Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Before Autopsy Out Theories of Death Abound

by Shirley Locke Holmes, CPW News Service

    It was announced today that the Stephenville, Texas sheriff who investigated the bizarre death of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle, Sheriff Tommy Bryant, had taken his own life.
    Speculation abounds, but pre-autopsy conjecture suggests that Bryant, who grew up in the area and who was featured as a notable alumni from his local high school, including USN Rear Admiral Luke McCollum, along with the man some are saying sat in for Bryant in his mandatory training sessions, Sgt. Cameron Ray, led to Bryant's sense of embarrassment leading to suicide.
    Meanwhile, Peter Pezonus who authored a story on the Chris Kyle killing by Eddie Ray Routh in 2013 believes "there may be a lot more here than meets the eye."  In October 2013 Pezonus wrote the story "Eddie Ray Routh Mongolian Candidate?"
    Pezonus was asked to give his assessment of the recent death of Sheriff Bryant.
    "This is a real tragedy on two fronts.  It reminds us of the death of a widely celebrated national hero and now of the lawman who brought his killer to justice.  On the other hand, this may not be at all what it looks like.  I'm reminded of one of my favorite movies, two of them actually.  The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and It's A Wonderful Life," said Pezonus.
     "Why these two seemingly disparate film?" Pezonus was asked.
     "There is a statement in Liberty Valance that says 'When the myth becomes fact, print the myth."  Sometimes myths are helpful.  A mirage is a type of myth and though not true a mirage may give someone hope and the will to move forward.  Take a mirage for a dying man in the desert.  The oasis is not there, but he follows the myth believing that it is.  If he find's the oasis the myth becomes fact and he likely will give credit for the 'vision' to his strong will power or to a power greater than himself.  If Sheriff Bryant found out that there was much more going on in the case of Chris Kyle than meets the eye he could have been in danger.  Suppose Bryant grew up believing one set of facts about himself and his life and the country in which we live and found out it's based on something far different?  Let's say that when Robert Abercrombie Lovett from Rex Tillerson's hometown of Huntsville, Texas not far from Stephenville whom many call the "Father of the Cold War" and who as Secretary of Defense during WWII ushered in the preemptive bombing of civilian centers only to see with Houstonian, Philip Zelikow, who essentially ran the 911 Commission, went beyond Lovett by ushering in preemptive wars as we have witnessed in the Middle East, was that not a myth exploded?  The yellow cake myth stuck in the throat of a nation built on life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?" asked Pezonus.
     "Jimmy Stewart's character in It's A Wonderful Life, George Bailey, lived by a myth, too.  That he would be free to see the world before it's gone. Then depression and war. Instead he stayed at home to offer people a dream.  That dream was that they could raise a family with a roof over their heads and have a bathroom, bedroom and a kitchen.  Not a bad dream.  Reachable.  In time that myth morphed and the dream house became a four car garage attached to a mansion with twelve bedrooms and seven bathrooms.  Kaboom!   The 1980's S&L crisis and the 2008 housing bubble meltdown based on subprime mush," said Pezonus who believes that Wall Street's blaming the average citizen for the engineering of credit default swaps and other mythical voodoo financial metrics is to misplace the blame.
    Pezonus noted that the housing bubble of the last decade of the 20th Century masked the "giant sucking sound" that H. Ross Perot had warned was coming as a result of NAFTA.  "Worker displacement in manufacturing jobs was picked up by their working in housing construction that was being inflated by the sub-prime funding by Wall Street and the Madison Avenue spin hucksters pumping the new normal of castle ownership.  You see this verified by workers in the oil patch who when oil takes a downturn pick up the slack in construction, too, but this is a ship-jumping in a whirlpool as the economy circles the drain.  That drain took the average Joe's down, but not the Wall Street and Madison Avenue bamboozlers who then stuck their greedy hands into the taxpayer's sovereign piggy bank which didn't come back to them.  The big banks took the money, tightened up the lending and further stifled the economy. It was all about buying the myth and not the reality.  Donald Trump is going to put a big "T" on the U.S.A. to help you get your myth back.  He's going to make America great again, but I ask you, when did we ever do anything good enough the first time that it ought to be repeated?  Well, the Constitution for sure, but it now appears that that is for sale," said Pezonus.
   "It's quite possible that the myth has become the fact, but that within the myth was an alien idea, a replica of the Third Reich that preemptively invaded the Sudeten Land and Poland as we did Iraq and Afghanistan on what may have been, likely was, a big bamboozle," said Pezonus.  Was Saddam a beast?  Clearly, but so was Anastosio Samoza in Nicaragua and FDR said of that tyrant 'He's an SOB, but he's our SOB.'  So was Hussein who opposed in the Iran/Iraq War the Iranian Shia who threaten the Sunni Saudi's with a hereditary religious aristocracy when the Saudi royals claim that hereditary empire exclusively for themselves as Sunni Muslims and protectors of the two high holy sites of the bifurcated Islamists, Mecca and Medina.  Can you see why the British and Tory American political aristocracies that Washington and Jefferson rejected by rewriting British Common Law to forever ban primogeniture AND embracing the separation of church and state, should not have run headlong into the Dark Ages as Bush and the NeoCons did in Iraq, both Bushes, both wars?" asked Pezonus.
    "If Sheriff Bryant was putting anything resembling this scenario together it would have put him in an incredibly dangerous situation.  It wouldn't have detracted from Chris Kyle's soldiering, unless as I have shown it was likely a battle between Mongul and Angel elements, but it would have meant that you cannot read Chris Kyle's story without reading at the same time that of Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing and Lt. Pat Tillman," said Pezonus.  "It would mean that a well intended Chris Kyle was popping the heads off of Iraqis while at home there were some really bad players who needed the same treatment, but for different reasons."


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