Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, November 7, 2016


Cushing, Oklahoma Key To Coming Collapse Says Prophet

"TECHTONIC PLATES CANNOT EXPLAIN IT! SLIDING FROM FRAC SLURRIES SUSPECT!"  -Dr. Cecil Richter, Geologists for the Scientific Study of Resource Exploitation

by Chevy Ford Solzhenitsyn, CPW News Service

     When the Ford Motor Company was built upon the eighth grade education of car maker Henry Ford who said "if I had asked what people wanted they would have said 'a faster horse'", he set in motion the giant sucking sound of fracking fluids rushing under the limestone substrata upon which corn and wheat crops, houses, hospitals and hotels are built. Following this weekend's category 5 earthquake beneath Cushing, Oklahoma, the historic oil patch hub that for more than a century has set the benchmark price for U.S. crude and people are taking notice.
     "That's right said Jeremiah Ezekiel Melville," a descendant of New England novelist and author of Moby Dick, Billy Budd and other celebrated American literary canon-standards.  Melville is the "prophet-in-residence" at the Ishmael-Queequig Community for Continuing Life on Planet Earth in Whalebone, Vermont.
    "I woke up just before the Cushing quake and heard God say, "tell the people to go to their local MacDonalds.   Buy a chocolate shake.  Stick a straw in it.  Suck.  Watch the thick froth at the top go down. Suck some more.  Watch it disappear," said Melville. 
     That wasn't all according to Melville.  "Oh, no,  he said 'What goes down will also go up.  Up. Up. Up. Up into the air and blanket the sky with a plaque of darkness,'" said Melville.
     Melville claims that Cushing Oklahoma, an Oklahoma town through which the proposed shale oil Keystone pipeline MUST pass on its route to the world's oil capital, Houston, Texas, is registering clearly the coming catastrophe.  "Those first dumb ass Americans' who said 'wow, I want a Model-T instead of a faster horse' have now dragged us into a Ahab and Moby-like mindless pursuit of what will kill us all unkindly.  They'll race around a track at Indy, burn Firestone's tires, and dream of a smog-chugging-super-charged German Mercedes or Italian Maserati.  Only a major mutiny like that proposed by Billy Budd will save us, but who has the gumption?  Who has the heart of a modern Copernicus and Galileo to challenge the status quo?  Hillary Clinton?  Donald Trump?  Vladimir Putin, Prince Bandar Bush, King George Bush I & II?  Al Gore?  Leonardo di Caprio? Please!" said Melville.  "Are they willing to really tell the oil cabal, atop which sits guys from the Bush NeoCon clan and Prince Bandars' beheaders who shut down freedom of speech, breed war just like the NeoCons have done and other blanched-brain-dropping-bimbos that give to the Clinton Foundation to support whatever nitwit may be 'a son-of-a-bitch, but he's our son-of-a-bitch?" asked Melville.
     "We see in Cushing, Oklahoma the tea leaves for reading the future and those leaves have the past written all over them, too. China tea. China trading, but tea was just one mildly addictive spice among many.  One was particularly important for repeat sales, like tobacco that once killed more people on earth than anything else and hooked 'em with nicotine. Actually, it was Caleb Cushing's hot pursuit of Middle-Eastern, Golden Crescent opium which he sought to take over from the British East India Company that led him to negotiate the Wanghia Treaty between the U.S. and China.  Opium in the Middle-East traded for China silks and spices with a negative side effect, yes, leading to Mao's Cultural Revolution, which led to NAFTA, the rise of China's industrialization and the coming Pacific trading agreement and the faster and faster substrate-sucking.  Finding his family's prior fortunes in whale oil and shipping, it was nothing for Caleb Cushing to hop on the opioids band wagon and the oil/petrol pump when it proved easier than chasing the dying Dicks. From sailing came steam from coal, steam from oil, internal combustion engines and soon the New England China Traders found the key to continued profits the irresistible dialectic between weapons....which used a by-product of oil drilling....sulphur for gunpowder.....and opioids to help people forget that they were blowing or being blown by other people into slivers," said Melville.
    Melville is sure that Caleb Cushing's close friendship to U.S. Confederate President Jefferson Davis and U.S. President Franklin Pierce connect the U.S. power elites in the early evolution of the 'American Military Industrialist Complex' against which Generals Smedley Darlington Butler, General Dwight D. Eisenhower and others have warned.  "Yes," said Melville, "they knew what a racket war really is and that is has the power of sucking the whole world under in it increasingly rapid descent into oblivion.  If we want to sit at ringside and watch Vincent Fertitta and Dana White and Donald Trump drool over the carnage and....hell.....the Clinton's for that matter.....and Gore?   Can you really trust that Gore's blatant politicization of Global Warming debate wasn't advantageous to the oil cabal that we know now through  Saudi and Qatar financed ISIS and ISIL like the CIA did Al Qaeda and Mujahedeen....when Gore sold out to Al Jazeera?" asked Melville.  "Cushing is proof that we're long past the time for debate.  Where in the hell are our Baconian scientists?" asked Melville.
    Melville has been a mentor and counselor to historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth whose focus has been on the well controlled manipulation of U.S. history and myth and its connections to the secretive power elite of America's secret establishment which he said is "swimming at an increasingly rapid rate in oil and poppy products, plastics and the sinkholes of expanding sludge atop the planet's falling systems and sub-systems."
    Melville is certain that future business opportunities lie not in motor vehicles, either gas or electric, but in sailboats made without wood that are impervious to hydro-blistering and that don't rust and oxidize.  "Tell Elon Musk that he might as well invest in musk oil, God told me," said Melville as he sipped a cup of tea at the Ismael-Queequig Retreat Center in Whalebone.  "My last word from the Almighty was 'I put you on the planet not simply to exploit and subdue it, but to till it like a faithful steward and gardener.  You've flunked the test and I have no choice, but to start over,'" said Melville.
    "But wait," I said, "Professor Harold Bloom of Yale, the deifier of the American literary canon, said that Cormac McCarthy's book Blood Meridian is as good as Herman Melville's Moby Dick and McCarthy's thesis is that 'War IS God.'"
    "Oh, yea," said prophet Melville.  "He talked to me about that, too, in saying 'we reap what we sow and 'where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.'"
   "So what are we to do?" I asked Melville.  "Take the advice of Ernest Hemmingway," said Melville.
    "Hemingway?" I repeated.  "What did he advise?"
    "I like sleep.  My life has a way of falling apart when I'm awake, you know."
     I said "good god man, you sound like comedian George Carlin who said before he died that 'we're circling the drain at an increasingly rapid pace and that it's time for another specie to inherit the planet.....that he's cheering for the drain!'"
     "I'm not cheering anything.  I only report what is," said Melville saying "Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't didn't already have and cause never was the reason for the evening or the Tropic of Sir Galahad......spinning round, round, round, smoke glass stained  bright colors.....image goin' down, down, down, down.   Soapsuds, green, like bubbles."

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