Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, November 2, 2016



by Fabian Colbachi, CPW News Service

     While MSNBC's reporters pump the position that the KGB is behind Julian Assange and as long-time Bush media-minder, Mark McKinnon, says on a previous Morning Joe appearance "there is no chance that the Russians aren't behind WikiLeaks," joining with co-reporter Mark Halperin to stalk Assange in London, historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth says....."wait just a cotton-pickin' minute!"
     On Wednesday, November 2, Mika Brzezinski whose father was a long-time U.S. National Security Advisor for multiple U.S. Presidents, who affirmed former Hoover Institute fellow, Anthony Cyril Sutton's meticulously documented assertions that the U.S. and West injected western technology into the emerging Soviet Union to create the "best enemy money can buy," are teaming up to promote Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential race.  Why?
    Princeton University Professor Eddie Glaude, who appeared on the Morning Joe program could not say clearly.  Neither can most Americans.
     "Look, I don't like Trump.  Trump is as pyramidal, monarchial and anti-American as the Bush family.  They believe in empires....their own....but so does Bill Clinton who in 2015 and 2016 speeches for his wife, Hillary, pumped the legacy of President Franklin Pierce a Barbara Pierce Bush ancestor whose centrality to the New England power elites does not leave Franklin Pierce irrelevant even this long after his Presidency.  In the bowels of Rice University, surrounded by the petro-chemical cabal's worldwide capital of Houston, next to the Baker Center for Public Policy and the Mosher Institute for Defense Studies not far away next to the GHWB Presidential Library in College Station where the GWB Chief Economist left the Bush White House after 911, citing the bamboozled invasion of Iraq, Professor Emeritus Dr. Morgan Reynolds, is the key to understanding recent events.  It is clear that MSNBC, NBC and the entire Morning Joe  galaxy of personalities are on the Bush payroll.  But don't stop there.  Over at CBS sits Rice University graduate, CEO David Rhodes, whose brother was the talking points person for the Hamilton Commission's report on 911 and the Benghazi talking points for Hillary Clinton, Benjamin Rhodes, also a Rice University graduate.  In the bowels of Rice University in the Jefferson Davis Project that was overseen by muzzle-mouthed historian and Director of the Mosher Institute, Frank Vandiver.  In the Jefferson Davis Project is the letter of Confederate President Jefferson Davis to Franklin Pierce on their close friendship to New England opium trader and negotiator of the first U.S./China trade agreement, the Wanghia Treaty.  This letter shows that the U.S. Civil War was fought over one two-part motive for the poor and middle-class who bled and died, states rights and abolition of slavery, and a third, unspoken, motive for the U.S. power elites....the race to the Pacific and the poppy fields of the Golden Crescent that are one-half of the dialect of war-profiteering.  The power elites that General Smedley Butler, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, sociologist C. Wright Mills and economist Anthony C. Sutton warned against.   The Clintons proved during their time in Arkansas and since that they are servants of this power elite element that cow-tows to worldwide despots.  You can see this clearly in the Democratic National Convention's inclusion of Anastasia Samoza as a key speaker for Hillary.  You can see it in Bill Clinton's participation in the 1999 failure to veto the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act that opened the vaults of Wall Street to the rape of Americans' pension funds through the continuation of the 1980's S&L'style bamboozle that was the dress rehearsal for the 2008 meltdown.  The award winning Houston Post reporter Peter Brewton described it in his 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush how Bush insiders bought a Texas ranch for the family of Nicaragua's deposed President Anastosio Samoza after his National Guard murdered U.S. reporter Bill Stewart in 1979.  Brewton's work in Houston, Texas would feed the investigative research of the San Jose Mercury News' Gary Webb who connected the dots to the Iran-Contra drug pipeline which Brewton's research supported from within the petro-chemical community's Vatican, Mecca and Medina of fossil fuel production, Houston," said Wigglesworth.

     "Look," said Wigglesworth. "I don't like Trump who's also a despot, but we are where were are by design.  Pumping Trump is former Knapp Commission prosecutor, Rudy Giuliani, the New York Mayor, colleague of Bernie Kerik the NYPD Commissioner jailed for corruption who was followed in Iraq where he did security consulting, by Col. Theodore Westhusting, who died in 2005 after a lengthy confrontation with General David Petraeus.  Petraeus' biographer was not simply sex-kitten, Paula Broadwell, but her co-author was the Washington Post's Vernon Loeb who is now at the Houston Chronicle, Peter Brewton's cross-town nemesis in 1992.  Loeb is, along with his editor at the Washington Post, now the Henry Luce Professor of Journalism at Columbia University, Steve Coll, a colleague of Jeff Leen, who along with Steve Weinberg of the Investigative Reporters and Editors, teamed up to discredit the work of Pulitizer Prize winner, Gary Webb, and his book Dark Alliance.  Vernon Loeb also spun the doctored the consent-for-war-building stories of the death of Lt. Pat Tillman and the rescue of Jessica Lynch.  The 2016 election is a perfect storm of dark alliances," said Wigglesworth.  "Rudy Giuliani's father is a former bagman for the New York Mafia, he went to Houston's Bracewell & Patterson Law Firm after 911 and has in 2015 joined the former K-Street law firm of jailed Washington lobbyist, Jack Abramoff.  You have Hillary using lawers from the law firm of Edward Bennett Williams?  Please! It's a swamp, alright and it's time to drain it....but that will likely take Donald J. Trump down stream, too," said Wigglesworth.  "The Knapp Commission was so good at cleaning up New York's Tammany Hall environment that Serpico left the country, that produced the Wall Street assault on Main Street, that produced the copulations of Bill & Hillary with Goldman Sachs, that forced on Bank of America who claimed to be solvent in 2008 the Paulson bailout money so that it could buy Merrill Lynch....formerly Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith....with this Pierce also being a family member of the Franklin Pierce and Barbara Pierce Bush.....whose executives received record bonuses for failure while over 90% of local U.S. banks were solvent because they didn't do the Wall Street shuffle," said Wigglesworth.  "It's time we found a new Washington, Jefferson or Andrew Jackson.  They were particularly good, for all their limitations and shortcomings, at draining swamps," Wigglesworth concluded.

FBI Director James Comey with long-time Bush media consultant Mark
McKinnon (l) and Mark Halperin (r) at the Congressional hearings
on Hillary Clinton emails. NBC/Access Hollywood's release
of Billy Bush's 2005 Trump bus video will favor the campaign
of Hillary Clinton as will the McKinnon/Halperin assertion that the
Russians were behind Julian Assange's WikiLeaks.

    According to Wigglesworth, FBI Director Comey was well-compromised before the Clinton email server became a national spectacle.  "Yes, we get a glimpse of it in the personalities who appear with him at the Congressional hearings on Hillary's emails.  He will talk down, with the help of Congressman Cummings, General David Petraeus for similar mishandling of sensitive documents, but you have to realize that Petraeus was shot through the lung during an inspection accident at Fort Campbell, Kentucky with Bush family insider Dr. William Frist plugging the hole.  Then you have Petraeus, married to the West Point Commandant's daughter, being sent to the Green Zone only to be confronted in a serious confrontation with Col. Theodore 'Ted' Westhusing, the ethics professor from West Point, who supposedly committed suicide shortly after telling Petraeus about the war-profiteering he witnessed in Iraq on the heels of NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik being in Iraq before his NY conviction for corruption where he was contracted to work on Iraqi security.  Kerik, you will recall, was GWB's first choice for Director of Homeland Security," said Wigglewsorth.

Judge John Mercer Walker (L),mentor to
 FBI Director James Comey (R).
     "That aside, you have to note that Comey was an understudy of New York Judge John Mercer Walker, nephew of George Herbert Walker, Jr. and first cousin of George Herbert Walker Bush.  Judge Walker is a Phillips-Exeter Academy and Yale grad who died in 2006 in New Haven, Connecticut, the nation's leading expert in U.S./China trade laws.  That connection alone will draw you directly into my research on the Wanghia Treaty, the place of Caleb Cushing to Franklin Pierce and to Jefferson Davis and Davis' letter at the Jefferson Davis Project at Rice University," said Wigglesworth who also noted Judge Walker's place in the case of 911 Pentagon survivor April Gallop.

Judge John Mercer Walker has been criticized for not recusing himself from
the April Gallop case.  April was a survivor of the 911 attack on the
 U.S. Pentagon.

        "Yes, Comey is in on a hot seat and while there have been some who have noted that he was getting hand signals to shut the hell up about what he really knows, you have only to look at who is sitting behind him at the hearings.   Mark McKinnon and Mark Halperin are there and they will do a documentary on Julian Assange that will make the link between Assange and Russia.  McKinnon is a relentless supporter of the Bush family.   He and Halperin will appear on MSNBC which will become a shill for Billy Bush's 2005 NBC/MSNBC/Access Hollywood 11th hour release of the disgusting Trump "I grab women by their pussy" shocker.  It was incredulous that NBC hired Billy Bush only two months before the bombshell with Billy Bush's problematic media record and his father's relationship to Riggs National Bank that was fined for hiding the secret bank accounts of Chile's brutal dictator Augusto Pinochet and to Joseph L. Allbritton the Riggs Bank owner.  That McKinnon and Halperin will lead the charge that the Russians are behind WikiLeaks and the release of the Clinton emails," said Wigglesworth, "is total trash mouthing. It misses the bigger issue....the placement of an unsecured server and the fact that they eat yellow cake like a four year old at a birthday party."  Wigglesworth added...."The Russians are the least of our worries."