Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

No Class: Melissa Click, Walter Cronkite, Lewis Lapham and Steve Weinberg

Walter Cronkite's wife's Alma Mater Not Clicking For Human Rights and Free Speech

Lewis Lapham’s 2005 Documentary, The American Ruling Class, Key To Understanding Death of Fourth Estate In The U.S.A.
Upton S. Packard

 by Upton Sinclair Packard, CPW News Service

     The University of Missouri's Assistant Professor of Communication, Melissa Click and Steve Weinberg are showing signs of a journalistic bamboozling.

      When Louis Lapham, former editor of Harper’s Magazine, produced the 2005  documentary,  The American Ruling Class, and introduced a young Yale graduate to Walter Cronkite and Kurt Vonnegut the student bound for a banking and investing job at Goldman Sacks in the freewheeling post Glass-Steagall repeal era of deregulation that resulted in the 2008 financial crisis, meltdown and bailout, Cronkite made it clear.  There is a ruling class.  He did not say, however, that some, perhaps most, within it had manipulated everything from the stock market to the media and the young Yale grad when he asks of Cronkite…..”Should I wish to join it?” Cronkite said “By all means! 

     Of course, it's laughable that Lewis Lapham is doing a critique of the American ruling class when his family of shipping magnates are from San Francisco.  They profited from the China Trade as had the Peabody, Cabot and Lodge families not to mention Cushings, Russells and Huntingtons.  The  Union General Morgan Lewis Smith, who had overseen the pacification of the South in Texas after William Tecumseh Sherman secured the San Francisco railhead before twisting the South's envisioned eastern transcontinental terminus and its rails into pretzels, would become a U.S. Counsel to Hawaii.   It was an important connection to China and California and the rest of the world before the Panama Canal was built.  The Lapham family had owned the Hawaii-Alaskan Shipping Company, his grandfather was San Francisco's Mayor," said Shirley Locke Holmes who noted that Lewis Lapham like many others within the ruling class serve a dialectic without upsetting the order by articulating for the masses what they cannot (and should not) articulate (and heaven forbid... physically resist) for themselves.  "While the Heard & Company's opium cutter, The Frolic, sank north of San Francisco in 1850 not far from the U.S. Army fort named for General Braxton Bragg whose brother was the Confederacy's Attorney General and both sharing the family name of William Tecumseh Sherman's business partner in California, George C. Bragg,  by 1924, J.E. Cushing the Vice-President of the Hawaii-Alaskan shipping company was speaking of the high cost of shipping in the Pacific relative to the British whose trade agreements with David Sassoon led to China's Opium Wars while acknowledging that the Japanese cost of shipping was even less than the British."
     Indeed, Lewis Lapham who speaks often of his San Francisco history does not delve into the American-Hawaiian Steamship Company's connections to John Cushing whose father was the close friend of John Muir and in whose Muir Woods in Marin County has an amphitheater named for Cushing's father.  Muir's travels sometimes included friend Harvey Firestone, Henry Ford and William Burroughs as well as Cushing.  Associated with John Cushing who had been President of the American-Hawaiin company was William Bush, vice-president of the American President Lines which had been the Pacific Mail and Steamship Company before 1848 (James W. Hamilton and William J. Bolce, Jr.’s book Gateway to Victory: The Wartime Story of the San Francisco Army Port of Embarkment, Stanford University Press, 1946, p. 5).  If Missouri....St. Louis specifically.....was the "Gateway to the West," then San Francisco was the "Golden Gateway to the Orient".

(photos: University of Missouri and Mark Schierbecker)

     "Now we learn that the semi-sacred and traditionally near-sacerdotal Fourth Estate of the U.S.A. which Benjamin Franklin would use to fuel dissent in America against the despotism of the English Crown is protecting through its professor proxies a system like the old Soviet Union’s Pravda.  The task is clearly to arrest and anesthetize development, not to promote it.

     “We should have seen it coming when in 1997 the University of Missouri’s Journalism Professor, Steve Weinberg, moderated the debate between Jeff Leen, then of the Miami Herald and now with Washington Post and Gary Webb.   Leen and Weinberg are journalistic bamboozlers like Woodward and Bernstein who brought down a President without citing a single source,” said freelance investigative reporter, Shirley Locke Holmes who had watched and re-watched Gary Webb’s debate, the reporter whose 1996 book Dark Alliance and his complementary work at the San Jose Mercury News is the subject of the 2015 film, Kill The Messenger.  “Suppose the four dead students in Ohio were not Nixon's doing, whose mother was a Quaker and whose daughter was married to the grandson of a General who warned against the Military Industrialist Complex like Smedley Darlington Butler and Henry Van Ness Boynton had done before, but from a darker force and heart of darkness, perhaps projecting from the assembly of the forty dead Union Generals buried by their mentor in Cincinnati's nearby Spring Grove Cemetery, Alphonso Taft.*  What if Nixon was ending the Vietnam War by bombing Cambodia, holding out the olive branch of peace in Paris, but because he hated the Bohemian power elites and wanted peace, was run out of office on a well-buttered, but anonymously buttered, rail?  
     Then you would expect to find a thread running from Kent State, or at least Spring Grove and Alphonso, to Mizzou's journalism department?  What?  There is in St. Louis George Herbert Walker's legacy and Charles Lindberg's legacy at Lambert Field....Lindberg being part of the 1930's "business plotters" that included some of the ruling class' far-right leading rulers?  Former CIA agent, John Stockwell, a University of Texas graduate, said of Watergate and the rank and file CIA agents there at the time, were saying among themselves...."What? A break-in?  We do three of those before breakfast!"  Ending wars is not in the U.S. ruling class' vocabulary as evidenced by their use of the media to do what Noam Chomsky said was their mission....."fuel consent for wars" and which Stockwell described as his major mission at CIA...."finding enemies."   This was the criticism from the Tillman and Lynch families of the reporting on their stories by the Washington Post.  It is as sound a thesis as Lapham's assessment of the education system in the U.S....."if it has taken this long to fix it, they don't want it fixed.  It's a mess by design."

      Fueling consent for war, then, was a part of the Founding Father's (and mother's) original vision of the American dream, but to fight tyranny, not expand it, but that dream was usurped in 1833 as the forty Union Generals in Spring Grove bear witness.  It was into that grave pile that Gary Webb was actually digging, not to mention the other reporter to whom Webb referred in the Weinberg/Leen debate at IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors 1997 debate at 42:30), Peter Brewton, Professor of Journalism at Texas Tech University (author of The Mafia, CIA and George Bush.   Brewton's book was originally assigned by Simon & Schuster Woodward & Bernstein's editor, Alice Mayhew, before they pulled the plug on it just before the 1992 election, the same year that the FinCEN investigation pulled the plug on James R. Bath's Saudi and BCCI connections).  Webb's reference to his conversation with Brewton sent Jeff Leen into mumbling with charges of "conspiracy theory" and Weinberg clearly comes to Leen's defense against Webb throughout the supposedly impartial assembly. 
     Was the U.S. Civil War, given Alphonso's grave assembly in Ohio, fought for something other than the high road of abolition of slavery?   The short period of Reconstruction and the unending War on Drugs the source for which Webb was hot on the trail of uncovering, screams out a resounding "yes".  We should not be surprised in discovering that the vestiges of this corruption is in the heart of the nation.....Columbia, Missouri.
      There was fire in Ms. Click’s eyes on the Mizzou quad on November 10th.   It was like she wanted to kill the reporters for reporting…..essentially killing the messengers.   She did not shoot them like Neal and Linden Blue's business partner in Nicaragua, Anastasio Samoza, did when his National Guardsman shot and killed CBS reporter and Walter Cronkite news profession colleague from ABC news, Bill Stewart, on June 20, 1979 when Stewart returned from Iran to Nicaragua and had perhaps done some serious leg-work on the growing possibility of a Iran-Contra connections in both countries.   Had Ms. Click's example been followed in 1979, Stewart's cameraman would have missed Bill Stewart's fatal head shot....or if the Yale educated Blue brothers had already invented their Predator and Reaper drones and put them in Samoza's greedy and grubby hands. Do we need a similar event at the quad at Mizzou or at the Washington Post offices?  Columbia University in New York?” asked Shirley Locke Holmes.
     “Ms. Click, Professor Emeritus Weinberg,  Jeff Leen, and you might add the Washington Post’s former Metro Editor whose work approved the altered stories of Lt. Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch, who was co-author with Paula Broadwell of All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, Vernon Loeb, is now a type of journalistic firewaller, as is Loeb in the capital city of the fossil fuel empire, Houston, Texas.  These are simply bamboozling bimbologists," said Holmes, noting "but their handlers are smart enough to import the legal firewaller in the Iran-Contra case, Michael Bromwich,  to investigate the Houston medical examiner's office when it turned to mush....a license to kill like 007....and Lewis Lapham's brother was, after leaving the CIA as its chief attorney the attorney for Adolfo Calero!  How chummy," said Holmes.
     "Don’t forget that while Walter Cronkite went to Mizzou and the University of Texas it seems equally important to the big journalistic bamboozle that New York’s Columbia University is where Leen and Loeb’s boss at the Washington Post, Steve Coll, is now the new Dumbledore as the Henry Luce Professor of Journalism and Chair of the  Columbia Journalism School.  That means that while Lewis Lapham was showing around his young Yale friend in the documentary The American Ruling Class, the son of Columbia University's Robert Merton the 'Father of Applied Sociology,'  also named Robert Merton  and the Harvard economist, was cranking out his Black Scholes metric formulations for which he won a Nobel Prize that tanked his own hedge fund, the U.S. economy based on the accompanying credit default swaps, that led to the 2008 bailout using the under-class taxpayers sovereign dollars,” said Holmes.  "The American dream doesn't just trickle down from above, it's pushed up from below and the dream is advanced on the roads laid by the masses....kind of like Henry Ford's autos that have depended on tax payer-paid roads to keep their engines from jumping off their motor mounts.  I know that Ford said 'If I had asked the American people what they wanted they'd have said 'a faster horse'', but yesterday's new insight is tomorrow's problem," said Holmes noting that Ford's company had made strides in hydrogen fuel-cell technology that was initially tauted, then dropped, by the Bush administration.
     "When the myth becomes the reality, print the myth," said Holmes noting a well-known cliché in journalistic circles. "Today the mythology is being run like a well-watered camel through the eye of a very small needle and the Catch-22 of the Slaughterhouse Five is becoming the five thousand, fifty-thousand of young people marching along the Blood Meridian in an ever-evolving country for all men and women where the interim Ruling Class, as history has taught us that all ruling classes are,  has definitely lost its class.  As has Professor Click."

*Spring Grove Cemetery did not publicize the forty Union Generals buried near Alphonso Taft until the connection appeared in print elsewhere.  The father of a young man named Patrick Carr (...the same name of the son of Mrs. Marion Carr Knox, the person to whom Dan Rather and Mary Mapes turned with respect to the 2004 "Rathergate" memos which had been available to Mapes according to her book Truth and Duty in 1999.  In 2004 Knox's son came to her defense against the media onslaught led by former Reagan/Bush Attorney General Dick Thornburgh and former Associated Press head, Louis Boccardi), was investigating his son's death in Texas.  Pat Carr died on December 10, 2000, the same date as Gary Webb's resignation from the San Jose Mercury News in 1997 and Webb's death on December 10, 2004 in California, with both deaths being ruled suicides, but with significant anomalies in the medical examiners' reports.  
     The father wrote:  The research led me directly to the discovery that Kent State students were much closer to the U.S. power establishment in 1972 than they could have imagined.  My research led me to a Union General who had migrated to the Cuero and Goliad, Texas area after the Civil War to become a tax collector for the U.S. government and given that his name was and my writings were directly responsible for the Spring Grove Cemetery finally publishing an exhaustive list of the mass of Union Generals buried near Skull & Bones founder, Alphonso Taft.  (Sulfur, Lead and Poppies, 2015, pp. 55-56). 
     The Union General whose life in Texas provided the link to Spring Grove was General Lewis Gove Brown.  Brown's work was in the region of the Nassau-Waldec Plantation which was overseen by Union Generals Morgan Lewis Smith and his brother Giles Alexander Smith from the Trueheart-Adriance Building in Galveston, Texas.  Giles Alexander Smith's name appears on the amnesty agreement for Capt. Richard King, founder of the King Ranch upon whose Texas ranch Patrick Carr hunted with Corey Survant.  Patrick Carr had grown up in a First Presbyterian Church only a few flocks from the Trueheart-Adriance building in Galveston (Sulfur, Lead and Poppies, p. 64).  "I had found the connection while digging the records after discovering what looked to be Patrick Carr's, our family's ancestor, Julius Adcock, in the Thomaston Cemetery in Thomaston, Texas near Cuero buried directly next to Wiley Pridgeon, the attorney for Creed Taylor, a Southerner for whom was named the 'Sutton-Taylor Feud'.    General Lewis Gove Brown would have been an ally with the Suttons." said Patrick Carr's father who noted that the Texas gunman, John Wesley Hardin, was the "enforcer" for the Taylor gang and hid out in Atlanta, Georgia about 50 miles from Adcock family farm in Walton County when fleeing authorities in Texas.
     That published list of Spring Groves' Union Generals is not, however, always fully listed.  For example, the undependable, but widely read Wikipedia entry for Spring Grove omits Lewis Gove Brown mentioned above who was institutionalized for what was surely PTSD and reportedly committed suicide in Ohio.  Patrick Carr, the 23-year-old who died on December 10, 2000 near Ellington Field on the eve of the 2000 Presidential Election's resolution by the U.S. Supreme Court, Ellington being the site of the "Rathergate" story, had worked in Austin, Texas at the business of Dan Rather's niece, Rebecca Rather, who owns mineral rights on the historic Nassau-Waldec Plantation in Texas. It was in 2000 that former Texas Lieutenant Governor, Ben Barnes, was giving a deposition about his part in the GWB appointment into the Texas Air National Guard that would become the subject of "Rathergate" in 2004, five years after Mary Mapes indicates in Truth and Duty that she first learned of GWB's memo issues.
      The Nassau-Waldec Plantation was where the Buffalo Soldiers, the black soldiers who enforced Reconstruction in Texas were domiciled after the bloody Civil War.   Dan Rather had other connections to ranchland.  He owned with Former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, the Tecolote or "Owl" Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico while Rumsfeld was widely reported to own the historic "Misery Plantation" where abolitionist Frederick Douglass (Fred Bailey) had been "renditioned" before being returned to slavery in the South.  The Buffalo Soldiers were in charge of the camels which Jefferson Davis (judging from his letter to Franklin Pierce referring to New England China trader and opium merchant, Caleb Cushing, domiciled at the Jefferson Davis Project at Houston's Rice University, may have envisioned the same ambitions along the trade route from Texas to California) had purchased in Smyrna, home of David Sassoon's Middle East opium distribution headquarters. 
     The 1999 book by Thomas Layton (Voyage of the Frolic:  New England Merchants and the Opium Trade, Stanford University Press) revealed that the abolitionist orator, Frederick Douglass, also known as Fred Bailey, had laid the hulls of Baltimore opium clippers in the Gardiner Shipyard, Baltimore, Maryland.  This is also explored in Sulfur, Lead and Poppies (p. 27) .  These discoveries both complicate and simplify the investigative work of Gary Webb in California as he traced the connections of the CIA's and by proximity, the U.S. ruling class', evolution within the drug trade, drug policy and the unending war on drugs that accompanies the continuing wars in the Middle East and the unending war on terrorism.  Webb's relationship to Peter Brewton whose 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, had already connected the Iran-Contra network to the 1980's S&L crisis, found both of their investigative work supported by a  U.S. Senate Committee, headed by Senator John Kerry, which attested to the guilt of the Iran-Contra's leadership in complicity in the drug trade that parallels in cocaine taffic what was a longstanding and well-documented tradition in opium dealing that funded in large measure the American ruling class.

UPDATE:  4/10/2016.   It is now apparent that Professor Melissa Click was acting within what she viewed was the expressed policy and/or unexpressed ethos of the University of Missouri's academic environment.  Her written appeal clearly articulates her belief that she was acting within the precepts of her contract with the University of Missouri.  Unless or until she is willing to lay open the system's values, with a comprehensive analysis of the patterns and relationship that led to her actions, she is not likely to win in a civil law suit.   "That lawsuit would in all likelihood be settled out of court with no admission of guilt or innocence on the part of either party," said attorney Melvin "Racehorse" Bell Aye . -USP

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