Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Castro Was Catalyst For War Profiteering

Lowell P. Wigglesworth Gives an Overview of the Bay of Pigs Bamboozle as Tool for Western Munitions Manufacturing and Tax Siphoning For Cold War Readiness

by Shirley Locke Holmes, CPW News Service

SLH:  You find the death of Fidel Castro as the end of a period of Western bamboozling like the yellow cake uranium used to push the U.S. into the endless war on terror.

LPW:  Yes.  You have to begin with the correct premise that wars are fought for a multitude of motives and that the ones often expressed are not the biggest ones financially speaking.  Take our own Civil War.  Cuba would have been a part of the Golden Circle envisioned by General Pierre G.T. Bureagard and Albert Pike, both with roots in New Orleans and with the Knights of the Golden Circle and with Jefferson Davis and others who wanted an American South and  Caribbean region of slavery based primarily on sugar cane and tobacco production.  We now know that sugar isn't good for you and that tobacco is a killer and, by the way, tobacco is now being used as a host for the ebola virus in medical research experiments, which is a bizarre twist, isn't it? Really curious given that the government backed the Tuskegee and Pruitt-Igoe experiments! So imagine that business model winning out in 1865, but the real reason for the Civil War was the fight over the flat rail route to the Pacific and the opium poppies in the Middle East.  Anesthetics and munitions are two parts of the war profiteering business model and hot wars and drug wars in the old Golden Crescent, Golden Triangle and now in other places like Mexico and Central and South America are indissolubly linked to the military complex.  Battlefield survivors are sedated, cauterized, stitched up and sent home to help fuel the ongoing racket of war...each casualty a type of walking billboard for the cause.  Cuba's value as a gadfly for keeping the U.S. tax spigot for warfare open and flowing is astounding.  Castro's threat as part of the old Cold War has been eclipsed by the endless war on terror.  So his usefulness has really waned, but now we have a $20 trillion debt and are still, as Trump promises to continue, shoveling money toward the military which if there is not a cessation of war will go down the rabbit hole as usual...right into the hands of the fight promoters.  By the way, Bureaugard who kickstarted the U.S. Civil War at Fort Sumter, left the defense of Atlanta against the Union's William Tecumseh Sherman to go to Nashville while his partner in crime, Braxton Bragg, sat out the same battle in Augusta, Georgia until after Sherman had destroyed the South's Savannah to San Diego rail route's Atlantic terminus and twisted its rails into pretzels. Bragg had been Sherman's pre and post Civil War business partner and his behavior was that of a Southern traitor as evidenced by the assessment of General Nathan Bedford Forrest. I have written about all of this and its implication to American history and myth elsewhere and how the short Reconstruction shows that war was a farce fought by the poor and middle class over abolition vs. states rights and by the New England power elites over the China Trade, a synonym for opium.  Jefferson Davis did not want to be identified with the actions of Bureaugard in Tennessee and writes to his ghost writer, aide de camp, William Tecumseh Walthall, the assistant to New England's most powerful opium importer, Caleb Cushing, on his landmark trip to China, but it's now apparent that the whole Civil War was a big game of Monopoly with the phony money being the lives of 600,000 Americans who like in the Middle East have lost to the yellow cake bamboozle.  Walthall was of the English opium trading Mercer clan that managed Port Walthall on the James River in Virginia.

SLH:  You have frequently quoted Anthony C. Sutton the Hoover Institute Fellow and author of books like The Best Enemy Money Can Buy and America's Secret Establishment.  Sutton argues that the U.S. foreign policy is basically built on fostering and fighting managed wars in various regions mainly over the natural resources there.

LPW:  That's right.  You can see this, for example at Harvard Law School.  Laughably, the Koch Brothers offered to fund a business ethics program at Harvard Business School, but Harvard declined.  Harvard produced Dr. Robert Merton who produced the Black Scholes credit default formulas that tanked the economy in 2008 and for which he received a Pulitizer Prize...an amazing faux pas.  Now, we find the Harvard Law School touting from its professors that Africa is the new frontier, but that it will not be colonized by the West a second time.  Then it invites to speak to its students two leading black attorneys who work or worked for what companies?  One had been Enron's top attorney in Nigeria and the other worked for Vinson & Elkins the law firm that represented Enron.    That was Sean Long, CEO, Endeavor Energy and   Ahmed El-Gaili, Partner, Vinson & Elkins in 2014.    I'd say to the locals in Africa...as to the Cubans whether led by Fidel or Raul or by some other pro-U.S. leader.....sleep with one eye open.  But we all should.  South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy is fond of saying that as a U.S. attorney he "works for a blind lady holding only a set of scales."   Well last week I stood outside the Brandeis University Law School and talked with two students on their way to work for the DOJ and I asked them who they worked for.  They said "Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions" and neither mentioned a blindfolded lady holding a set of scales.

SLH:  Cuba once had ambitions in Angola.

LPW:   Yea, and the CIA's top spy there, John Stockwell, resigned after the CIA murdered the Angolan leader Patrice Lumumba.....not by Cuba, but by the CIA, by us.   That tells you that destabilized nations are preferable over peace and stability. It was questionable whether Lamumba was really favoring Cuba or the Soviets....especially when as Sutton has shown and which Zbigniew Brzezenski has confirmed....over 90 percent of Soviet technology came from the West.    Hence, Castro's contribution to the pot stirring and war racketeering closer to the home the world's bread and military hardware basket is underscored.

SLH:  You have argued that the Bay of Pigs was a ploy.  What proof do you have of that?

LPW:  History's silent on certain issues, but the signs are still there.  You just have to keep looking and not all that hard.  Time is on the researchers' side if he or she doesn't have his or her head up their colon's small intestine.  When the New York Time's Paul P. Kennedy wrote of the impending Bay of Pigs invasion before it happened, the logical  step would have been to cancel it.  Did they?  No!  Why not?  Because a failed invasion is, for a power elite nation, a better catalyst for Cold War spending than a successful one.  It's like going into remission with cancer.  When that happens the aggressive money output dries up in comparison....which is what makes Medicare fraud so enticing.....like the war racketeering that Smedley Butler and Dwight Eisenhower warned against. The same was true for Pearl Harbor or 911.  For example, how much was made of the fact that JFK's father was in business with the father of a top ranking U.S. intelligence officer at Guantanamo during the Bay of Pigs?  Nothing.  You can't find the top historians mentioning it.  Arthur Schlesinger?  Nope.  He says nothing about Kennedy's MoKeen Oil Company.
      In 1979 the House Select Committee on Assassinations was charged with looking again at the JFK murder and the Warren Commission's findings.  Did Congress' top investigators, Robert Blakey and Gary Cornwell, say anything about the fact that Joseph P. Kennedy, a Nazi sympathizer, was drilling oil wells in Texas with the father of a top U.S. intelligence officer at Guantanamo during the Bay of Pigs and that his Texas partners were up to their eyebrows with the far right-wingers the 1930's business plotters, the subject of the McCormick-Dickstein Committee's investigation into charges brought Smedley Butler, that seemed to give Steve Bannon goose bumps....if not goose steps?  No! And that was in the Texas playground of William F. Buckley whose father was the sheriff in Duval County that put LBJ in the Senate and of 'America's Team' founder-owner, oil man owner of American Liberty Oil Company, Clint Murchison, who was in deep with the Duke of Windsor, Wallis Simpson Windsor, who was the Godmother of George Herbert Walker Bush's sister-in-law, Elizabeth Kauffman Bush.  Wallis, a known Nazi spy, received flowers from her SS friends.  While Blakey asserted that Oswald did not act alone and there was at least one other gunman, thus creating a conspiracy,  Gary Cornwell wrote a book about it in 1999 the year before the crazy 2000 election where hanging chads in Florida and the Supreme Court decided the Bush victory.  Then you cannot discount GWB's father's place in Operation Zapata, the code name for the Bay of Pigs.  Search the Warren Commission Report and  Cornwell's book Real Answers, and that important piece of contextual fact finding is omitted.  Why?  It would be important for understanding the potential danger the Kennedy boys were in if it was perceived by their father's friends that like William Ayers or Patty Hearst or Jim Morrison or a number of others that they had jumped the reservation of their patriarch's political playground.  Now you've got some real ongoing problems with all of this because Fred Koch, founder of Koch Industries, was also a founder of the John Birch Society that would have been aligned with the America First Committee and the American Liberty League and with Jason Chilton Matthews of the America Mercury Magazine in Texas after it was bought from H.L. Menken and turned into a right wing rag.  Not exactly like Steve Bannon had done in commandeering Breitbart News, but the principle of shifting coverage and the media as propaganda is clearly there.  And don't forget that Mike Pompeo, Trump's CIA Director and West Point grad, is a member of the Koch Brother's Wichita, Kansas Eastminster Presbyterian Church.  West Point's top eight graduates go into the Army Corp of Engineers and they have tremendous powers for creating and erasing wealth based on land exploitation and usage.  This was the kind of connection that had Dwight Eisenhower warning us about the military complex, but so did Smedley Butler and Henry Van Ness Boynton.
     Castro is dead, but communism is still a powerful tool in the hands of the fear mongers when added to the war on terror stew.   Fear is, as Madison Avenue well knows, a more powerful motivator than peace and well-being and constructive stability.  Stability doesn't churn out demand for goods and services and the planned obsolescence of the capitalist market system.  It's as if so long as we can buy, buy, buy we are still safe and alive even if it's an illusion and a race toward oblivion.  When making America great, again, means that the Carrier Air Conditioner Company employees who make old technology get to keep their jobs if they take a twenty dollar an hour pay cut....and that's what at stake for Carrier.....$25 an hour versus $5 an hour, what's so great about that?  Costco's retail employees work for $20 an hour, well above Walmart's employees, but if they are selling the goods made in the Third World at a fraction of the salaries of American workers then even the good paying retail U.S. jobs will be in cahoots with the spin-off of U.S. employment.  Their Costco jobs will be the next to go even as Costco's stocks have gone up over five thousand percent.

SLH:  Donald Trump will do what with respect to Cuba?

LPW:  With Jeff Sessions over Justice and Mike Pompeo over the CIA?  Your guess is as good as mine.  One thing's for certain, Mitt Romney as head of the State Department with his connections to Bain Capital that made fortunes in the gutting and relocation of factories from the U.S. to China is a big problem for Trump, but so is Rudy Giuliani.  Giuliani's father was a bag man for the New York Mob and we know who ran Cuba before Castro.  Who knows what Trump will do.

SLH:  So the Miami Little Havana community is kidding itself about Cuba?

LPW:  The biggest ex-patriot Cuban sugar cane producers are the Fanjul brothers from Florida who have plantations in the Dominican Republic where just across the border in Haiti it has been well documented that they essentially use slave laborers to work in the cane fields.  The Clinton's have been one of their biggest recipients of Fanjul funding and Monica Lewinsky said that during one of her trysts with Bill Clinton he was on the phone with one of the Fanjuls.  Fidel Castro is a dictator, but he became that from the reaction of the Cuban people to what they had experienced under the corruption of their island by the U.S criminal class.  So will they trust that the U.S. under Trump will be different?  The one who led off his Republican National Convention with Dana White of Ultimate Fighting Championships whose founders were tied so closely with New Orleans' Carlos Marcello?  Trump who promoted with relish boxers in his casinos who would bite an opponent's ear off?   Who knows?


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