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Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, November 9, 2016



Glass-Steagall, War Profiteering, Environment, Freedom of Speech, Libel Laws Still Way Up In The Air

Trump "Pussy Pop" likely new cultural phenomenon

"Americans will need their First Amendment more than ever now."

by Seldon S. Heard & Al Dezkaragin Ward

     With Hillary Clinton taking by a small margin the popular vote, but losing the Electoral College vote, Donald Trump has, in spite of a concerted effort by MSNBC, NBC, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, Billy Bush, Mark McKinnon, Mark Halperin, Mika Brzezinski, Mike Barnacle, and the majority of the mainline media, become the 45th President of the United States.
     "Yes, well we knew when Mika Brzezinski and Barnacle tried to corner Republican chairman of the Benghazi Committee of the U.S. Congress, South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy, on FBI Director James Comey's withdrawal of concerns about Hillary's 650,000 remaining emails that Comey claimed he had reviewed in about a week and Russian involvement in the Wikileak emails that we were in for a shakedown," said Herman Musk Oyl of Culpepper, Wyoming.  Oyl noted that Julian Assange had said 'they won't allow Trump to win.'   "But he did win," said Oyl...."so it's obvious that Assange is good at published leaks, but his crystal ball needs polishing," said Oyl.
     "When that gall darned Billy Bush was hired by NBC to replace Willie Geist on the Today Show two months before the release of the 2005 NBC/Access Hollywood tape of Donald Trump, you knew that it was that gall darned Bush/Clinton cabal at it again.  You know that they teamed up together in 1999 with Texas Senator Phil Gramm to repeal the Wyatt Earp, Roy Bean, Wild Bill Hickok law that after the 1929 rape of the nation by the criminal big bankers of New York, kept the bandits out of people's bank accounts.  Then came Wells Fargo's John Strumfp and we knew that something had to change quickly.    Billy Bush's daddy worked for Riggs National Bank that hid the secret accounts of Chile's murderous dictator, Agusto Pinoche,  for Christ's sake, and if you want a bigger bandit for big banks you'll have a hard time finding one.  After all, Clinton's failure to veto the repeal the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 ushered in a period of deregulation that brought us the 2008 Wall Street rape of the nation based on a modified replay of the S&L scandal in 2008's manipulated-credit-default-housing-bubble-bundled-sub-prime-slush-dump and the accompanying Jesse James-like theft of the taxpayers' sovereign money," said John Hardin Wesley of Hacksaw, Oregon.  Wesley, the son of a Methodist minister and part-time logger and chainsaw sharpener, is hopeful that Trump will reinstate the Glass-Stegall Act.
      "It was like a chastity belt and pecker pipe on a couple of philandering teens," said Wesley.  "Glass-Steagall may not have stopped all the foolishness, but it sure made the act of copulating between Wall Steet investment banks and the giant-too-big-to-fail banks like Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Morgan Chase that took over from the responsible local Main Street banks that were over 90 percent solvent in 2008 because they knew their customers, bloody raw from their big bank/Wall Street rompings.   Without Glass-Steagall there were big illegitimate bastards running all over the place just like in 1929!"
      "Anyone who has read Peter Brewton's 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, about the 1980's S&L crisis that was prelude to the 1999-2008 era of Clinton-to-Enron-to-Paulson-pecker-dipping and who followed how the election of Barack Obama changed nothing with respect to war-profiteering, reinstatement of Glass-Steagall or shrinkage of the Bush/Clinton cabal of corruption knows that we needed.....had to have......a change," said Wesley.
      Jackson Stone Wall of Charlotte, North Carolina, said "Trey Gowdy of South Carolina who supported Marco Rubio early on in the 2016 election, Gowdy promised that he would hold a Republican President as responsible as he did Hillary Clinton and her bevy of corruption-crunching-non-mugwamps.  I'm going to hold Trey Gowdy at his word and I'm especially going to watch to see what Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christi do with respect of rule of law and honesty.  This is a bridge to the future far too important to goose-step across in drag.  Rudy, you will remember, was not smiled upon favorably by the NYFD fire fighters who claimed that he miserably mis-handled the pre and post 911 responses to NY security.  Meanwhile, Giuliani's Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, went to jail on corruption charges for taking MOB bribes, but not before he had worked for the slimy Saudi royal family in war-profiteering Iraqi security consulting that was so infuriating to Col Theodore "Ted" Westhusing that he confronted General David Petraeus about the total lack of integrity of U.S. policy in the Iraq War.  Is it any surprise that Podesta's emails stated that the Saudis and Qatar, home of the U.S. forward military bases in the region where Bush buddy Chase Untermeyer was the Ambassador during the ratcheting up of the war profiteering led to the creation and financial support of Al Qaeda, just as Al Qaeda was a CIA invention for war in Afghanistan?" asked Wall.
     Bernie Kerik was George W. Bush's first choice for Director of Homeland Security.  Meanwhile, as many women are nervously grabbing their crotches, the environment is showing deep signs of stress as evidenced by the recent Cushing, Oklahoma earthquake.
     "The hand writing is on the wall, only it's in an alien language and only those given the prophetic key to deciphering its relevance and true meaning, like me, are able to say exactly what the victory of Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence means for the future," said Jeremiah Ezekiel Melville of Whalebone, Vermont.  Melville is hopeful that the Trump victory will mean a new independent investigation not only into the Clinton/Bush/Obama era of war-profiteering based on a ratcheting up the Bush NeoCon agenda even under Obama in the USA and world, by assigning two special prosecutors by executive order:  One for Hillary's emails and one for the bamboozled Official 911 Report," said Melville noting that Max Clelland had said of the 911 Commission...."it's the gong show."

   Meanwhile, an NBC Saturday Night Live writer who wishes not to be identified said that this week's opening sketch will feature Donald's victory speech with all the women in the Trump entourage doing the "Trump pussy pop" or TPP.   "That's when the women approaching Trump push back their hips and lean cautiously forward as they offer a guarded kiss or handshake."  Congressman Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, is reportedly a strong supporter of the new TPP, as is Mrs. Mike Pence.  We'll have Hillary's concession speech saying....."And for whatever woman finally breaks the glass-ceiling on the U.S Presidency.....DO NOT KEEP A PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER AT HOME AND TELL THE TRUTH!"
Logo for WTTP,
Women for TTP in
Beulah Bell, Montana

     Historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth has said of the election, "Mr. Trump's mother was Mary Anne McLeod Trump, of the clan McLeod that ruled the Scottish Isle of Lewis. In 1844 the Isle of Lewis was purchased after much infighting among the McLeod clan by Sir James Matheson, founder of the Scottish China trading company of Jardine Matheson that shadowed the British East India Company and then Caleb Cushing's American minions. Trump is well aware of the relationship between the New England power elites whose secret establishment and hidden profit centers built as they are on the dialectic of weapons and pain killers are behind the current war profiteering that General Smedley Darlington Butler outlined in his book War Is A Racket and which General Dwight D. Eisenhower said was the real danger to America's greatness as a nation. This dialectic works for a while as it did in the old Roman empire, but a reliance on the globalization of empire has been the ruin of every empire since our human trek out of Africa's riff valley or the mythical Garden of Eden. If Mr. Trump has any notion of making America great again on the post-Revolution 1833 movement of the Cushings, Tafts, Huntingtons, Russells, Heards, Delanos, Cabots, Lodges and other New England whalers turned oil and opium dealers and their faulty dialectic he will only speed the U.S.A.'s decline.  Without vision the people perish and this vision is dangerously fogged over and based on a dialectic that is as wobbly as those old pin-pricked Firestone tires that had to be recalled and as off-center as a two-legged stool.  Beyond this, will Trump's emphasis on deregulation choke the planet and lead to a continuation of the post-Glass-Steagall, Enron, World-com, Columbia-HCA and Wells-Fargo bamboozles, or bring about really solid reforms based on the deep-seated values of Western Judeo-Christian democratic principles?  One thing's for certain.  Americans will need the First Amendment more than ever now.  Oh, and keep the Second Amendment handy, too, in ways you might not have first thought you'd need it."

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Sketches of China, and his account of the opium
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            For a fine account of the place that Lintin Island had in the China trade see Kris Millegan's 2000 article The Boodle Boys.

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