice University's Kenneth Pitzer from his catbird seat at the center of the petro-chemical capital of the world, Houston, Texas and by Gordon Gray and his Congressional Committee. Gray was the father of C. Boyden Gray, the Federalist attorney for the Bush family and heir with his father of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company that sought to democratize cancer for a hefty profit.  Gray's actions had succeeded in pumping the oil industry and the war machinery upon which spinning tank tracks depended along with napalm, Agent Orange and other devilish products.
    C. Boyden Gray's prayers for forgiveness for the lengthy legacy of blood-brain-barrier-jumping of nicotine like that of Brown & Williamson went up from Washington D.C.'s National Cathedral while the President talked of yellow cake before the joint houses of Congress and the Supreme Court that had decided the 2000 election.  Later, beneath a granite gargoyle of Darth Vader on one of the Cathedral's parapets the new pastor, GWB's former White House Personnel Director, summa cum laude theologian and daughter of a Texas Exxon distributor, Rev. Jan Naylor Cope, offered her prayers beneath the same parapet that had, in the interim, been rocked by an earthquake that sent granite raining down on the church grounds, but leaving Vader well-anchored leading some to comment on his likeness to Vice-President Dick Cheney.  Meanwhile, Texas A&M University, home of both the GHWB Presidential Library and the Mosher Institute of Defense Studies has announced that it is doing ground-breaking work on Ebola using tobacco as a host for the scientific research.   In the past Ebola patients from oil rich and diamond rich Nigeria and Sierra Leone have been transported by  Phoenix Air's fleet of gray Lear Jets to Emory University Hospital near the CDC where serious questions about the lack of active and effective vaccines and medications has stumped CDC critics and scientists.  The past President of Lear after leaving Beechcraft was General Atomic's Linden Blue, make of the Predator and Reaper drones.
    Also echoing in the ears alongside J.P. Morgan's "meter" message was the rat-a-tat-tat of John D. Rockefeller's "spud chucker" machine guns at Ludlow, Colorado.  Democratization of energy is not at the top of the list of the U.S. and world's power brokers' agenda.
    One Texas insider wrote of it wishing to remain anonymous.  "I had my run in with Exxon.  I had stumbled over the strange deaths of the two University of Texas gas phase catalysis scientists, both polymaths working at the highest levels of hydrogen energy and fuel breakthroughs.  That was after I had been approached by the top geologist for Exxon from Hondo who moved to Houston, Austin and San Antonio.  He was Exxon's top geologist, worldwide. This creepy little lizard was all about power and control.  Anything that looked to him like a move toward ubiquitous anything....shared governance....inclusion.....turned his orange hair fire engine red.  I figured that he was a disciple of the KKK's Scottish Rite troglodyte, Albert Pike, who wanted to return the masses to chains, back in the 1860's.....but now not chains.....to meters, power lines and pump handles....while we are standing on the edge of monumental breakthroughs in technology."
     This insider shared some things with the Brown & Williamson insider, Dr. Jeffrey Wigand.  He had also seen how Wigand's biographer at CBS's 60 Minutes, Lowell Bergman, had gone to his respected place at 60 Minutes' and to the Wigand story, based on Marie Brenner's book The Man Who Knew Too Much, from Bergman's errant reporting of the death in 1988 of Osama Bin Laden's brother in Cibolo, Texas. That was the same year that CIA agent, Matt Gannon, was returning to Langly to ask the top brass just why rank and file CIA agents had nothing on Al Qaeda when Al Qaeda had been created within Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to fight the Russians in Afghanistan only to murder Anwar Sadat.  Gannon whose father-in-law, Thomas Tweeton, was also CIA, died on Pan Am 103, a plane which had originally booked the son of the FBI's top terrorism expert and  Deputy General under William Sessions, both FBI agents, but who had changed his flight plans.
      "Bergman, a stickler for details, had falsely reported that Salem Bin Laden, who in 1977 had purchased with the help of GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath, who was serving as the buying agent for the Saudi royal banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz, the Houston Gulf Manor Airport....the favorite private airport of the NASA astronauts, Houston Gulf Manor.  That airport was razed after 911," the insider continued.  "Bergman falsely reported that Salem's crash was in his BAC-111 jet.   He was in an ultra-light that flew inexplicably up like a drone into the high power line that traversed Interstate I-35 at the Field of Dreams Airport in Cibolo, owned by the in-laws of General Bruce Carlson, the former Commander of Offutts AFB and of the National Reconnaissance Office or NRO that was responsible for the NORAD games on 911.  Carlson's mother-in-law had been a long-time administrative assistant at Beechcraft from which had come Linden Blue, founder of General Atomic that produces our Predator and Reaper drones."
    CBS's 60 Minutes was not removed from critique.  There was the 1999 discovery by Mary Mapes of  George W. Bush's Ellington Field Texas Air National Guard memos typed by the secretary of Col. Jerry Killian, Mrs. Marion Carr Knox.  The insider was aware of this debacle, too.  "Killian was Bath and Bush's commander.  Bath would go on to control the fuel sales at the CIA-linked Ellington Field which had trained 32nd-Degree Scottish Rite Mason, Gen. Claire Chennault, but it was only a few miles from the Houston Gulf Manor, owned after 1977 by Salem Bin Laden.  "The Scottish Rite Masons usurped the York Rite Masonry of Washington and Franklin and even of Texas' Anson Jones just after the U.S. Civil War which historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth has shown was based on America's biggest bamboozle....the race for the Pacific and the flatland rail route across the Great Southwest.   What was at stake?  The New England opium merchants' pipeline to the Ottoman Empire's Golden Crescent....Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey where opium was picked up in places like Basra, Iraq and Smyrna, David Sassoon being the British connection to the East India Company's command of the Orient that the U.S. power elites desperately wanted to control like Exxon does oil," said the insider.  Mary Mapes and Dan Rather failed to report the GWB story in 1999 and by 2000 Mapes was saying that she could not do the story because her mother had died.  The CBS brass didn't see it as important enough to go with it, but later events would tell you why.  Today's CBS President is the brother of Benjamin Rhodes of Rice University, David Rhodes, also from Rice....Kenneth Pitzer's catbird seat floating on a sea of subterranean oil and the retrograde bubble blowers who will frack up the planet to get to it.  Benjamin Rhodes wrote many of the talking points not only on the Bengazi affair for Hillary's State Department (having ascended through rural Arkansas on the support of BCCI founder from Little Rock, Jackson Stephens), but also on the Philip Zelikow's work-over of the  Official 911 Report that Max Cleland called "the gong show" and which the 28 redacted pages of the Official 911 Commission Report on Saudi influence peddling failed to mention the Houston connection and that in 1992 the FBI's FINCEN investigation that had James R. Bath, by then owner of Ellington Field's Southwest Airport Services with the future Houston mayoral candidate and Bracewell & Giuliani attorney, William Edward King, as its focus.   FINCEN stood down in 1992, an important election year between GHWB, Bill Clinton and H. Ross Perot, but FINCEN had Bath and Khalid Bin Mahfouz in its cross-hairs for their directorships on the board of Bank of Commerce and Credit International or BCCI, the Iran-Contra major money laundering bank.  FINCEN should have led directly to the 15 Saudi hijackers of the 911 plot, a scenario that an increasing number of American architects, engineers, metallurgists, physicists and pilots say was an impossible bamboozling.  "That's right," said the insider.  "I can understand why they say that when 13,000 tons or 26,000,000 pounds of steel for the WTC first nine floors was provided by Mosher Steel whose founder created the Mosher Institute for Defense Studies at Texas A&M where the world's largest carbon bon fire fell killing a dozen only to be re-engineered to include steel since the melting point of steel is 2800 degrees and carbon burns at 1800 degrees.   Consider that the Mosher Institutes' Director who wrote in 2005 the book How America Goes To War was former Rice University President like Pitzer, Frank Vandiver, who sat according to Dr. Lowell P. Wigglesworth on the letters of Jefferson Davis that revealed the real reason for the Civil War.....Caleb Cushing's insatiable desire for opium profits."
    Mapes and Dan Rather would eventually report the GWB Texas Air National Guard memos in 2004, but in such a way as to pull another Lowell Bergman botch job.
   Now we have Donald Trump who has appeared in a video with Rudy Giuliani in drag as was likely the favorite attire of Roy Cohn and Texas millionaire Shearn Moody whose family fortunes were made in Texas cotton and shipping before and after the Civil War.  Cohn was Trump'rs early mentor and lawyer for Senator Joseph McCarthy of the Red Scare and God Father of Robert Kennedy's kids.  Never forget that Joseph Kennedy was a fascist and JFK had jumped his father's right-winged reservation!
     "They were scared, alright," said the insider.  "Scared that Oppenheimer's kind were totalitarian communists who would tell the world that energy is ubiquitous like oxygen and water and un-meter-able.  Shearn Moody's family's historic farming headquarters in Freestone County and Galveston would eventually create the road along which I-45 had evolved as the "most dangerous road in America."   It was there that the future owner of Riggs National Bank, Joe Allbritton, would make a fortune in land and land development along with the 1980s S&L scandal personalities like Raymond Hill, Walter Mischer and Robert Corson.  Riggs, like BCCI, would become the money handling bank for Chile's brutal dictator, Augusto Pinoche, being fined for hiding Pinoche's secret bank accounts even as Riggs hired the brother of George H.W. Bush, the uncle of the problematic Billy Bush who was hired two months before the Washington Post's release of the NBC/Access Hollywood record of the 2005  "I grab them by the pussy" video.   That was just as long-time GWB public relations spinner, Mark McKinnon, went with MSNBC's Mark Halperin to London to try to prove Julian Assange's connection to the Russians and as Willie Geist appeared with Mika Brzezinski whose father sat on the Council on Foreign Relations as Geist explained the Billy Bush ascent and fall.  Joe Allbritton was married in Edward Mosher's church on South Main, Houston.
    "This U.S./Russian connection makes the old oily guard jittery.   In fact, if you want to see a really bizarre aspect of the possible source of this old guard paranoia you have to hear Watergate attorney Douglas Caddy's take on the whole affair," said the insider.  "I know that the opium poppy will grow nearly anywhere, so why is it so tightly controlled?  So the war on drugs which is really a war by the big drug dealers against the little ones, is metered. Similarly the power cabal shakes to the core at the thought of ubiquitous energy.  Oil runs tank tacks, Oil domes produce sulphur.  Sulphur goes into gunpowder.  Bullets blow off limbs.  That hurts.  Opium deadens the pain.  The machinery keeps running for a profit.  The injured are injected, taken to the MASH unit within the 'golden hour' by helicopters and trucks burning petrol and the survivors are sent home as walking billboards for the ongoing patriotic wars.  This is the racket of war about which Smedley Butler and even Eisenhower warned.  Did you know that there is now a CIA agent who on his death bead has said that Eisenhower was as bound and determined to dethrone the oil cabal as JFK was in his penning the November 1963 National Security Memo #271?" asked the insider.
     I'd looked up the interview of Raymond Wayne Hill and Douglas Caddy who was E. Howard Hunt's personal attorney during the Watergate hearings.  It's perhaps, however, best not to start there, because Caddy brings together two major conspiracies central to recent U.S. history....the JFK assassination and Roswell, New Mexico.  Yes, bizarre, isn't it?  Start instead with the Mike Wallace interview with USAF Maj. Donald Keyhole, then move on to NASA Astronaut Gordon Cooper who if he wasn't flying in and out of Houston Gulf Manor, would have shaken the Saudi royals to their burka's hem with his testimony of the coming threat to their subterranean goo as he evidenced it at Edwards AFB early in his career.  Then, perhaps, you'll be ready for the Hill/Caddy interview in two parts (part 2). Raymond W. Hill is not to be confused with the Raymond Hill who is a key subject in Peter Brewton's 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush that like FINCEN was derailed just before the 1992 election having been contracted by Simon & Schuster with Alice Mayhew as editor, Woodward and Bernstein's editor for All The President's Men."  Given Caddy's close association with Woodward and Bernstein, with Caddy's assertion that Woodward is CIA, you may want to question whether Caddy's bizarre revelation is true or hiding a coming Fascist coup hiding beneath a sea of disinformation, but projecting its ugly head with Trump's cabinet appointments.  For added punctuation listen to Dr. Edgar Mitchell, NASA astronaut, at the National Press Club.


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