Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, November 14, 2016


The Shirttails Beneath Steve Bannon's Raucous Ride
by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

      Now that Donald Trump has chosen Steve Bannon as his chief strategist, who and what is Steve Bannon?
      Clearly the truth of this matter will be as obscured by the main line media as the evolution of NBC's choice of Billy Bush to replace Willie Geist two months before the release of Trump's 2005 "pussy grabbing" video.  That is to say, labyrinthine and contrived.
      As George Carlin reminded us at his Washington Press Club appearance guilty politicians will ask "whatever happened to 'innocent until proven guilty'.....and 'I just want to put this all behind me.'"
      Just as Trump's past may jump out at any moment to bite him as it did for Hillary Clinton, so might....will....Steve Bannon's whose conservative sensitivities are just a few degrees off-kilter from Andrew Breitbart's conservative posture.  That tilt is not insignificant.  Breitbart's conservatism is as different from Bannon's as Trey Gowdy's is from his North Carolina neighbor and descendant of Aaron Burr, Richard Mauze Burr, whose state was based on a burr of a bogus claim that it produced the alternative to Thomas Jefferson's 1776 Declaration of Independence.  That was a full year before the First Continental Congress in a region loyal to King George, filled with Stuart Jacobite Catholic and Presbyterian Tories and not above rewriting their own history, just as the tobacco lobby of North Carolina is seeking to infuse the Ebola research with a marriage between medicine and deflowered big tobacco.....Emory University and the CDC taking the lead with flights of the inflicted out of hot spots courtesy of Phoenix Air with its ties to Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida.

   Andrew Breitbart had a soul.   He, like Gowdy, was not a racist.  He would have held to that position and his life at Tulane University proved it.   He was within the conservative circle as a centrist.  That's a dangerous place to be, which puts Congressmen Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordon and others in a difficult position with him. It also brings us to a concern about the evolution of the right wing of the Republican party that through Trump and Bannon are as retrograde as Alabama Governor George Wallace before his conversion or closer to Bull Connor or Georgia's Lester Maddox or Senator Dick Russell who along with Strom Thurmond were late adopters of change.   As signers of the "Southern Manifesto", there was no doubt about their viewpoint.  Breitbart died and his voice was taken over by Bannon who morphed Breitbart's news agency into a tool of the Trump ascent.  That ascent would lead off the Republican National Convention with the appearance of Dana White whose blood sport Ultimate Fighting Championships backed by the Fertitta brothers mainlined Trump into the recesses of New York, Louisiana and Texas' back alley politics.  If the football program of right-wing Clinton Murchison's Dallas Cowboys and his American Liberty Oil Company was the perfect vehicle for encouraging the ground gaining racket of warfare, cage fighting is an even more vivid endorsement.
     Historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth has claimed that the 1937 meeting between FDR, Clint Murchison and LBJ at Murchison's Texas ranch where Murchison also later entertained Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson Windsor was the smoothing over by FDR of the 1930's business plotters who sought a fascist solution to the world's problems.  FDR was Daniel in the lion's den, but the lions were not strangers.   If Georgia's Senator Dick Russell, a key member of LBJ's 'Suite F-8 Group' is a direct descendent of William Huntington Russell, the link is clearer.   Wigglesworth wouldn't make that claim, but he didn't have to.  "It's like trying to prove that Vannevar Bush, a close friend of Dresser's Neal Mallon, is related to Prescott, but clearly this is what was happening in Texas not far from the centers of retrograde Southern political philosophies that had commandeered the original vision of the founding fathers.  You see it in the top-down, pyramidal, monarchial benchmarks of the old New England families that jettisoned the American colonists' anti-monarchial stance and slid relatively quickly back to the dark alliances of moldy Europe.  They simply began to factor out of their secret alliances the Puritan and French anti-primogeniture biases and reincorporated the old model in family dynasties based on a modified form of corporate fascism.  In Savannah, New Orleans and across the South Albert Pike, chief counsel for the KKK, replaced the more egalitarian York Rite Masonry with the Scottish Jacobite/Prussian royalist version.   That united the Yale elites through the Taft family when William Howard Taft joined his father's Scottish Rite temple in Cincinnati in 1908 at about the time that Henry B. Walthall, whose ancestor accompanied Caleb Cushing to China, was getting ready to star in the KKK's travel log Birth of A Nation....which it wasn't.....it was a bait and switch breached-rebirth.  Then you've got Bannon using Breitbart as a fine tool for brandishing the American monarchists in a league with the Irish and Italian Catholic Jacobites that in the words of Lewis Lapham's book is The Wish for Kings: Democracy At Bay, are looking for a new Dark Ages. American politics is, thanks to a move toward empire building, dynastic dithering and the war profiteering that accompanies all despots, moving backwards," said Wigglesworth.

Click box for link to "Breitbart Vs. The Washington Post"

    It would be fitting, therefore, that Bannon comes from the ranks of the United States Navy.  "Caleb Cushing, Franklin Pierce and Jefferson Davis' aide de camp, William Walthall, were close friends as evidenced by the letter from Jeff Davis to Franklin Pierce at Rice University in Houston and without the U.S. Navy, Admiral Andrew Hull Foote to open the South's rivers for the U.S. Civil War after doing the same at Canton, the U.S. power elites, Franklin Delano Roosevelt among them, could not have developed the China Trade, the opium market in the USA that today is an epidemic, commandeering it from the British East India Company as completely as Donald Trump and Bannon commandeered the Republican Party.  Of course that commandeering has gotten the Bush and other Republican power elite insiders on edge.  Why?  "Because since before the U.S. Civil War their inner circle has been moving toward NAFTA and the dismantling of the U.S.'s New Atlantis experiment as it was envisioned by the Founders and echoed in the earlier vision of Francis Bacon.  We should have seen it coming when Fascist sympathizer with the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson (the Godmother of GWHB's sister-in-law, Elizabeth Kauffman Bush), Joseph P. Kennedy, found his boys jumping the reservation and dying in straight-down-the-line fashion like the assassination of pharaoh's and Herod's targeted first-borns or Mario Puzo's fictional Sonny Corleone," said Wigglesworth who is clear that Albert Pike's New Orleans cult had joined hands with Italy's black hand.....the hand that Rudy Giuliani and Bernie Kerik sought to ungrip from New York's streets and institutions so effectively that it sent Serpico into hiding in Europe and even found Bernie Kerik who had worked for the Saudi royal family, going to jail for beak-dipping in the NY Mob's bird fountain.  Then Brian Bruh, the FBI's liaison to the Knapp Commission went to FINCEN and essentially stood down its 1992 investigation into Saudi influence peddling in the U.S..  FINCEN should have led the FBI to the 911 plot, an admission without saying it directly, from the redacted 28-pages of the Official 911 Report.  But you have Giuliani telling the world last night that extreme vetting of refugee immigrants should include Libya, Syria, Yemen.....but NOT Saudi Arabia which provided 15 of the 19 September 11th hijackers.  Do I need to repeat that disconnect?   Hey!  Do I need to repeat that?  You throw Steve Bannon into the middle of this and it's a convoluted, smegma-lathered, randomly-clustered-copulation that will produce many unintended and bastardly conceived consequences....to put it as civilly as I can ," said Wigglesworth.

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