Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, December 5, 2016


by Shirley Locke Holmes, CPW News Service
from Catastrophic Terrorism: Imagining
the Transformative Event, 1998 for the
Foreign Affair, the magazine of the
Council on Foreign Relations, Nov-Dec. 1998.

       David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott are not the only analysts of the American experience of 911 who have raised issue with the Official 911 Commission Report.  Historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth believes that the contrived 911 attack on the World Trade Center and the American Civil War were as engineered as the Transcontinental Railroad.
     "That right.  You can't really understand how we created civil war in the Middle East without knowing how it was done in the U.S.A..  The 911 Truth Movement which now includes architects and engineers, metallurgists, pilots and an array of physical scientists, physicists and chemists, have pointed out that the Lee Hamilton/Thomas Kean Commission that investigated the 911 attack were being handled by Condelezza Rice's aide Philip Zelikow who was an expert on terrorism writing in November-December 1998 about 'catastrophic terrorism'. Why is this important?  Without making the connections of Philip Zelikow through Houston where he attended law school at the University of Houston, to his Tufts University thesis on the role of history and myth and to Rice University another center of myth spinning you're quite handicapped.   Benjamin Rhodes, another heavy-handed manager of the Hamilton/Kean Commission report with Zelikow, along with David Rhodes, now CBS Television President, went to school in the shadows of the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy, named for Sec. of State, James A. Baker of the Baker & Botts law firm of historic Union and Southern Pacific attorneys. Rice is the school that produced both Kenneth Pitzer and Frank Vandiver.  Pitzer protected the oil cabal against the potential energy encroachment of nuclear power and Vandiver sat over the Jefferson Davis Project that held the letters of Jeff Davis that proved the close relationship between Davis and the New England China trading opium smuggling power elites that drooled over the South's flatland rail route to the Pacific, the central core of my work on the U.S. Civil War," said Wigglesworth.

Philip Zelikow's home in Houston, Texas' Meyerland development.
From Harris County Clerk's records.

     Indeed, Philip Zelikow was in Houston, Texas, having lived with his family in the Meyerland area where the leading high school of Bellaire is often called "Hebrew High".  Zelikow's mother was from Long Island, New York and had worked in Japan after WWII with a top security clearance from 1947-1950.  His father, Nate Zelikow, is mentioned in the book, Making Movies Black in chapter 5, noting that Nate Zelikow owned Nate Zelikow Productions (p 333).  Philip Zelikow's  interest in history and myth was therefore fed and watered at his home not far from his mother's alma mater, Rice University.   By 2005 Frank Vandiver, a former Rice University President like Kenneth Pitzer, had moved on to head up the Mosher Institute of Defense Studies at Texas A&M University where he wrote the book How America Goes To War.   Ed Mosher of Houston's Mosher Steel had provided 13,000 tons of steel for the critical first nine floors of the WTC back in 1972.  Ironically when Texas A&M's annual bon fire collapsed killing a dozen students it was recommended that the long burning carbon fire use steel to reinforce future bon fires. 
     "This is a key element in the potential plan to bring down the towers along with just which companies were in the upper floors of the towers where the planes impacted the building.  The WTC was designed by Minoru Yamasaki who has also been the architect for the infamous Pruitt-Igoe building in St. Louis used as the site of an undisclosed nuclear radiation test on unwitting America citizens and the subject of Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor's lengthy PhD dissertation.  Both of Yamasaki's buildings were demolished by Controlled Demolition Inc, or CDI.    Puitt-Igoe was demolished using thermite in 1972 as were the remains of WTC shortly after 911 to the horror of victims' families, especially the NYFD firefighters' families," said Wigglesworth noting that Yamasaki's Rainier Tower in Seattle, Washington also called the "Beaver Building" demonstrated the strength of a modern high rise building's steel core to withstand tremendous forces including plane crashes.

Philip Zelikow's mother's obituary from the Houston Chronicle.
Click HERE to enlarge.

      "Where David Ray Griffin does not go deep enough, nor Peter Dale Scott for that matter, is with the connections of  Zelikow to David and Benjamin Rhodes and Rice University's place in the academic atmosphere of the world's oil monopoly.  Houston, Texas is by virtue of the high concentration of petro-chemical geologists and engineers, the capital of the world's oil producers.  Griffin rightly points out that the supposed attack on the WTC would have been much more devastating if the planes had they hit nearby nuclear power plants, but they didn't.   Likewise, Salem Bin Laden, Osama's oldest brother, owned the Houston Gulf Manor Airport near the CIA linked Ellington Field from which attackers, Osama's older brother a highly experienced attack jet and BAC-111 jet pilot, could have staged attacks on the Houston petrochemical corridor within minutes of Gulf Manor airport which was bought for Salem by James R. Bath, GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, and Khalid Bin Mahfouz, the Saudi royal family's chief banker," said Wigglesworth adding "Minoru Yamasaki was the Bin Laden's leading architect for Saudi royal projects making a nice, neat, clean connection between the Bin Laden's and their architect and taking eyes off of potential hometown, Reichstag-rerun, culprits."
       Wigglesworth is also concerned that not enough has been made of the fact that David Ray Griffin sees George Herbert Walker Bush's failure to take out Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War was somehow indicative of his non-participation in the 911 event that Griffin also admits required substantial prior planning.  "Saddam was, after all, originally our boy in Iraq and recipient of April Glasby's invitation to invade Kuwait," said Wigglesworth.  "With thermite having been invented in the 1890's and with Minoru Yamasaki's role in Pruitt-Igoe, the spectacle's plan could well have been much older than first thought by the leading 911 Truth Movement analysts."
      Griffin will reiterate Gerald Posner's assertion in Why America Slept, that three members of the Saudi royal family had prior knowledge of the 911 attack and that they were killed after the CIA informed Saudi intelligence of their stories.  What seems farcical is that the heavy handed Saudi intelligence would surely have known that 15 of the 19 Saudi hijackers were planning something for the WTC and that given their close relationship to the Bush family that Prince Bandar would have triggered an interception.  According to Wigglesworth you cannot expect Senator Bob Graham's book on 911 to really expose the censored last 28 pages of the Official 911 Commission Report.   That would have to include Bin Laden's connections to Houston.  Instead those last 28 pages send readers on a wild goose chase for Saudi involvement in LA, fifteen hundred miles west of Houston.   When Graham's concerns are aired on CBS's 60 Minutes, sitting at the controls of CBS is David Rhodes, brother of Benjamin Rhodes, and co-spinners of the 911 myth with Zelikow and all having been wet-nursed on Houston's oil spigot.  Both David and Benjamin Rhodes' father and Zelikow's mother were Rice University alumni," said Wigglesworth.
      "Sixty-Minutes had also botched the 1972 GWB Texas Air National Guard story that Mary Mapes first heard in 1999, but which CBS failed to unpack before the 2000 Presidential election....supposedly because Mapes' mother had died that year. "The story wasn't important enough to chase down without Mapes?" asked Wigglesworth. GWB's Air Guard memo story needed to mention that James R. Bath was Bush's Air Guard roommate and later the businessman who not only bought for Salem Bin Laden the Gulf Manor Airport in Houston, but he controlled the fuel supplies for Ellington Field though his company Southwest Airport Services with his partner in that company, William E. King, working for the new Bracewell & Giuliani law firm that was created with Mayor Rudy Giuliani after 911 and based in Houston.  Bath and Mahfouz were board members of BCCI the Bank of Commerce and Credit International which Georgia Senator Sam Nunn called the 'Bank of crooks and criminals'...the chief Iran-Contra money laundering bank.  Salem Bin Laden had died in a mysterious ultra-light airplane crash in Cibolo, Texas in 1988, the same year that CIA agent Matthew Gannon died while returning to the USA to ask the top ranking CIA at Langley just why the rank and file CIA agents across the Middle East had nothing on Al Qaeda in their files.  "Gannon died on Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.  Salem Bin Laden's death was reported falsely by CBS's Lowell Bergman to have been in his BAC-111 jet and not an ultra-light that inexplicably flew like a drone into a high power line," said Wigglesworth.
     "Al Qaeda was created by the CIA from within the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood to fight alongside the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan in the 1980's.  This was not widely known among CIA agents even in 1988 when Gannon and Salem died, but Salem had been widely reported to have been using his BAC-111 jet in the 1980 'October Surprise' eight years before his strange death, not unlike the strange deaths of the three members of the Saudi royal family that Gerald Posner said knew about the 911 attack before it happened.....a forty-one year old dying of a heart attack, the other in a single car crash on his way to the funeral of the first and the third, a twenty-one-year-old, of thirst from having wondered by himself into the desert.   Directly next to Frank Vandiver's Jefferson Davis Project on the Rice University campus is the Robert Herring Building.   Built by the founder of Houston Natural Gas, the forerunner of Enron, Herring's widow, Joanne King Herring, had joined with Texas Rep. Charlie Wilson to weaponize Al Qaeda for the fight in Afghanistan.   Our wars in the Middle East's Golden Crescent, the poppy growing region of the Ottoman Empire, is now doubly enticing because of oil," said Wigglesworth noting that Mrs. Herring's sons had created One America News which Wigglesworth said "joins CBS and the other news channels in the propagandizing Joseph Goebbels-like myth-spinning."

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