Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, November 4, 2016


by Shirley Locke Holmes

"I use to tell myself 'it will all come out in the wash of the November
8th election, but then I thought 'I have some pant that are so
damned stained that there is no detergent anywhere, no dry cleaning
process, nothing that will clean these damn bastards and they just
need to be thrown out.  That's how I feel about Clinton and Trump!"
-Nelda Fleedenfelder, Flint, Michigan

       For people looking for a smoking gun on the bigger issue that Smedley Darlington Butler said was the agenda of the U.S. power elites who are now finding that Hillary Clinton is their choice over Donald Trump, Julian Assange has just provided it.   Britain's John Pilger asked Assange on November 4, 2016 at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London if his leaked emails would benefit Donald Trump.   Assange responded that "Trump won't be allowed to win."
         "ISIS or ISIL is created with money from the very people who are giving money to the Clinton Foundation," stated Pilger to Assange.  "Yes," said Assange as he paused, a lump in both men's throats.  "That's extraordinary," said Pilger.

       It's more than that.   "This is the racket of war at work in the Middle East and that former NATO Commander Wesley Clark said was the Bush NeoCon's agenda in the Middle East.  Who would want to do this?  War mongers.   Fight promoters.  The Saudi royal family was the focus of a 1992 influence peddling investigation by the FBI that stood down as it focused in on a similar bamboozle in the Iran-Contra scheme in the mid-1980's.  That was leading to the Bush family connections to the Saudi royal Banker Khalid bin Mahfouz and his U.S. business partner, James R. Bath, GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate. Khalid bin Mahfouz is the subject of WikiLeaks, too. Had that investigation been left in place there would have been no 911, but as Smedley Butler said, 'war is a racket'," said historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth. 

     "You must remember that Prince Bandar Bush's royal family controls Mecca and Medina the two high holy sites of Islam like Don King, Angelo Dundee or Dana White controlling the ticket sales, beer and popcorn sales at Madison Square Garden during a big fight.  The Saudi royals are retrograde monarchs like Charles I of England and in need of their own Oliver Cromwell....or better since they envisioned a New Atlantis and an enlightened future... their own Washington, Jefferson or Franklin, who create peaceful transfer of power based on an anti-monarchial, non-pyramidal government and an arsenal created to defend freedom, not spawn war profits.
    The Bush/Clinton cabal, aligned as it is with the military complex and war profiteers, is also retrograde and pulling the strings in the U.S.A..   Replace the beer and popcorn with weapons and medicine, disaster capitalism, and you have the racket of war.  Qatar is the forward home of the U.S. Military in the region and a close look at the U.S. Ambassadors to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, like Houston's Chase Untermeyer for example, and there's painted a clear picture of the war racketeering of the U.S. government in the region.  The Clintons, like both Obamas who worked for the Springfield, Illinois Republican law firm that carefully handled the fragile Mary Todd Lincoln after the murder of her husband and which merged with the New York law firm of Brown & Wood, the long-time counsel for National City Bank, and they, too, are shills.  Sidley Austin/Brown & Wood were in the WTC towers on 911, but lost only one of their 600 employees.  National City Bank was called out by name by General Smedley Butler as a chief U.S. war monger for which he said "I was a goon on three continents," said Wigglesworth.
     "The Clintons have continued to receive logistical support in the campaign against Donald Trump in the 2016 election.  The clearest support has come from Billy Bush's 11th hour release of the 'grab'em by the pussy' NBC/MSNBC/Access Hollywood video.  The Clintons have run cover for the Bush cabal which represents the Bush 'New World Order' which the deeply-conflicted FDR had said was 'neither new' nor 'going to bring order' and which Anthony Sutton has called 'Americas Secret Establishment'.  This group is at war with Trump and Giuliani who for all of their appearance of bringing change, are simply another gang of New York slime balls attacking the New England Brahmin China Traders, now aligned with the old world monarchs, who made their fortunes in the international drug trade that has funded their other exploits and political ambitions with money and power," said Wigglesworth whose investigation into the history of U.S. Civil War has cast new light on the accepted history and myth of the American past.
      "You don't have to go back to the Civil War, however.  Look at the fact that it was the New York Port Authority which was famously approached though its MOB connections by the FBI during World War II to seek their help in keeping New York harbor free of foreign saboteurs.   The NY Port Authority hires the leading bin Laden architect to build the WTC, Minoru Yamasaki, who completed it in 1972, the same year that his disastrous Pruitt-Igoe project in St. Louis was demolished using thermite by Controlled Demolition Inc., or CDI, the same company that in 2001 would be hastily brought to finish the demolition of the WTD and Building 7 after 911," said Wigglesworth.
     Wigglesworth is sure that with the Bush family's longstanding alliance with the British royal family whose German roots caused Winston Churchill deep concern during World War II find a war mongering ally among the increasingly disclosed and formerly secret U.S. crypto-fascists of 1833. It's a cartel with the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Windsors and the Saudi royals which make fortunes off of oil and enriched and depleted uranium weapons used to destabilize their own peoples and regions for profit.   They do this in the same what that Edwin Black revealed how a Jewish element sold out their own in his book The Transfer Agreement.  "Edwin Black followed that book by his intense War Against the Weak that must be read hand in hand with Sutton and Butler and Assange's 2014 Newsweek article," said Wigglesworth, "in order to understand this monarchial, oligarchy of cluster-shagging and disregard for human life and liberty."
    Wigglesworth was circumspect.  "We don't have to defeat evil.  It will be with us for God knows when.  We just have to resist it."
    It is fully understandable that Americans fear WikiLeaks.  Francis Bacon, the British "father of the scientific method" said "knowledge is power" and the true knowledge of power's base of operations almost always phalanxes itself with secrecy... especially where that power encroaches upon the historic monuments to human liberty and freedom.
    Assange's article in Newsweek, "Google Is Not What It Seems" (October 23, 2014)  provides the perfect overview of an emerging network of secrecy that is much more troubling than Assange and his cottage-cohorts of hacking leakers could ever be.  That article provided the prolegomena to Putin's November 2016 announcement that Microsoft products are no longer welcome in Russia.
    Within WikiLeaks' arsenal of documents mentioned above, the British Parliament's documentation of the place of Khalid bin Mahfouz in the Saudi influence peddling, one can add a reading of Peter Brewton's 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush,  and find Mahfouz's partnership with James R. Bath, GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, and Salem bin Laden in the hometown of another of Assange's concerns, the Houston, Texas based Stratfor, Inc.....the CIA-like company of corporate U.S. intelligence gathering.  It is a fitting locale. Houston sits atop the nation's massive spaghetti bowl of oil pipelines to which they would like added the Keystone Pipeline running through Cushing, Oklahoma.  It's home to the world's largest sulfur deposit atop which sits Freeport-McMoRan Sulfur on whose board is Henry Kissinger, employer of first Iraq Provisional Governor, L. Paul Bremer.  Sulfur makes gunpowder.  Gunpowder needs bullets.  In Houston is National Lead that decades after it was declared a poison in Europe, was being injected into house paint and gasoline, too.  It was there in Houston that Bath, Mahfouz and Salem bin Laden had purchased the Houston Gulf Manor Airport, home of the NASA astronauts' favorite private airfield a short distance from Bath's CIA linked Ellington Field where Bath's Southwest Airport Services provided his overt income through jet fuel....the high-octane concoction that Rice University President Kenneth Pitzer worked on even as he provided testimony against Julius Robert Oppenheimer.  It was in Houston, the capital of the worldwide petro-chemical fossil-fuel-based economy  keeps a tight lid on the ebb and flow of its fossil-fuel power.  Houston Gulf Manor Airport was razed after 911.  Rachael  Ehrenfeld the target of Saudi royal crackdown on free speech in Great Britain wrote of Khalid bin Mahfouz's legacy just after his death in 2009.  Mafouz's death occurred in the same year that the U.S. Congress passed "Rachel's Law" that countered in the U.S. what Mahfouz's lawyers attempted in Great Britain.  Known as S 3518...."Securing and Protecting our Enduring and Established Constitutional Heritage Act (Speech Act), was signed into law on August 10, 2010, eighteen years after the FBI abandoned the FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) investigation into Mahfouz's Saudi influencing peddling in the U.S.A. at the highest levels primarily though James R. Bath's connections to George Walker Bush.With that investigation focusing on criminality in what had become known as "Riyadh West", Houston, would FinCEN have given leverage to uncovering Enron?  The 2008 housing bubble built as it was on the S&L bamboozle as revealed by Peter Brewton's work at the Houston Post?
    For his U.S. libel suit against Rachael Ehrenfeld that essentially matched his free speech attack in England, Khalid bin Mafouz had employed Michael Gurdak of Jones Day, the U.S. law firm of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (NY Times, "Seeking U.S. Turf for a Free Speech Fight," Sara Ivry, April 4, 2005).  Gurdak would join a consortium of U.S. attorneys defending the Saudi Bin Laden Group against lawsuits by 911 victims' families.

    What the British legal battle between Khalid bin Mahfouz and Rachel Ehrenfeld does not show is the battle between Islam and Judaism over banking and drug flow, both of which are power incentives hiding behind, as can be seen in the New England Puritan Protestant China trading Brahmans who also made their money in the same things, religion.....all religion.  In her book Evil Money, Ms. Ehrenfeld gives us a glimpse of her position and just why former CIA Director James Woolsey wrote the forward for her book, Woolsey being a Reagan/Bush deregulation-era warrior, but appointed by Clinton who failed to veto the repeal of Glass-Steagall making him, according to many, a Republican NeoCon shill.   Ehrenfeld says in her book "...on July 8, 1992 bin Mahfouz was indicted by the Federal Reserve, not only for helping BCCI to violate American banking regulations....".    This elevation of the Federal Reserve whose chairman, Alan Greenspan, would in only a few years lead the charge toward deregulation of markets and the repeal in 1999 of the Glass-Steagall Act that opened the door for the wholesale rape of nation by Wall Street of the U.S. banking system based on a bamboozled housing bubble, is suspicious.   The Federal Reserve cannot legally indict. It was Manhattan District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthal who indicted bin Mahfouz.  Indictments are reserved for law enforcement alone in the U.S., but the fact that the FBI stood down its investigation of bin Mahfouz and James Bath in Texas in 1992 as the Federal Reserve's battles with Mahfouz were also tightening shows the degree to which the House of Bush and House of Saud had comingled U.S. interests with a foreign power....foreign powers....and how great an issue it had become in the 1992 Bush/Clinton/Perot Presidential battle.  "Is it any wonder that Clinton Foundation finds no compunction, no restraint, in avoiding this treasonous behavior?" asked Lowell Wigglesworth. "Or that Bill and Hillary would want to move to Manhattan after leaving office to be closer to Wall Street and the constant flow of foreign money whose handlers are moving closer and closer to the torches and pitchforks of a coming new revolution?  It was there that James Comey had worked for both Rudy Giuliani and Judge James Walker, of the George Herbert Walker clan," said Wigglesworth.

"It's a chilling thought, but what if hiding behind Rachael's Law is a
fascist element which is exploiting her battles until they can slam shut
the door to the cherished U.S. liberties....the Constitution?" -L.P. Wigglesworth

    Assange would unpack in Newsweek the relationship between Google and Microsoft and the U.S. military's geospacial satellite imaging systems within the NSA. What Assange apparently didn't know was that when Salem bin Laden died in 1988, the same year that CIA agent Matt Gannon was returning from the Middle-East to question CIA brass about the true nature of Al Qaeda when he died on Pan Am 103, that Salem, an experience jet pilot, would inexplicably fly a borrowed ultra-light into a high power line in Cibolo, Texas on a field owned by the in-laws of General Bruce Carlson head of the NRO, the National Reconnaissance Office, whose primary task was the U.S. military's geospacial eye-in-the-sky viewing.  It was Carlson's NRO that provided for the terrorist-attack games for NORAD on the same day that 15 Saudi hijackers out of 19 miraculously hit the Minoru Yamasaki's World Trade Center's twin towers.  It was Microsoft's CEO, Bill Gates, whose Slate.com published IGNORAD by Scott Shuger, the former U.S. military analyst who filleted the official 911 NORAD explanation only to die a few months later in a witness-less scuba diving trip in Los Angeles, California.
     By the time Julian Assange wrote "Google Is Not What It Seems" in 2014 he knew quite well that the Apple claim to being the alternative to Orwell's 1984 was not really an alternative.  Bill Gates would prove that in the now famous Gates/Jobs interview that told us that Microsoft designed Apple's operating system. 
     There was so much more that Assange could have relayed, but hasn't.  For example, that Gate's father is an attorney for the Washington D.C. law firm that defends the scanning software and hardware now commonplace in all retail stores.  Surely he knows that Amazon's Jeff Bezos is not without a main line straight into the national defense apparatus, his adoptive parent being head of the Atomic Regulatory Commission's Southwest Region and a consultant for DARPA that along with MIT created the internet.  He could have shown more vividly the relationship of Rice University in the heart of the petro-chem's Gotham City, the relationship between Rice and the bridling of nuclear energy or the evolution of David and Benjamin Rhodes within the U.S. media and political spin bin.  The contributions to Rice of Robert Herring whose Houston Natural Gas created the fortune that made Enron whose Houstonian, Kenneth Lay, on whose board was Wendy Gramm whose Republican husband led the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall which Democrat Bill Clinton failed to veto led directly to the 2000-2008 Wall Street bamboozling of housing market.  Herring's wife, Joanne King Herring, would emerge with Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson to provide funding for Afghanistan's Mujahadeen for which Al Qaeda was recruited through the Muslim Brotherhood in Mubarak's Egypt as fellow Muslim freedom fighters against the Russians.  They would also kill Anwar Sadat for embracing peace and they would become the perfect boogeymen for the 911 plot which cannot explain why we invaded Iraq hen 15 of their core were from Prince Bandar Bush's backyard....a blind spot in intelligence that was reportedly the concern of CIA agent Matthew Gannon whose eulogy was delivered by General David Petraeus following the crash of Pan Am 103, but whose name is not even mentioned in the Smithsonian documentary (The Lockerbie Bombing, 2013, The Smithsonian Channel)....the 'definitive account of the Pan Am 103 bombing'," said Wigglesworth.
     Could Assange have made the connections between Houston's Stratfor, the CIA's Ellington Field, Houston Gulf Manor, Bath, Mahfouz, FinCen's stand down in 1992, Gary Webb's direct link to the prior work of Peter Brewton in Houston?   Could WikiLeaks shed new light on Donald Barthelme's close associate Mark Lombardi's mysterious 2000 death after he plotted visually the Iran-Contra network would have put Gary Webb in very dangerous territory with his collaboration on Dark Alliance with the prior research in Houston of Peter Brewton"  It raises the issue not only of what is Google, really, but who is Julian Assange, really?  Who is he working for?  With liberty and justice being the goal and transparency being the method is he really that altruistic?  If Anthony Cyril Sutton is correct in stating consistently that there is a secret establishment that is agnostic as to political ideologies and have one goal...money and power...then how Assange has avoided the fate of Lombardi or Webb, Westhusing and countless other ground-level victims? Is this because Assange is still serving a useful purpose?

Gen. David Petraeus (l), Col Theodore "Ted" Westhusing (c)
NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik (r).

      Assange also shared his concerns that FBI Director James Comey had sent his letter to the eight Republican Congressmen to strengthen the image of an FBI capable of taking down a CIA Director, General David Petraeus.  "Petraeus is a tragic figure," said historian Wigglesworth.  "Petraeus is the Belisarius of our generation who was confronted by Col. Theodore Westhusing, the University of Texas Greek classics scholar who confronted Petraeus in the Baghdad Green Zone after Westhusing was fed up with the war-contractor corruption and war racketeering he witnessed there.  Westhusing was the beloved ethics professor at West Point and his death sent shock waves through the ranks of the heroic U.S. military." said Wigglesworth.   Westhusing died from an apparent suicide, widely disputed among the rank and file, four hours after his meeting with Petraeus.  Westhusing had arrived in Baghdad to train an indigenous security force....a project previously undertaken by Rudy Giuliani's embattled NYPD Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, GWB's first choice for Director of Homeland Security, who had also been an employee of the Saudi royal family.
     With only a few days to the 2016 Presidential election it seems clear that the two candidates, Clinton and Trump, are poles apart, but we now live in a world where poles are unnecessary and one thing is never far from another.

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