Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Banking on Covert Actions

Sush Up!

Syd Lederman
By Syd Lederman,  CPW News Services

    We assume that the 2008 financial meltdown was based on an enigmatic housing bubble that was catalysized by an immoral American penchant for bigger homes that the demands of the Joe Sixpacks pressured the U.S. banking community to provide without respect for responsible banking and investing principles.
     According to economist, Dr. Frederick M. Mellon, “that’s a bunch of hogwash.”
     Mellon believes that the assault on the American home owners was a well designed, multi-year, decades-long strategy to reverse the lesson learned in the U.S. through the banking and investing failures of the Great Depression, the enactment of the Glass-Steagall safety-net that prevented the Wall Street investors from what Mellon calls “making whoopee” with the big banks.
     “Go back to 1982,” said Mellon.  That was the year that Senator Lloyd Bentsen introduced the Intelligence Officers Identity Disclosures Act that would essentially give the same weasels in the Reagan years who pulled the wool over the eyes of the American people with the subversion of the U.S. Constitution by insuring that the CIA was above the law of the land…..echoing, hell, bull-horning, what George Hunter White said had been his mission:  Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?”

Click box for full 1982 interview with John Stockwell

      Back then, Senator Bentsen was joined by Utah’s U.S. Senator and Mayor of Salt Lake City, Jake Garn, who was simultanesously passing what appeared to be the propping up of the S&L’s with the Garn/St. Germaine Act that moved us a step closer to the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall with the failure of Bill Clinton’s administration to keep the wolves out of the hen house.   Leaving in 2000, Clinton handed over the unlocked cocks and hens to the arrival of GWB’s oversight like Fahmy Malak handing over the autopsies of Kevin Ives and Don Henry or Dan Lasater handed over the keys to his airplanes to the former Arkansas Governor (For Lasater's Congressional testimony see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLWMnH31D-Y .......at 30:40).  In the Garn/St. Germain Bill was the introduction and legalization of the adjustable rate mortgages that got Joe Sixpack and his friends to belly up to the idea of living way ahead of their means.   Then came the introduction of Wall Street’s sludge buckets of high-risk, sub-prime, hell, bottom-feeding blood sucking loans that were packaged together into securities and sold as credit default swaps that were as incomprehensible as the message in a Jackson Pollack painting.  You want a good bamboozle that’s kept a secret?   Get the CIA involved with the Mayor of Salt Lake City!  Those Mormons know how to keep a good secret going.   Howard Hughes knew this which is why Hughes employed only Mormons to run his Las Vegas casinos, but it all made him a little wacko-freaky,” said Mellon who is not happy with the role that the Federal Reserves and Securities Exchange Commission played during this time.
     Mellon believes the Federal Reserve had a big hand in it.   “No, I’m not happy with it.  Alan Greenspan basked in the Milton Friedman-pumped era of deregulation…..which was essentially describe in my Eco-Echo-Micro-Macro Theory of Economics.    Greenspan gave a big thumbs up to the bamboozle calling it the ‘Greenspan Put’ that was actually a big poot right up your poor unsuspecting nostrils that culminated in the 2008 arrival of Hank Paulson’s bigger POOT that smelled like a pretty painted picnic basket of rancid locks on stale bagels in the July sun in Phoenix.   Had the U.S done what Donald Trump did…..face a reorganizing bankruptcy….we wouldn’t be in the fix we are in today.   That wouldn’t have saved us from the $4 trillion Iraq war based on yellow-cake.   That salvation would have come from leaving in place what we should have left in place with Glass-Steagall, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network or FinCEN investigation that would likely have netted the 911 Saudi hijackers since the focus of FinCEN was the bimbos surrounding GWB’s Texas Air National Guard roommate, James Reynolds Bath, but NO!   So we got what we deserved,” said Mellon.
     “Now the Replicans are in a serious quandary.  Make Trump their champion and watch him pee on the Neo-Cons…..and Clinton’s butt-ugly legacy that a budget surplus wooed us into a drug induced nap like Dan Lasater did with his employees leading into a bigger bamboozle…or, they can broker their convention and put JEB back in to continue, unabated, what George Hunter White described was his mission,” said Mellon who is equally disappointed with Bill Clinton's wife who like the wife of Penn State's Jerry Sandusky says she should not be associated with what she calls the "quirkiness and little peccadilloes of my husband," said Mellon.
     “Meanwhile, you can go and watch Michael Lewis’s new movie on the brilliance of short-selling on Wall Street…..betting against America’s success….or you could join in a revolution!”  said  Mellon who thinks that Donald Trump, for all of his own issues, could be a real reform President.  "He's saying that he is going to spend money on ads, but what's the message?   Here is my advice to Mr. Trump:  The people know that another Bush would be a disaster.  They don't trust Hillary for all the obvious reasons.  Be what you have been!  Strait forward!   Tell us what we already know and watch us blaze with patriotism and enthusiasm......tell us "The nation is bankrupt, folks.  You need a leader who knows about that and what it takes to turn it around and reorganize for the good of the whole....THE WHOLE....not just the Manhattan and and Palm Beach gentrified assholes, not for Clinton's criminal Dixie dufuses and foreign slight of handers, not for Bush Yale buddies and the Bohemian Sequoia humpers....and that's where Donald will have to grow, admittedly.   He's got to come clean on his elitism and golfing bull shit and tell us that what it will take is not a golf putter and a trip to St. Andrews, but a Claymore and blue face paint.  He has to morph before our eyes into someone who has already admitted the obvious about himself and say 'I've been a punch-line, an orangutan-ish  joke who drools over beautiful women and avoids all the others and washes his hands a lot, but that's all behind me now' and not just because he says it is, but because he presses real unwashed flesh that the Republicans say they have always championed.  Then he needs to lead a return to sanity like replacing of Glass-Steagall which had brought sanity back into vogue in 1933 before the criminals took over again and he needs to convince us that his four ducks into Chapter 11 was not a run from reality, but towards it.   He needs to donate his most expensive chopper to a life-flight service for trauma victims when he gets Air Force One....if he gets Air Force One and Marine One, but not before, it will look insincere.  There are plenty that believe that Trump will lead us into a war in no time, but that's not necessarily so.  He has bashed the Iraq war that led to the current mess.   He has called for a stronger military, but what kind of military?  He should nationalize the U.S. military that has been gradually privatized.  Put everyone into some form of national service, tie healthcare coverage to that service and pump science and medical education and green engineering and still make the military industrialist complex happy not by paying to start wars, but paying this black hole god-forsaken playground of imps like Rumsfeld and Poindexter to keep them from ever starting in the first place.  Is it doable?  When England faced its biggest challenge, Adolf Hitler, they turned to someone who had led people into utter failure from within a priviledged position within the English ruling class, which Trump's schooling shows he is a part of in the U.S. as was FDR.   Churchill had Gallipoli.....that cost England 60,000 lives in six months and Churchill his upward mobility until WWII.  That was more dead men attributable to Churchill's decisions than we lost in all the years of the Vietnam War.  That's why when I have a fender bender I tell my insurance adjuster that I'm really sorry, but Senator John McCain crashed five of Uncle Sam's multi-million dollar airplanes.  When Hitler was on the horizon who did England choose?   Someone who told them the truth about the seriousness of their situation and didn't appease with real guts and genuine experience," said Mellon who noted that Hillary Clinton could be like Queen Elizabeth, the bastard princess who steeled England against a different threat, but only if she admits that her marriage has been a self-indulgent mess on the side of the plunderers and show real signs of change.  Hell, Trump could be a Churchill if he worked at it....stomping around in the ruins of a bombed out business, picking up a sign that reads 'OPEN' and pinning on it 'More OPEN Than Usual'.  And those Claymores will have to be swung across the necks of some of our own  criminal numb nuts and their wayward followers," reasoned Mellon.   "'Achievement without plunder', summarized Mellon quoting Ayn Rand...."Achievement without plunder!"

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