Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Depopulation of Regions Takes On Varying Methods

Making Refugees Becoming Art Form

by  Silvia Fuhls Gold, CPW News Service

     In Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and other Middle Eastern regions waves of refugees are created mostly by all-out war....bullets from rifles, machine guns, rpg's, aerial bombs, land mines, depleted uranium shells and other inhospitable devices make killing and moving the norm. Refugees are the natural output.

     In Bolivia, Bechtel Corporation of San Francisco, wanted to move people out of lithium mining regions....lithium being an increasingly valuable commodity used in electric autos and other products.  With guaranteed loans from the World Bank, whose past President included the U.S. Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War, Robert McNamara (1968-1981) and GWB NeoCon and framer of American Middle East policy, Paul Wolfowitz (2005-2007), those loans would require the people of Bolivia to assign their current and future water rights to Bechtel the employer of former U.S. Secretary of State during Iran-Contra, George Schultz.   Soon the world's attention was focused on the "Bechtel Water Wars".   Legislation was introduced in Bolivia to prevent homeowners from collecting water from their roof tops. It was a move toward monopoly.  The nation rebelled and, electing a new President, threw out the Bechtel and World Bank initiatives that would have also raised average water bills by 20%, something the average citizen, much less the poorer ones, could not afford.
    Flint, Michigan's water woes are related to the placement of lead pipes to carry water.  Most of those pipes were installed well after Europe had banned lead paint because of its known health hazards. Many left.  Michigan, often referred to as the "land of lakes" because of it 11,000 lakes, is increasingly finding that water bottling companies are infringing on its water supplies. Nestles', the giant food producer that faced its own credibility issues with the baby formula scandal in Africa as it sold through a large cadre of "nurses" its formula mix as they counseled rural African women to feed their children Nestlé's baby formula using contaminated local water instead of colostrum-rich mother's milk, faced a world-wide fury from human rights advocates.  Nestlé's lost that battle, but not before thousands of babies died.
    "These problems are inter-related.  In some parts of the country, and I mean in the U.S., not a Third World country,  areas long associated with the petro-chemical industry are seeing their water supplies contaminated.  With the world moving toward compressed, liquefied natural gas, the port cities of the U.S. that have the greatest populations along the coasts will find these industries depopulating whole areas in order to provide a wide-birth of land where a future massive explosion of a CNG shipping containers will not leave their corporations open to liability," said Mortimer Thrower of the citizens' rights group WaterWoes of Detroit, Michigan.
    According to Thrower the very companies that threaten the environment are also profiting from the problems as their plastic containers, created from their petro-chems carry the promise of purity to the regions affected by the water woes.  "I use to boil my own water on my stove and poured it into a Pyrex French press to make my morning coffee that I bought on sale and made a 12 cup pot for about 60 cents.  Now my wife brought home one of those damn Keurig coffee makers.  My wife drinks decaf which I buy for about $10 for 12 plastic pods or about 80 cents each or about $9.60 for a pot of 12 cups.  Basically we are being screwed over inch by inch and my sweet wife who is a health professional always concerned about people protecting their immune system has read jack squat about the carcinogens that can be coming off of that hot little Keurig cup," said Thrower who said that he and his wife are currently separated and moving towards divorce.  "It happened after I gave her a copy of Macaela MacKenzie's Women's Health article "The Dangers of Using K-Cups for Your Morning Joe: You Might Want to Stick With Your Traditional Coffee Machine".
    "Meanwhile," said Thrower, "we have the major news outlets claiming that Russia's President Putin oversaw the hacking of Hillary's emails that negatively impacted her 2016 Presidential campaign.  Putin and Assad are in the business of creating refugees in Syria, but as we can see from the email hacks that Congressman Trey Gowdy and his colleagues clearly laid out, so was U.S. foreign policy in Libya creating refugees....as have the despotic contributors to the Clinton's foundation.  In law enforcement the police often take the testimony of hardened criminals to catch hardened criminals. Is this not what happened with Putin and the election?  Otherwise, why didn't our intelligence services shut him down?  Is it because there is within those agencies people with a core of ethical and just principles who have had enough and who let the info flow regardless of the witnesses' character? I say it's time to get serious about de-regulation of business and more liberal whistleblowing policies that provide great rewards for those willing to confront businesses that choose to fly by the seat of their criminality.  That includes the future White House staff filing civil and criminal law suits if and when Donald Trump tries to grab them by their pussies," said Thrower.  "As Ayn Rand stated with great passion....'Achievement without plunder!'  Drink that!" said Thrower.


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