Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, May 20, 2016



by Russell "Rusty" Dulce Agua for CPW News Services

     The recent water issues in Flint, Michigan, a city ravaged by job losses in the automotive industry and the accompanying urban decline coincides with a rise of two new industries: Water... bottled water, purified water, canned water and alternative renewable energy sources produced from algae. 
     These two up and coming industries will fight local municipalities for their largest nearby water resources.  In the Midwest they will battle for the Great Lakes.   To the west the fight will be and now is going on over the Ogallala aquifer.  In the Northeast, the expansive river systems are the target of industry like the Flint River that was cited as exacerbating the lead piping problem.   Along the Gulf Coast the Mississippi Delta and major bays and estuaries that can easily be mined for their algae plumes....industrialized and developed not for their historic natural wildlife and aquatic resources, but for hyper-cultivated oil producing bio-aquatics like those currently being developed on a large scale the San Francisco Bay area.
     With the major aquifers of the United State severely threatened by increasing water extraction and with declining fossil fuels the new script is being written.   "I see it coming quick," said snaggle-toothed and balding Al "One-Armed-Gator-Man" Boudreaux of Crawfish Bay, Louisiana.   "When they started running all these television shows about backwoods people and swamp people I knew that the handwriting was on the wall.  The Duck Nation folks are the real endangered people.  That comedian Bill Burr said it right....'There's this guy from Nestles who doesn't think water is a human right. He ought to be hunted down and shot!  Right?  And they (the politicians) are gonna sit and talk about....I don't know....'we've gotta get the people back to work,'  Dude!  This guy wants to own the rain.  Can we do something about this guy?  You work at Nestle.  You're suppose to be happy.  You make cocoa for people and this guy says 'hey, people are running out of water.  What if we owned all the water and we keep it under our place and in the future when everybody.....' well the future is here.  Look at history.  The man with the plan wins, for a while anyway.  Only the strong survive, this week.  I know enough about Nestles that they didn't treat babies in the Third World too well.   Bechtel fought for the water rights of Bolivia that has the first or second largest lithium deposits in the world and the Bolivians did something you wouldn't expect. They fought back!  Bechtel and their elected local Bolivian stooges were passing legislation to prohibit collection of rain from Bolivians' roofs.  It was a monopoly pure and simple if it passed and the Bolivians would have been slaves.  Enron was going way beyond "market-to-market" and "theoretical future value" accounting principles....."principles, hah!'.....to seeing that vampire, Jeffrey Skilling, trying to sell weather futures.   What?   Yea, that's exactly what he was proposing and he was going to sell the future rain storms to the highest bidders like he did with Enron's controlling the energy grid in the western states and pumping up the prices in California under Governor Gray Davis," said Boudreaux who left his job on Wall Street when he was twenty five having just graduated from the Wharton Business School with an MBA to wrestle at the alligator farm where he lost his arm while acquiring an immunity to water moccasin venom.
    Boudreaux was correct.  According to Dale Harrington, author of Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis Nazi Agent of Influence,  California Governor Gray Davis is the grandson of Hitler's oil agent in Texas who claims kinship to the Confederacy's Jefferson Davis and founder of Rhodesia, Cecil Rhodes, whose right-hand-man was John Hays Hammond the nephew of Texas Ranger and Sheriff of San Francisco elected in 1850, John Coffee "Jack" Hays. Back in Texas William Rhodes Davis, Gray's grandfather,  secured oil for Hitler transported out of the port of Brownsville.  Joseph P. Kennedy's Mokeen Oil in Texas... Kennedy being a strong backer of Adolf Hitler leading to his recall as U.S. Ambassador to Britain after he supported Prime Minister Neville Chamberlian's appeasement of Hitler... was available to W.R. Davis to be transported to the German refineries built by Fred Koch, a founder of the ultra-right-winged John Birch Society and Koch Industries.  Davis was recalled on the tails of the Enron crisis where Enron's PR person in California had been the granddaughter-in-law of Joseph P. Kennedy's drilling partner in Texas and as a result of the Enron debacle Gray Davis was pulled out of his Governor's office by a recall election and succeeded by Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger married to Maria Shriver, a Kennedy, while Schwarzenegger's father was an Austrian member of the Waffen SS," said Boudreaux adding "progress rolls on doesn't it?"
    Boudreaux sees the future water wars being played out in real-time. "Flint is one example.  I think that the Deep Water Horizon spill was another.  Exxon is not too far away from this scenario and their Corexit is essentially an ocean defoliant like Agent Orange.  Most people have no idea that there was a severe disease epidemic ravaging the Central American banana crops of Boston Fruit....that became United Fruit.  In Nicaragua, for example, Anastosia Samoza and his business partner's in bananas, Neal and Linden Blue, creators of the Predator and Reaper drones that shoot their depleted uranium shell across the world's battle fields, had imported the heartier and healthier Indo-Chinese Chadwick bananas to replace their dying crop at the same time that Agent Orange was defoliating the Indo-Chinese Chadwicks....that's all in the book Bananas: How the United Fruit Company Shaped the World by the BBC's and Financial Time's investigative reporter Peter Chapman," said Boudreaux who suggested I talk with Grady D. Minerves who was a water quality engineer for Robert Vesco's Louisiana hydroponics company, Multiphonics Inc., in which former CIA Director William Casey was heavily invested.
     "Look," said Minerves, "Fossil fuels are on the way out.  What replaces them?  Lithium batteries?  Not completely. Wind mills? Tapped volcanoes? We will be making new oils from algae and that means that just like people had to be displaced from above silver, gold and other mineral mines so the big bodies of water, the Chesapeake, the Great Lakes, San Francisco Bay, San Diego Bay, Biscayne Bay, Tampa Bay, Mobile Bay, Lake Pontchartrain and hundreds of thousands of square miles of other manageable closed waterways like the Mississippi Delta,  already nearly a big dead zone from farm runoff of nitrates, will be converted to algae farms.  It will be increasingly difficult for the tourist industries in the these regions to make a living because of the industrialization of green stuff.  People don't want to swim, fish and vacation around a big bog of green, orange, red or...in some cases....pinkish violet algae plumes....that can be quite pungent when the sun is pounding down on them.   Do you live on such a body of water as these?  Then start packing unless you're in algae and water engineering and start getting used to drinking water from a bottle or from you own every expensive reverse osmosis filtration and ultra-violet purification system. Oh, and invest in Coca-Cola, Nestles, and the other major users of processed water," said Minerves adding...."There will be places that you can still go to get to pristine beaches and clear, sparking ocean water, but it will really cost you.   Like the Caribbean side of Cuba and the Yucatan and the Atlantic Coast of Florida, which may save Biscayne Bay and Key Largo's Ocean Reef Club where George Bush and Harper Sibley's families fan their fannies in the Gulf Stream currents, but not the Gulf side which will eventually be dammed up between Key West and Cozumel.   Guantanamo Bay is, therefore, prime real estate, but not for waterboarding radical Muslims.The Gulf will be one big algae farm in time and Cuba's north shore and west coast lined with algae engineering firms and their workers   Ask Michael Bromwich, the Iran-Contra prosecutor who insured that that little conspiracy didn't go too far up the food chain and who was promoted to handling the Deep Water Horizon disaster out of which, like good marine salvage wreckers throughout history, the funds have already come to start the project from England's British Petroleum.  Out of all of this Cuba will rise as the tourist Mecca of the Western World and I would invest there too, but not until they have had some time to forget about Fidel and Raul," said Minerves noting that neither man have the foresight to create such an aggressive answer to the world's clash of competing energy challenges. 
   In both Flint, Michigan and Texas, Erin Brockovich who had uncovered the water issues at Hinckley, California has arrived to bring the spotlight on the issue of water quality.  "She's not there to do anything more than to normalize the shift from cheap high quality water to expensive high quality water," said Minerves who admits he really liked Brockovich when she was younger.  "Shitty water does that nicely.  In every community you should ask 'what happened here and how?'  You will generally find that some critical event has happened like lead leeching into the water or some other slip up and heads start to roll and the issue become a crisis and crisis means great opportunities for profits for those who offer their expensive solutions and general dumbing down of the populace and demoralized resignation and a new normal," said Minerves whose wife is practicing balancing water jugs on her head to carry their water from the new reverse osmosis pump at the center of their exclusive Baton Rouge neighborhood.
    "When you look into the background of Hinckley, California and connections to the John Warnock Hinckley, Jr. who shot Ronald Reagan and then discover that Pacific Gas & Electric that polluted the city wells and anything is imaginable with respect to that fiasco and even with Erin Brockovich.  Remember, too, that Pacific Gas & Electric's chief legal counsel in California was the father of the American Taliban John Walker Lindh and all of a sudden this crazy little water deal is filled with more weird alien creatures than Zoltare's sludge pools in the month of Bondargaz," said Beaudreaux.
    Bill and Melinda Gates, are funding research in ways to bring up cold water from the ocean floor along long tubes to the surface for effecting the direction of future hurricanes.  "I'd invest in whatever companies Bill and Melinda are creating to do that since they could protect the algae farms from periodic interruptions," said Minerves noting that Bill Gates' father was the attorney for the company that created product codes and scanners used in all retail stores, today, and while Bill admitted in an interview with Apple founder Steve Jobs before he died that Microsoft had created Apple's operating system so that 1984 would not be 1984.  "You don't want some act of god dumping rain water into the algae-plume-money-bowl," Minerves concluded. 
   Meanwhile, Boudreaux is concerned that the plastic bottle manufacturers and companies that use enormous quantities of drinking water....Coca-Cola, Pesi-Cola, Nestlé's and even ground water siphoned off by hydraulic fracking companies will push the water issue to critical levels.  "We saw it when Reddy Ice went bankrupt in 2008.  I never understood exactly why, since they have an enormous profit margin on water.   The Dallas, Texas based company found its stock price plummet in 2008 after it was proven to have been engaged in price fixing with its competitor, Glacier Ice.  It was selling 1.8 tons of ice per year and making a half a billion dollars, but went bankrupt.  It was purchased after the bankruptcy by a company related to the Rothschilds and Blackstone Group.  They don't buy losers.  This led some to claim that like the example of Western Bank and others that ducked into bankruptcy based on a court judgement that may have masked the financial realities while the profits went to Switzerland, the Caymans, Panama or wherever and the whole racket starts all over again with the help of a corrupt legal system.  There was case during Hurricane Katrina, I think, where people standing in line for ice got into a fight for a $10 bag of ice and stabbed each other," said Boudreaux.  "The plastic water bottles are floating down the rivers into the oceans and pretty soon China will claim the island of plastic in the middle of the Pacific for a military base."



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