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Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Flint Water Issues Boiling Over?

Flint Water War Moving to Texas?

By Crystal T. Fountains, CPW News Service

     Residents of Flint, Michigan are having to cook with and drink purified water in plastic bottles. They still have to pay their bill for the poisonous water delivered to their taps in lead pipes. Lead was banned in house paint in Europe fifty years before it was banned in the U.S. according to one Michigan resident who returned to his childhood home to investigate the water issues there. "Lead was put in gasoline, too, long after it was widely known to be a major health hazard.  The petro-chemical companies told us that it made our auto engines run better. It wasn't because our scientists and Europe's weren't talking to each other.  We knew it was some bad stuff to be breathing," said Cornell Connolly of Scientists for Greater Transparency in Inkster, Michigan. Connolly worked for years in Flint without knowing that the water was fed through lead pipes.  In the 1930's my father worked for the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn and he wanted to live there, but blacks weren't allowed, not in Dearborn. Inkster was the 'Blacks-only' community so when we moved from Flint to Dearborn, it wasn't to Dearborn, but to Inkster.  Lead paint was banned in Europe in the 1920's and in the U.S in 1978. So what does that tell you?  They were laying those damn lead pipes long after they knew that it was a health hazard! 
 Henry Ford must have been pleased, I guess.  His buddy, Adolf, just gassed people without a pretext. Assault them slowly and it's palatable. During World War II when my father learned that Henry Ford was a racist and backed Adolf Hitler we moved to Chicago where he turned to jazz and blues music and teaching," said Connolly.

     Connolly is concerned that the Nestle Company received water permits in 2001 and 2002 from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Nestles pumps 400 gallons per minute from the aquifers that feed Lake Michigan and put it into plastic bottles made from petrol-chemicals. Nestles which is not required to pay anything for the water received $13 million in tax breaks from the state. The wife of Dennis Muchmore, the Michigan Governor's chief of staff, Deborah Muchmore, is the spokesperson for Nestles which in the 1970's had sold its baby formula to Third World mothers to be mixed with the impure water. This deprived their babies of natural mother's milk that helps to insure a healthy childhood. "It was called the Nestles Boycott," said Connolly of the movement that brought Nestles' practice to an end before it moved into bottled water.   "Those idiots were using nurses, the most respected profession in the world, as trainers and couriers of their baby formula," said Connolly who added "if you're trying to control population growth that would do it for profit."
      "We are really concerned that these corporate water wars are moving to Texas," said Connolly. "I was reading that during the second week of a forty year tradition of a marathon run where water is essential that the water had to be boiled. My first question was...."Is Nestles nearby?' Are they trying to normalize our having to boil water, filter water, so we'll say....'what the hell, we'll just buy the plastic bottles.' I heard one woman from Texas joking that her neighborhood was putting in a reverse osmosis system and the women folk are leaning to juggle jugs of water on their heads. The same Texas city had a problem in the year before the 2000 Presidential election. The Koch Refinery, and you have to remember that Fred Koch who was a founder of the John Birch Society was a good friend of Henry Ford and that Koch had built many of Germany's oil refineries, had released fifteen times the EPA allowed benzene levels into the air. After the 2000 election of George W. Bush the 97 count indictment and $350 million fine turned into a 1 count indictment and a $20 million fine," said Connolly who admitted that the Flint and Texas water problems may be signs of wider pollution issues.
      According to Lucien Von Pyre a former member of Frank Buchman's Oxford Group that supported Adolf Hitler during World War II "Dearborn and Inkster's water problems developed along racial lines.   Flint's lead-based water woes came from Inkster's 'Nigga' toes'," said Von Pyre, a chapter in the regions history confirmed by Connolly.  "Yea, well, you had Motor City's top echelon living in Grosse Point, the middle class in Dearborn or Flint and African Americans in Inkster and the saying was "Flint's water flows without nigga' toes."   Of course the middle class in Flint and Dearborn weren't aware of the lead pipes, well some were, but they weren't talking," said Von Pyre whose uncle worked at National Lead Company.
     "The whole thing blew up in the 1930's with the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany with the support he got from the American German Bund and the "Business Plotters" that included Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Charlie Lindberg and the like.  One of Dearborn's prominent pastors was H. Richard Neibuhr whose brother wrote the Serenity Prayer, Reinhold Neibuhr, and both H. Richard and Reinhold were in Henry Ford's rearview mirror and burning Harvey Firestone's rubber over their support of the Nazis.  It's all in that interview that I did recently," said Von Pyre noting that Neibuhr wrote Christianity and Power Politics in 1940 which included a chapter on Frank Buchman and the Oxford Group.
     Von Pyre's interview was conducted in San Francisco by Hugo Miweh and was recounted in the article On Playing A Trump Card: Interview With A Von Pyre and follows: 
     HM:  When you were running with Buchman's Oxford Group were you aware of the Kennedy connection to Texas and Hitler's oil agent there?  I have read Dale Harrington's book William Rhodes Davis: Nazi Agent of Influence and had no idea that running around in Texas was Hitler's oil man, but then I didn't know that Fred Koch who was a founder of the John Birch Society was building Hitler's refineries....nor as Edwin Black has so meticulously laid out about the IBM and Mary Harriman connections to Fascist Germany in his books.

      VP:  The family of Kennedy's oil drilling partner in Texas would help with the economic attack on California during the wide-open-de-regulated Bush era bamboozle that was akin to the S&L crisis and the 2008 global financial meltdown based on a phony housing bubble and the fossil-fuel-energy-rape of California by Enron.  These same people that were drilling oil for Kennedy's oil company, Mokeen Oil Co.,  in Texas were running Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for the U.S. which we acquired, thank you Teddy Roosevelt, after San Juan Hill. That's how long this thing has been going on.  In the 1930's and 40's we knew that there was a powerful group of U.S. businessmen who were attempting to overthrow FDR for what they felt was FDR's betrayal by "socializing" worker's retirement.  We knew that it was called the "Business Plot" and that it was the subject of the McCormack-Dickstein Committee investigation.  We knew that O. John Rogge was investigating for the Justice Department the Nazi penetration into U.S. culture.  General Smedley Darlington Butler had indicated to various sources outside this committee that the group included Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Charlie Lindberg, some....most... say Prescott Bush whose relationship to Fritz Thyssen, Hitler's banker, would have put him on anyone's no-fly list today.  He was censured as part of the Union Bank's legal woes.

      HM:  Was John D. Rockefeller on that list? 

      VP:  Well, that's hard to say.  The records weren't published.  Of course the forerunner of the CIA, the OSS, met at 30 Rock in New York, Rockefeller Center.  Dulles tapped the Operation Paper Clip gang for service to the U.S. after the war and John D. Rockefeller's connections to Humble Oil in Texas, Standard Oil of New Jersey, Exxon, are all clear connections. 

      H.M.:  I remember that Exxon's top geologist was a Texan from Hutto, Texas and that his brother's wife's father, maybe his own father-in-law, I can't remember exactly, was the chauffeur for both Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone.  That's pretty connected if you ask me.  I believe that he attended the same church in Austin, Texas as the Old Testament professor who had been a parishioner of Rev. H. Richard Niebuhr in Michigan.

      VP:  See how closely the leading figures are to each other.  Kevin Bacon's six degrees of separation minus about 5.5 degrees!  That was A.G. Collin, who was the personal chauffeur of Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Thomas Edison, John Burroughs and others implicated in the plot.   His son-in-law Harvey Olander from Hutto, died in 2006, but the Collin story, written for the Hutto Heritage Foundation, begins...."My wife's father was chauffeur of Henry Ford.  It all started because A.G. Collin and Milton Bryant were the best of friends.  Milton Bryant was the brother of Mrs. Henry Ford."

      H.M.:  So the 1930's fascist business plot in the U.S. was real and included these figures?

      VP:  Oh, it was real.   That was what I was going to tell you earlier.   Not only did Jesse Owen's performance open my eyes to the Nazi threat, but so did Reinhold Niebuhr's 1940 book in which he names the two leading "Business Plot" personalities.   It has to do with the "get the Indian chieftain and you get the whole tribe for Jesus."    Niebuhr put it this way in his chapter on Buchman and Hitler:

     This philosophy has been implicit in Buchmanite strategy from the beginning. It explains the particular attention which is paid by Mr. Buchman and his followers to big men, leaders, in  industry and politics.  The idea is that if the man of power can be converted, God will be able to control a larger area of human life through his power than if a little man were converted.  This is the logic which has filled the Buchmanites with touching solicitude for the souls of such men as Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone and prompted them to whisper confidently  from time to time that these men were on the very threshold of the kingdom of God.  It is this strategy which prompts or justifies the first-class travel of all the Oxford teams.  They hope to make contact with big men in the luxurious first-class quarters of ocean liners.

H.M.:  This is dangerous in your eyes that have now been opened?  Did you feel that these "big men" were being forced by FDR through the McCormick-Dickstein Committee to oppose Hitler for their support of his New Deal or he'd take them to Congress and disgrace them as has been so widely reported?

VP:  It's a strange bed we've made isn't it?  FDR is a New England Brahmin insider married to his cousin from Savannah, Georgia where William Tecumseh Sherman essentially ends the Civil War by destroying the South's railroads and there is FDR holding a gun to the head of these leading right-wingers of the U.S. power politics, but was Henry Ford really a self-made man who was not dependent on the collective will of his car buyers who supported tax-paid roads that guaranteed that his buyers' fillings didn't pop out of their teeth as they jockeyed their new Model-T's?  Was Harvey Firestone self-made?   Henry Ford, who clearly supported Hitler, had given people what he said they didn't know that they really wanted, yet, and if he had asked them what they wanted they would have said "a faster horse", but hey, if he had given them a flying mechanical, energy efficient, high-speed, pollution-free, faster horse that fits in your back yard or on your rooftop and does not need any roads at all.... Harvey Firestone's fortunes from rubber and all that self-made stuff?  Poof!  The rubber never would have hit the road!  That is what led, I believe, Niebuhr, to write:

Does Mr. Buchman really believe that the dictators of the modern world created their dictatorships out of whole cloth?  He does not know that, evidently, they are the creatures more than the creators of vast social movements in modern history.  The particular social forces which created dictatorships are on the whole the decadent forces of a very sick society.  The sickness of that society is called sin; and if a word of God is to be spoken in such an hour as this as it should be the woe of Christ upon his Jerusalem or the prophecy of judgment which an Amos or Jeremiah pronounced upon their civilization.

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