.....former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling was sentenced to 42 months in prison for leaking classified information to New York Times reporter James Risen about a failed U.S. effort to undermine Iran’s nuclear program. Risen later exposed how the risky operation could have actually aided the Iranian nuclear program. In January Sterling was convicted of nine felony counts, including espionage. He becomes the latest government employee jailed by the Obama administration for leaking information. Since he was indicted four years ago, Jeffrey Sterling’s voice has never been heard by the public. But that changes today. We air an exclusive report that tells his story, "The Invisible Man." We are also joined by Norman Solomon, who interviewed Sterling for the piece and attended both his trial and sentencing. Solomon is a longtime activist, executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, co-founder of RootsAction.org, and coordinator of ExposeFacts.org.

     Former CIA officer Ray McGovern said that the entire Operation Merlin was "cockamamie" to begin with and that Sterling was essentially framed.  According to Zuzu Liebowitz it's much worse than that.
     Zuzu Liebowitz responded to Democracy Now's coverage of the Jeffrey Sterling story:
    Sue the CIA again!  People are getting tired of their arrogance.  Get a fair jury and hellacious attorney....a team of them!  James Risen at the NYT's?  Are you surprised that the Washington Post does the same thing?  Look at how Steve Coll's minions, Vernon Loeb and Jeff Leen, gut other investigative journalists to deflect us from the truth.  Loeb was not only the co-author of Petraeus' bio with Paula Broadwell, ALL IN: THE EDUCATION OF GENERAL DAVID PETRAEUS, he had written or edited the manipulated consent-for-war-building stories of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch that sent Tillman's brother to Capital Hill to level a charge of Goebbels-like propagandizing.  Where is Loeb?  He became the Managing Editor of the Houston Chronicle where earlier Michael Bromwich had arrived to "investigate" a corrupt Harris County Medical Examiner's office.  Bromwich was paid from a huge kitty of confiscated drug money only to be appointed by Obama to head up the federal office created in the wake of the Deep Water Horizon disaster.  Bromwich was the fire-waller on the Iran-Contra case which Gary Webb told us was a drug and weapons scheme....only to be skewered by the Washington Post's Jeff Leen in his post Kill The Messenger article "Gary Webb Was No Journalistic Hero" in the WP.   Leen had teamed up with Steve Weinberg the Prof. Emeritus at University of Missouri whose fellow teacher, Melissa Click, shut down free speech on campus, to lead the "IRE debate" between Leen and Webb just after Webb's book Dark Alliance came out.  Shame on Weinberg for piling on.  There was no hiding his bias.  Webb handled Leen and Weinberg easily and convincingly, but when you listen to that debate it's clear to me that there's other mainline reporters who are piling on with Leen and Weinberg when it comes to criticism of our bloated and bamboozling national security apparatus.  Click is now at a Jesuit university... Gonzaga.....the Jesuits having led the Spanish Inquisition!  Go to St. Louis and to the site of Minoru Yamasaki's Pruitt-Igoe Project which was built in the 50's, used as a Tuskegee-like undisclosed radiation experiment on unwitting citizens.....the subject of Lisa Martino-Taylor's PhD dissertation.  In 1972 Pruitt-Igoe was demolished by Controlled Demolition Inc, CDI, which finished the demo of the WTC after 911 using what it had used on Pruitt-Igoe in 1972.  Thermite.  Minoru Yamasaki the Bin Laden Group's favorite architect for the Saudi royal family, built both the WTC and Pruitt-Igoe.   Steve Coll became the Dumbledore of Columbia University Journalism School as the Henry Luce Professor of Journalism.  Don't forget Petraeus' encounter with Col. Theodore Westhusing or that NYPD Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik had not only worked for the Saudi royal family but preceded Westhusing in Iraq training Iraqis, as Westhusing did, an indigenous security force.  You can read Westhusing's sad story in Christian T. Miller's book, Blood Money, chapter one.   Never forget that it was Rudy Giuliani's buddy, Michael Mukasey, the judge who had to recuse himself from the Bernie Kerik corruption case is also in New York, who is now being suggested as a Supreme Court Judge. 
PS.  Don't use the race card, Jeffrey!  Your skin color has nothing to do with this aspect of the law suit.  The earlier discrimination case may have!  The military sprayed radiation over all of St. Louis and 50 other U.S. cities!  Oh, and the lead pipes in Flint?  Europe banned lead in paint in 1922....why was it in pipes in the USA after that?  Or in our white Dutch Boy paint that our Civil Defense program said could help deter fire flashes in a nuclear attack (see government film "The House In the Middle')?  In gasoline until 1986?  This is not a race issue.  It's a humanitarian issue, an environmental issue, a human health issue, a law and order issue.  Oh, and read Smedley Butler's War Is A Racket and everything you can by historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth.  Then go join David Ray Griffin associated support groups....architects and engineers, metallurgists, physicists, pilots and others within the growing banks of disbelievers and true Americans!

     The Jeffrey Alexander Sterling case is unique.  It's as if Mr. Sterling was served up in an era when John Deutsch, David Petraeus and even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were playing fast and loose with U.S. secrets to prove that President Obama wouldn't.  In this respect it could well have been a race-based rush to judgement by the Obama and Holder Justice Department.  We forget, perhaps, that Barack and Michelle Obama met in the historic Springfield, Illinois Republican law firm of Sidley Austin that merged with the New York law firm of Brown and Wood, with its historic ties to National City Bank for which U.S. Marine General Smedley Butler had admitted being a "goon on three continents" in his book War Is A Racket.  Sterling was mainlined into the racket of war and its clear hypocrisies and outright lunacies.  It leaves us scratching our heads as to just why on 911 the new Sidley Austin/Brown & Wood was domiciled with its 600 employees in the WTC, but lost only one.  In October 2015 Jeffrey Sterling's wife spoke to the National Press Club along with half a dozen high-level supporters of the Sterlings including Ray McGovern, Tom Drake and Jesselyn Radack.  Jesselyn Radack, a graduate of Brown and Yale and married to Dan Racack of Johns Hopkins who joined the World Bank in 2005 the same year that Paul Wolfowitz, a Johns Hopkins Dean, became the WB President, a position previously held by former Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War, Robert McNamara, and a financial institution that had taken the lead in transitioning lithium-rich Bolivar toward clean water, but which spiraled into the "Bechtel Water Wars", is in a unique position to champion Jeffrey Sterling's case against government gone wild.  "It takes serious intestinal fortitude for Sterling to trust that people with such potentially alternative motives is handling his appeal, but it also shows the degree to which apparent mini-minions of what Anthony C. Sutton has called "The Order" aren't always what they appear.

     What's more, deciding which "state secrets" are for the CIA within the CIA or for the legitimate security of the American people is problematic.  For example, Obama was elected on the promise of closing Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and disentangling the U.S. from the racket of war engendered and envigorated by the Bush/NeoCon policies spun by Philip Zelikow and the Republican NeoCons of preemptive wars, a fact unpacked by former NATO Commander, General Wesley Clark.  An inside glimpse of just why these promises were not upheld by Democrat Obama may come from a Miami New Times story covering Don and Bill Whittington's connection to Guantanamo Bay by Terrence McCoy and Penn Bullock whose story (Miami New Times, Feb. 6, 2014) was titled "Race Car Driver Don and Bill Whittington: Drug Smugglers and CIA Helpers?"
     Little was made of this Guantanamo Bay story by the mainline media, but Terrence McCoy was picked up by the Steve Coll, Jeff Leen and Vernon Loeb home port....The Washington Post..... the place where serious young investigative journalists' career paths could be well managed, not unlike Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein whose editor for All The President's Men, Alice Mayhew, was promised by Simon & Schuster to Houston Post investigative journalist Peter Brewton for his 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, the meticulously documented book that chronicled the connections between the Bush political machine in Texas, the American Mafia and Iran-Contra network during the 1980's S&L scandal....a book derailed by Simon & Schuster in the critical election year of 1992 and which Brewton said could have just as easily been titled The Mafia, CIA and Lloyd Bentsen, the former Democratic Senator and Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, given his connections to the same groups.  When the San Jose Mercury News' Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter, Gary Webb, debated Jeff Leen of the Washington Post Webb mentions his contact with Peter Brewton and Leen will then go for Webb's jugular with charges of conspiracy theory at 42 minutes and 40 seconds into the IRE debate.  Webb's work has been fully vindicated according to historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth.
    With the Middle East wars all touching each other in ways that the Vietnam War in Laos and Cambodia never did and with a body count and duration now much higher, we must ask "why did Daniel Ellsberg get better representation than Sterling and no jail time?"  If Obama won't pardon Jeffrey Sterling, Trump, who claims that he can smell a scam miles away, should.  It would send a message to Trump's critics that he is not a Neo-Nazi and that he considers Iran's nuclear ambitions far too serious to continue with an intelligence apparatus that dreams up something as flaky as Operation Merlin into which Sterling was dropped for what looks like specious motives and which Sterling understood to be dangerous, approaching the Senate Intelligence Committee for help.
    What also makes Jeffrey Sterling's situation so unique is that Sterling is a graduate of St. Louis' Washington University in the aorta of the George Herbert Walker hometown of Monsanto and Lambert Field from which 1930's "Business Plot" supporter Charlie Lindberg lifted off in his Spirit of St. Louis.  Washington University is also the alma mater of Minoru Yamasaki, the architect of both the New York WTC and St. Louis' infamous Pruitt-Igoe.  Washington University was also the site of the second 2016 Presidential debate just before which the nephew of George Herbert Walker Bush, Billy Bush, was featured in a 2005 NBC/Access Hollywood tape with Donald Trump that hit the airways and threatened Trump's pathway to the Presidency.
    Zuzu Liebowitz was contacted in Austin, Texas and asked if she was supportive of Sterling accepting a pardon from either Obama or Trump.  She is, but admitted that not everyone is so enthusiastic.  "Lowell P. Wigglesworth said that Sterling would make a much stronger statement by refusing either President's pardon.   He said that the American 'Imperial Presidency' has lost sight of its original charter to uphold and protect the Constitution which within the Western Judeo-Christian Tradition is based not on divine right of kings or the above-the-law narcissism of the Presidency as it has evolved.   Wigglesworth has made that case that by Sterling summarily refusing the pardon when it is offered says more about what he was doing to protect the Constitution upon which common Americans have stood against tyranny than accepting it ever could. Acceptance would imply guilt.  There was no guilt in this case and the runaway misuse of the Espionage Act is proof that the guilt lies with the government, not men and women like Sterling," said Liebowitz.