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Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, May 13, 2016

Fox Won't Be Fenced Out, Trump Wall Promises Foxy "Gringo" Hating Wall Jumpers

Vicente Fox:  "Fence?  Fence?  I don't need to pay for no Fxxx'n Fence!"

by Arturo De La Noche for CPW News Service

     Former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, who came to office in Mexico the same year that George Walker Bush defeated Vice-President Al Gore in a Supreme Court decision in Florida, has made it clear.  He is not going to support Donald Trump, the "hated gringo" in his push to make Mexico pay for a border fence.
     Fabian Colbachi, a long-time surveyor of the cross-border political alliances between the U.S. power elites and the Mexican power elites says...."the ancient Chinese, the French at the Maginot Line and countless other examples of trying to keep people out with a wall have shown us that Fox is right.  Korea's border works, but that because Kim will shoot you if you try to jump it.  The Berlin wall worked for the same reason, but not forever.  Will Trump tear down the Statue of Liberty that is viewable from Trump Tower and from Chris Christie's state of New Jersey?  America was built on the premise of being an irresistible force and history has a way of proving that the irresistible force will burrow under, over, around and through an immovable object.  Whenever someone thinks that they are the center of things a Copernicus or Galileo arises and says 'think again...you are small piece of the total picture!," said Colbachi. 
     Colbachi is aware that Vicente Fox, close friend of Banamex Bank's Roberto Hernandez Ramirez...Banamex....Mexico's leading drug money-laundering bank....has a long history with irresistible forces.  "Fox was taught to speak English driving a Coca-Cola truck," said Colbachi adding..."He was teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony, while poverty in Mexico pushed people to cross the border seeking a better life elsewhere.  Coke is what?  Water and sugar?  And diabetes is rampant?" said Colbachi noting that Mexico also shares a border with Belize which investigative journalist Peter Brewton and others have reported was home to a massive training base during Iran-Contra on land purchased by Houstonian, Walter Mischer.  "That's in Brewton's 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush," said Colbachi.
    "Critics note Fox's hypocrisy when it comes to Mexico's border management.  Along the Mexico/Guatemala border people who are illegal immigrants are jailed with lengthy sentences in grotesquely shabby prisons.  Drug runners using the land route to penetrate that border are regularly apprehended creating an alternative water route from the Caribbean across Yucatan to the Bay of Campeche leading many to ask, according to Colbachi, "why is Merida, Mexico in the heart of the Yucatan a popular retirement community for ex-CIA and other U.S. intelligence community Americans?"
     Indeed, Colbachi is correct.  Vicente Fox began at the bottom of Grupo Continental, the largest Coca-Cola distributor in Mexico, and worked his way up in both Coke and Mexico's corrupt political system.  "It was reported that in 2000, Vice-President Al Gore had sought or received funding from Roberto Hernandez Ramirez leading to the resignation of  his campaign manager, Tony Coelho, replaced by William Daley, son of Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley.   "Coelho reported that he resigned because of illness, but the Hernandez Ramirez's connections were there as well and Hernandez Ramirez controlled the Mexican Riviera, the Yucatan coast across which the majority of Central America's cocaine and growing black tar heroin was crossing into Mexico for sale in the U.S.," said Colbachi who noted that Coelho had a tumor removed from his brain and had been sick.
     "Grupo Mexico's owner, Burton Edward Grossman, the largest single contributor to IWU, Incarnate Word University, in San Antonio, Texas was born in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Grossman became a Mexican citizen and moved to Tampico across the Bay of Campeche from the Yucatan where a major boulevard was named for him.  Fox spoke little English before going to work for Grossman at Grupo," said Colbachi noting that Grossman's son and successor at Grupo, Bruce Edward Grossman, a board member of both Incarnate Word University and William Wood College in Missouri just purchased a $54 million luxury yacht.  "When the world is awash in poverty and floating Coke cans you see the sons and daughters of the mega-wealthy wanting to propagate the Gilded Era. Fox hates Trump's wall?  Trump, who likes to guild his lilies, too?  A political tsunami is brewing," said Colbachi.
     Colbachi has followed political events on both sides of the border for decades.  "Burton Grossman was also head of Intercontinental Bank Shares, Inc., that merged with Coastal Bankshares, Inc. whose top executive, Cary Mark Grossman, teamed up with the Coastal's agent, Charles Benjamin Marino.  Colbachi pulled the Texas incorporation record for Coastal to prove his claim.

Texas Taxpayer Number30005552176
Mailing Address3703 YOAKUM BLVD STE 102
HOUSTON, TX 77006-4245
Right to Transact Business in Texas
State of FormationTX
Effective SOS Registration Date09/23/1980
Texas SOS File Number0053321400
Registered Agent NameCHARLES B MARINO
Registered Office Street Address3703 YOAKUM #102

     Charles B. Marino was well connected not only to Cary Grossman and Burton Grossman of Intercontinental Bankshares and Grupo Mexico, but to Brown and Root and even Rice University in Houston, Texas and to Halliburton when it purchased Brown & Root.   Mrs. Charles B. Marino was a top administrative assistant for Brown & Root's Herman Brown, brother of George Brown, and Rice University is the home of the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy as well as to Kenneth Pitzer whose Congressional testimony before the father of Bush attorney, C. Boyden Gray, Gordon Gray,  stripped J. Robert Oppenheimer of his national security clearance.  Rice is also home to historian Frank Vandiver, whose oversight of the letter of the Confederacy's President Jefferson Davis to Franklin Pierce concerning Caleb Cushing and the motive for the U.S. motive for Civil War,  has been seriously criticized by fellow historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth," said Colbachi. 
     "When you see that Donald Trump has teamed up with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie while the former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, a pariah in the eyes of the majority of the New York's fire fighters for his handing of 911, has become the partner in Houston, Texas' Bracewell & Patterson Law Firm to become Bracewell & Giuliani, you see a pattern emerge.  One of Bracewell & Giuliani's attorney's, William E. King, the former Mayor of Kemah, Texas has worked to privatize the Texas firefighters' pension fund with fellow Bracewell & Giuliani lawyer, Patrick C. Oxford, while Rudy Giuliani sells LifeLock to protect your identity.  In 1997, Governor George W. Bush appointed Oxford a University of Texas Board of Regent as the multi-billion-dollar UT Endowment Fund, UTIMCO, was privatized. I guess Giuliani's LifeLock venture is so that retired fire fighters can tell you who they really are when they are looking for admission to the local homeless shelter in ten or twelve or twenty years. Is it any wonder that the UTIMCO money was steered toward war-profiteering and that JSOC's Admiral William McRaven was appointed the latest Chancellor or UT....his military career based on 911, yellow cake and occupation of the poppy-rich regions of Afghanistan?  William E. King is business partner for GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath, the name that Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 911 showed Bush didn't want anyone to know about. Bath was the business partner of the Saudi royal banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz, who purchased in 1977 the Houston Gulf Manor Airport for Salem Bin Laden, the first-born son of the Saudi royal family's leading engineer whose top architect was Minoru Yamasaki who designed the World Trade Center in New York and HOLY COW!," said Colbachi with growing intensity.
   "Yamasaki had also designed St. Louis, Missouri's Pruitt-Igoe housing project that was the site of the U.S. government's undisclosed radiation experiment on unwitting Missourians conducted in the 1950's and the subject of Lisa Martino-Taylor's 900 page doctoral thesis.  Salem Bin Laden died in 1988 in an inexplicable ultra-light plane crash in San Antonio, Texas, the same year that Col. Bo Gritz went public with his information from the Golden Triangle's drug lord, Kung Sa, and disclosed the name of Kung Sa's leading importer into the U.S., Richard Armitage, a close Bush family politico.  Four years later in 1992,  Ross Perot had told us that NAFTA and GATT was a "big sucking sound of U.S. jobs going overseas" and across the U.S./Mexican border, while the FINCEN investigation into Saudi influence peddling in the U.S. received a stand-down order.  The FBI simply quit its probe into Saudi misconduct that could have, should have, netted the 911 hijackers and now we see a redacted 28 pages of the official 911 Commission Report being released over a decade after the dust has settled on the vaporized, crushed and mangled corpses of the 3000 WTC victims," Colbachi continued noting that in 1992 the Houston Post journalist, Peter Brewton, author of The Mafia, CIA and George Bush: Corruption, Greed and Abuse of Power in the Nation's Highest Office was derailed from a timely release with Simon & Schuster Publishers after having been contracted, slated for pre-election release and being promised Alice Mayhew, editor or Woodward and Bernstein's All The President's Men, as Brewton's editor.
     "The sad part of this is that the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, FINCEN, was headed by Brian Bruh, who had been in charge of the Knapp Commission in New York City that was to have rooted out that city's police corruption.  That was before Giuliani's New York City Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, who had been slated as head of Homeland Security in 2003 after working in Baghdad's Green Zone for L. Paul Bremer's Iraqi Provisional Government which West Point's chief ethicist, Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing told General David Petraeus was corrupt to the core just before Westhusing's death. Kerik was to have replaced Tom Ridge before the news of his illegality broke.  Kerik was convicted of tax evasion related to taking bribes and was jailed for four years beginning in February 2010," said Colbachi noting that the FBI's record relative to the Knapp and FINCEN investigations was much like that of its success in handling their wayward agent, John Connally, in the investigation of Whitey Bolger's gang in Boston. The Knapp Commission is alternatively called "The Serpico Commission" after Frank Serpico who left the U.S. after giving testimony before the Knapp Commission.
     "What is going on between Vicente Fox and Donald Trump is, at this point, filled with significant bamboozling all the way around," said Colbachi.   "The implosion continues," said Colbachi adding...."There's a lot more foxes in the U.S. hen house than Vicente Fox.  The connection of Fox to Banamex's Roberto Hernandez Ramirez and the 2000 U.S. election were reported July 9, 2000 by correspondent David Sosa in Quintana Roo, Mexico," said Colbachi who noted that the story was not covered in the U.S..
     Tony Coelho has served on the board of Service Corporation Incorporated the company involved in the 1999 "funeral-gate" scandal that was hushed up by George W. Bush's Chief of Staff, Joe Albaugh.  Meanwhile, Coelho had been implicated in the U.S. House of Representatives' "Post Office Scandal".   "When you are running with this crowd that imports irresistible forces, highly addictive products, across your non-existent border fence it is good to also be paid by the largest funeral services company in the world.  Your bread is being buttered on both sides by the same butter knife," said Colbachi who believes that Trumps guilded border fence, if elected, will "rival the Great Wall of China only flashy and with the same null effect."  
     Colbachi believes that a secure perimeter can be accomplished along the U.S. border and should be even on the Canadian border, but using the U.S. military along with non-violent prison parolees wishing to reduce their prison time with service to the country.  "A 100,000 regular soldiers overseeing 100,000 parolees a year can secure the two thousand mile Mexican border.   That would place 100 sharpshooting border guards in every linear mile of the perimeter and hang up the potential bamboozle of building an expensive wall that never works anyway," said Colbachi who believes that unless U.S. drug policy is drastically change like the leadership of Paraguay is doing there, "there is not much chance you won't have a very bloody perimeter and a very unstable, war-exporting, economy led by a group of  ugly American power elites every bit as ugly as Vicente Fox and his buddies in Mexico."

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