Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, January 4, 2016

Bill Clinton Botches First Solo Campaign for Hillary

Rhodes Scholar Sucks At History

Bill Clinton made this same reference at a talk at his alma mater on April 21, 2015
 and here he is embellishing the same story, but seemingly
oblivious about the blatant error in his message. -Denise De La Tio
Dabney MiGauche
by Dabney MiGauche for CPW News Service

    Bill Clinton has been seen as a world-class communicator, but in Nashua, New Hampshire on his first outing for wife, Hillary Clinton, the Rhodes Scholar from Arkansas fumbled the ball according to Dr. Lowell P. Wigglesworth and Denise De La Tio.  Citing the June 2015 article by free-lance journalist and director of the Center for Unembellished History in East Lansing, Michigan, Denise De La Tio's Bill Clinton's Shipwreck on the Franklin Pierce Legacy, zinged Clinton's first outing nine months prior on April 21, 2015, said historian Lowell Wigglesworth adding.... "There he goes again!"
     "Clinton's rewrite of Franklin Pierce's history is especially disturbing to me," De La Tio wrote quoting another listener.  "In his speech and questions and answers at Georgetown in 2015 he essentially rewrote U.S. history," the listener asserted (Clinton's Georgetown Speech, CSPAN, 2015, at 1:22:01).

     "Yes, Bill Clinton botched it.  He said that he was only the second President to come from a small state, the first being Franklin Pierce who came, no real surprise considering Clinton's audience, from New Hampshire.  Of course, Clinton is the pontiff of prevarications.   Telling his audience of students this clear, unvarnished blunder was as wrong as saying that Gargantua and not King Kong hung from the side of the Empire State Building or that Chewbaca was a Yeti and not a Wookie.  Who did Clinton think these student from Nashua are?  His brother Roger?" asked Wigglesworth.   "Wrongly invoking the memory of Franklin Pierce is a very strange way to open his campaign for Hillary and I can only believe that it was a form of a signal.....code.....for his support of some unseen agenda that he believes will benefit Hillary in the race," said Wigglesworth who has written of the Franklin Pierce connections to Barbara Pierce Bush. "It puts a positive spin on the Franklin Pierce legacy that is as difficult to resurrect as JEB's is of the Bush legacy in 2015 and 2016," said Wigglesworth.  "With the dust of history covering the Pierce story I guess Clinton felt he could say what he did without questions," added Wigglesworth.

     "It just goes to show you that being a Rhodes Scholar is not all that it is cracked up to be.....maybe that's it.   Maybe Bill was on crack!" said Wigglesworth as he expounded to a group of history students in Rye, New York about the flub-up that Donald Trump will likely use in his favor.

     Wigglesworth raised many eyebrows in the U.S. academic community when he challenged the predominant myth of the Civil War.   Wigglesworth wrote in an article about a 2014 posthumous awarding of a Congressional Medal of Honor on the brother of "Lincoln's Comando" William Barker Cushing.....titled Cushing's Medal of Honor....from October 2014.  Wigglesworth has stated......

Historians like Frank Vandiver and Douglas Brinkley, have not addressed this relationship between Jefferson Davis and Caleb Cushing.   The fact that the American Civil War was in large part a drug deal gone bad, but is not covered at all in high school civics classes is inexcusable.    Any citizen old enough to fight for his or her country should be told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and not just from the alternative media and marginalized historians.  This is especially true when both historians like Vandiver, Brinkley and others have the letters of Jefferson Davis and Caleb Cushing at their disposal and have for years.  One such letter is especially informative.  If there is a “smoking gun” on America’s motivation for the Civil War it is the letter from Jefferson Davis to Franklin Pierce the enthusiastic supporter of slaver William Walker, the "Grey-eyed man of destiny" dated January 20, 1861 (Jefferson Davis, “The Papers of Jefferson Davis,” The PJD Project of Rice University, retrieved from https://jeffersondavis.rice.edu/Content.aspx?id=86 on 7/5/14).  Davis' letter to Pierce reads:

“When Lincoln comes in he will have but to continue in the path of his predecessor to inaugurate a civil war and, leave a soi disant democratic administration responsible for the fact. Genl. Cushing was here last week and when we parted it seemed like taking a last leave of a brother."

    Wigglesworth concluded his criticism of Clinton's rewriting of U.S. history by stating...."He's covering over the Franklin Pierce legacy better than he did the operation of the Mena, Arkansas airport!"


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