Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, February 20, 2016



By John Coffee “Jack” Walker, CPW News Service

     Texas is tough on hunters.  After JFK had crossed a picket line to see Dalton Trumbo’s 1960 movie, Spartacus, a film that would have inspired the Minutemen of the American Revolution he was hunting votes in Texas in 1963.   We know what happened to him.  
     Texas Federal District Judge John Howland Wood was hunting for law and order and was gunned down on his driveway in San Antonio by Woody Harrelson’s father, Charles Harrelson, who was working for the El Paso-based Chagra brothers, Lee and Jimmy. 

District Judge John H. Wood
(Photo: Public Domain)
     Out of El Paso and the West Texas District emerged FBI Director William Sessions to fill Wood’s vacant seat in San Antonio before moving on to the FBI. The Chagras were not Mexican cartel members, but Lebanese-Mexican-cross-border drug and arms dealers who had taken a name like Cormac McCarthy’s leading villain in No Country For Old Men, Anton Chigurh. The name Chagra was, according to Gary Cartwright of Texas Monthly and author of Dirty Dealing, an enigmatic concoction of a name.  If the Chagras had been Wood's prey they shot back.
      Harry M. Whittington, Dick Cheney's buckshot cushion, was hunting for quail on the Armstrong Ranch in Kingsville, Texas not far from Whittington's ranch in Goliad, Texas about five miles from the ranch of GWB and JEB Bush’s first cousin and about thirty or forty miles from the ranch of  Charles P. Taft, the Rincon, the brother of William Howard Taft and sons of Alphonso Taft, founder with William Huntington Russell, of Yale’s Skull & Bones.  Alphonso is buried in Cincinnati's Spring Grove Cemetery alongside the largest single group of deceased Union Generals (forty) who fought the Civil War.  "What does that tell you?" asked  Lowell P. Wigglesworth whose views on the real reason why the U.S. fought the Civil War in the first place….to protect and enhance the U.S. China Traders' , the power elites’, trading position…..based as it was on opium....has been gaining readers.
    Antonin Scalia was in Texas hunting at the Cibolo Creek Ranch Resort of John B. Poindexter, the Democrat, former U.S. Army hero and Houston manufacturer of truck bodies used by an array of heavy-duty fossil fuel chuggers.   Cibolo Creek Ranch Resort is near Marfa, Texas where some of Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men was filmed.  The Del Rio Hotel scene where McCarthy’s character, Lewellyn Moss, hid the drug money, was filmed in Las Vegas, New Mexico in San Miguel County where both former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, and CBS’s news anchor and 60 Minutes reporter, Dan Rather, co-owned the Tecolote Ranch, another hunting ranch like Cibolo Creek.
    “It’s amazing how many Texas Judges have been hunters.   Former FBI agent whose father was also an FBI agent and security chieftain for Lockheed Martin in Houston, Julie Mogenis, was a professional hunting guide for her own television series called “Hunting With the Judge”.   She was hunting in Utopia, Texas on a game hunt when a rifle being taken from the back of a pickup truck accidentally discharged like that through-the-lung stray bullet that hit General David Petraeus at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.   You know.  The one that Tennessee Senator William “Bill” Frist plugged in Nashville,” said Texas hunter and sportsman, Marlin Remington of San Antonio.

Judge Antonin Scalia
(Photo: Pubic Domain)
     “It is fascinating to me that Judge Scalia was in this part of the world when he died under such mysterious circumstances,” said Remington.  “Anyone who has seen the movie Last Man Standing with Bruce Willis will know damn well that there was plenty of truth in that film.   When the Texas Rangers showed up in the Texas border town and told the Irish and Italians that they could kill each other, but that they had better bring their feuding to a quick end or the Rangers would….well, hello!” said Remington.   “Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the patron saint of the Texas Rangers is Samuel Hamilton Walker and that Walker is related to the George Herbert Walker and George Herbert Walker Bush clan with Sam Walker’s connections to Samuel Colt and that over time those guns and weapons connections just morphed into the Manhattan Project for which water pumps and other equipment was provided by Dresser Industries whose CEO was Neil Mallon for whom Neil Mallon Bush was named.  Well, then, with their continued good fortune in military hardware and so much other stuff their WASP connections to the North East power elites in New Haven, Springfield, Boston, Baltimore, New York, Philly and the late arriving Irish and Italians who fought for many of them the cluster-fxxx of the U.S. Civil War that Lowell P. Wigglesworth has documented was actually a race to the China Trade, then we see that not much has changed.  That was the continuing story that Dan Rather and Mary Mapes were so poorly trying to unravel in 2004 with GWB’s Texas Air National Guard scandal, when they actually knew about it in 1999, the year before Scalia became in Florida like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike.  Scalia may have led the assault on the U.S. Constitution in Florida in 2000 with Gore’s concession on December 13th, but in 2016 Scalia’s life, or early death, is even more valuable.   I’m not talking about his being killed by an Obama or the Democrat Party hitman.   Michele worked for the historic law firm of Sidley Austin in Springfield, Illinois, the Republican law firm of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln that merged in 2000 with Brown & Wood with its ties to the National City Bank boys and Brown Brother & Harriman from Baltimore, the city where Fred Bailey, also known as Frederick Douglass, was laying the hulls of the New England China trader's fastest opium cutters before the Civil War.  Barack and Michelle aren't pulling their own chains....forgive the analogy.   Sidley Austin & Brown & Wood's offices in New York went down in the World Trade Center on 911.   Like the fall of the World Trade Center as a critical incident for the manufacture of endless warfare, the death of Scalia would serve two purposes.   It would remove a potentially troublesome Italian cutout and become a powerful motivator for building fear of Obama and the Democrats in the months running up to the 2016 election,” said Remington.  "Even life-long Democrats say that Obama has been a disaster in terms of keeping his campaign promises to close Git-Mo, solve the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and bring stability to the Middle-East and restore freedoms lost after 911 to the government overreach of the NSA and the steadily militarizing police state, not to mention the use of executive orders to kill using drones.  "Was Democrat Lyndon Johnson known for bringing wars to an end or for promoting them?" asked Remington. 

     Remington is a life-long independent who believes that the U.S. has been hijacked by the two party system controlled by a very few. Remington believes that U.S. politics serve a crude dialectic and the people are such cattle that they won’t do anything about it.   Fact is, that if we get Hillary we get the same circus that put Bill into power.  Bill, who pulled apart Glass-Steagall and opened the door for the Bush Neo-Cons to rape the nation from 2000-2008.  Then in 2015 and 2016 he has become an apologist for the legacy of Franklin Pierce who along with Caleb Cushing and Jefferson Davis had worked together to secure the flat overland rail route from Savannah to San Diego.  That all changed with the invention of Dynamite which was in plain sight by 1864 or 1865 and patented in 1867. So Bill Clinton rewrites the Franklin Pierce story with Pierce's descendant being Barbara Pierce Bush.  If anyone was wondering just why Billy boy is now a Bush brother like Bandar or why he has been strangely attempting to redeem the legacy of Franklin Piece even in his first stump speech for Hillary," Remington says, "look no further."
      “Then,” said Remington, “Obama did nothing to change things about the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.   Nor did he push to reinstate Glass-Steagall which forbade banking and investment houses from splitting the same sheets.   Drone kills using the equipment like Predator and Reaper drones developed by Bush's S&B brother Linden Blue's General Atomics Inc., are Obama’s signature metric.  Scalia?  He was sacrificed to keep the game going.  No autopsy?  Please!   This part of Texas is no country for old men.  Particularly if their last name is Scalia and they are on the Supreme Court,” said Remington.


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