Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bush Buddies Bombed

Ross Brown of JP Morgan, Eric Eversole of U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Blackstone Group’s Sandy Ogg Egged at Bush Institute Presentation sponsored Hiring Our Heroes event.


A. Dimmit
by A. Dimmit Mohronnie, CPW News Service

     Appearing before a sizable crowd in Washington D.C. for the Hiring Our Heroes program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, independent reporter,  Mia DaMalier, asked “Mr. Brown, you said that JP Morgan has provided over 900 houses for Vets.   Were any of those houses from defaults during the housing bubble that Hank Paulson said our taxpayer bailout money would help so that they would not be homeless?”
     Of Mr. Eversole, Ms. DaMalier asked, “Mr. Eversole, Former President Bush was paid $100,000 as a speakers’ fee to appear at the Houston-based Helping A Hero that appeared in the news because of a whistleblower complaint by its director, Judy Dubose.   Did you or would you ask Mr. Bush to return that money to the charity that was already under fire for improprieties in not delivering to Vets what was promised?"
    “What can I say?” asked DaMalier.   “I hate a bamboozle on the backs of those who have give so much more than the bimbos who now use them for whatnot.  But you forgot to mention my questions of Mr. Ogg of Blackstone Group with its obvious ties to the Carlyle Group.  I asked  him….. ‘Mr. Ogg, what the xxxx are you and the Blackstone Group….all those xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx doing, really?  Mr. Ogg you said that you were told that what the private and public sector needed was a warm handoff and you told them ‘bull’ what we need is to build a bridge.’   How many bridges were blown up in Iraq alone in a multi-trillion-dollar war based on a big yellow cake bamboozle?”