Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, November 12, 2016



by Shirley Locke Holmes, CPW News Service

     There are few Trump transition team appointments more important than those to the Justice Department.  According to independent investigative journalist Fabian Colbachi for all of Trumps articulated concerns about Attorney General Loretta Lynch's and FBI Director James Comey's handling of the Solicitor General's recommendations on Hillary Clinton's email and ties between the Clinton Foundation and the U.S State Department, Trump's actions may be decrying his motives.
     In March 2014 SAC Capital was in deep doo-doo.  SAC Capital was the hedge fund founded by Steven Cohen in Stamford, Connecticut.  In 2010 the SEC opened an insider trading investigation into SAC that ended in a $1.8 billion fine and a reorganization that dumped its funds into Point 72 where a bevy of ex-FBI, ex-CIA and ex-Wall Street insiders recreated Point 72 with the appearance of renewed accountability.  Point 72 gave its new executive names related to compliance and transparency, but as we have learned so often and so painfully in the past, without real teeth in the laws and outside watchdogs, most of the reformation is bogus bog jumping.  Kevin O'Connor was just such a new employee for Point 72, but he is also an attorney for Bracewell & Giuliani, the Houston, Texas law firm that after 911 hired New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani who in 2015 left to join the Washington D.C. law firm of former jailed K-Street lobbyist Jack Abramoff.
     Cohen's SAC Capital was insider trading alright, and their defense was as phony as Enron's and Arthur Anderson's accounting principles.... "hypothetical future value" or as voo-dooish as Robert Merton's bamboozling sub-prime-credit-default metrics called "Black-Scholes" for which he unbelievably received a Nobel Prize.  "Look for some new names over the next four years....'marginalizing metrics', 'kaleidoscope canopy cost accounting" or "hidden persuader hologram theory," said Colbachi...."SAC Capital had said that they were using 'mosaic theory' which was such a good defense that Raj Rajaratham of the Wharton Business School will be out of jail in 2022.    
     "Look," said Colbachi, "Rudy Giuliani's work in New York before and after 911 has been heavily criticized by the NYFD fire fighters and their families, especially the victims' families.  In Houston, Bracewell & Giuliani worked overtime to attempt to convert the Texas firemen's retirement pension into a private cookie jar for Wall Street with the help of Giuliani's underlings, Patrick C. Oxford and William E. King.  Meanwhile, you've got nothing to replace Glass-Steagall, Dodd-Frank is on Trump's crap list and the vultures are circling overhead.....again," said Colbachi.  "And don't forget that O'Connor was the chief of staff for that little nit wit, ALBERTO GONZALEZ," shouted Colbachi as he pointed to the privatization of the University of Texas Pension Fund, UTMICO, with its money going into war profiteering as UT celebrated the arrival of Admiral William McRaven as the Chancellor of UT, the JSOC commander featured in Jeremy Scahill's documentary Dirty Wars.  McRaven ran the SEAL Team 6 operation that reportedly took out Osama Bin Laden, whose brother, Salem Bin Laden died in a bizarre ultra-light airplane crash in Cibolo, Texas in 1988.  That was the same year that the CIA lost Matthew Gannon who was flying home to press concerns about why rank and file CIA agents operating across the Middle East had so little information on Al Qaeda when the CIA had created Al Qaeda in Egypt to bolster the ranks of the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan," said Colbachi.
    Colbachi sees the Clinton/Bush legacy in the 2016 Presidential election and a history of bamboozling based on Bill Clinton's 1999 failure to veto the repeal of Glass-Steagall brining about a new climate of "unimaginable descent into continued degradation of the U.S. economy and a rush to the Dark Ages."  According to Colbachi these dark alliances running amuck again have with the election of Donald Trump shaken loose the grip of a Bush/Clinton cabal which was forged during the Iran-Contra and S&L scandal era to deliver the wholesale rape of the nation by 2000 with Enron, 2001 with 911 and 2008 with the Paulsen bailout based as it was on Glass-Steagall's removal.  "You didn't see it coming when blood sport Barron Dana White opens up the Republican National Convention?  How stupid can you be?" asked Colbachi.
    "The absolute acid test for Trump will be if he calls for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall as had Bernie Sanders.  Contrary to being unnecessary regulation Glass-Steagall was totally necessary to insure a minimum of Wall Street crotch grabbing," said Colbachi, "but the way it looks from here, you've got one big bundle of crotch grabbers grabbing for power."
     Colbachi believes that Trump's new transition team is moving quickly toward a repeat of 2000-2008, but that the Billy Bush tape and NBC/Access Hollywood attack on Trump, along with the appearance of Mark McKinnon and Mark Halperin outside Assange's residence in London, their assertion that the Russians were leaking to WikiLeaks, their appearance with Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, Mike Barnacle and Willy Geist on Morning Joe after both McKinnon and Halperin appeared behind James Comey at the Congressional hearings revealed the bitter battle going on between the Republican power elites and Trump's Tammany Hall-redux.  "McKinnon and Halperin didn't just appear out of nowhere and neither did the second Presidential debate at St. Louis' Washington University where George Herbert Walker lived and whose relative was, along with Mayor Rudy Giuliani,  the former bosses of James Comey.  That debate locale was carefully selected for maximum impact according to Colbachi.  Washington University was the alma mater of the Bin Laden's favorite architect, Minoru Yamasaki, who built the World Trade Center as a model of Mecca in Manhattan.  Yamasaki had also built Seattle's Rainier Tower, the "Beaver Building" that demonstrates the incredible power of a modern high rise's steel core to resist fires and airplane strikes.  Yamasaki had also built the infamous Pruitt-Igoe project in St. Louis, the site of an undisclosed U.S. government radiation test on unwitting citizens and the subject of Lisa Martino-Taylor's open-source on-line PhD dissertation.  Trumps' transition team is stacking up to be as radioactive as U.S Radium's jet sprays at Pruitt-Igoe," said Colbachi who noted that the WTC was built by the NY Port Authority which struck a concordat with the NY mob to provide anti-sabotage security by Nazis during WWII.  According to Colbachi Yamasaki and the NYPA refused to use two of America's biggest steel manufacturers, Bethlehem and U.S. Steel, both highly represented by safety-conscious unions, and opted instead for smaller highly compartmentalized steel companies like Stanray and Mosher Steel in Houston, Texas whose Founder, Ed Mosher, was married in the same church as the owner of Billy Bush's father's employer at Riggs National Bank, Joseph L. Allbritton.  Riggs had been fined for hiding the hidden bank accounts of murderous Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinoche and Ed Mosher had funded the Mosher Institute for Defense Studies at Texas A&M.  The Director of the Mosher Institute was Dr. Frank Vandiver who along with Dr. Kenneth Pitzer had both been Presidents of Rice University, home of the James A. Baker Institute for Public Policy, named for Secretary of State James A. Baker whose family has long been attorneys for the Union and Southern Pacific Railroads.  Dr. Kenneth Pitzer had been the chief witness against Julius Robert Oppenheimer who fought for peaceful use of nuclear energy, but was sanctioned by the Gordon Gray Committee, Gordon Gray being the father of Bush family attorney C. Boyden Gray, both heirs of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.  R.J. Reynolds was along with Brown & Williamson Tobacco partial providers of Texas' $17 billion tobacco settlement.   Frank Vandiver wrote the book How America Goes To War in 2005 four years after 911.
    St. Louis' Pruitt-Igoe project was demolished in 1972, the same year that the NY World Trade Center was completed.  The company that demolished Pruitt-Igoe was Controlled Demolition Inc., or CDI, which used an 1890's invention used extensively in the railroad industry to cut or weld steel, thermite.  CDI was called in after 911 to quickly begin the clean up of the WTC over the objections of New York fire fighters and the victims' families.


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