Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, December 7, 2015

Woody Harrelson, ISIS Terrorists, and the TSC Leitmotif of Omnishambled Random Copulative Assemblies

GROUNDED TERRORISTS BUYING GUNS IN USA: Timothy J. Healy, Sidney E. Fuchs, Terrorist Screening Center and Dropping the FBI’s Balls

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By Peter Pezonus, CPW News Service

    When Woody Harrelson's father shot Texas’ District Judge John Howland Wood, also known as “Maximum John”, with Wood to be replaced by future FBI Director under Reagan, Bush and Clinton, William Sessions, few Americans noted that the Chagra brothers from El Paso and Juarez, Mexico were not Mexicans, but Lebanese gun and drug runners who worked along the porous US/Mexican border.   Charles Harrelson was convicted of the Judge John H. Wood murder as the hitman hired by the Chagras.  The death of Wood had great significance to the evolution of Middle Eastern influence in not just Texas, but the entire U.S..  Harrelson was the father of actor Woody Harrelson.
    Today, the FBI is under severe scrutiny because of its failure to protect the USA in the wake of 911 and the recent San Bernadino shootings.   Fabian Colbachi has taken a keen interest in the turn of events and sees no reason why the FBI received a stand down order in 1992, a Presidential election year, that found the agency sitting out the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network’s (FinCEN) probe into Saudi Arabian influencing peddling in the USA that would possibly have netted the arrival of the 911 hijackers, fifteen of which were from Saudi Arabia and allied with the son of the Saudi royal family’s top building engineers, the Bin Laden Group.  “Yes,” said Colbachi, “that action or lack of action was as fishy as Jaws after the scuba tank exploded,” said Colbachi.  “In the cross-hairs of that investigation was BCCI the Bank of Credit and Commerce International the terrorist money laundering bank for  everything from the support of Mujahedeen in Afghanistan with their connections to Al Qaeda to James R. Bath, the Texas Air National Guard roommate of GWB, who sat on BCCI’s board.  
     The FBI's absence in FinCEN looks  like a violation of the public trust to which they have been chartered,” said Colbachi.   Fabian Colbachi is the Director of SAM (Solipsists Against Mishegoss) a Flagstaff, Ariziona-based self-protection association of likeminded individuals whose base camp at Tierra del Fuego was created in 2000 following the George Walker Bush appointment by the U.S. Supreme Court.  When asked just why SAM uses a Yiddish word "Mishegoss" in its nomenclature, Colbachi said "to avoid the use of the term 'cluster fuck' and because we found the term 'random copulative assembly' too stilted.  "Society Against Random Copulative Assembly or SARCA doesn't have the same simple ring to it.  There is nothing Jewish or Yiddish about our group.  We call a spade a spade when we see something that needs digging up."
     Colbachi is circumspect with respect to the place that political manipulation has played in the lack luster performance of the FBI prior to 2001’s World Trade Center attack and to the post-911 oversight of terrorism that has no-fly-list personalities able to purchase weapons in the US without restraint.   “It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that this is as squirrely as GWB’s insistence that he knew nothing about Enron’s trouble in Texas and California,” said Colbachi, noting that “GWB and Prince Bandar licked each other’s popsicles in their baby cribs.”
    Colbachi is sure that the Saudi royal family, the gatekeeper on the Muslim holy sites of Mecca and Medina, could put significantly more pressure on the “numbnutz jihidaists” to shut down the growing threat to Western liberty that is being “served up like a plate of goat gonads to Lawrence of Arabia by either Prince Saud or the Muslim Turks who are now apparently supporting ISIS with purchase of their oil at the Syrian/Turkish border.”
    Colbachi sees the neutered FBI at serious fault for the terrorist crisis though he is not yet willing to say that the FBI supported the CIA that may have created ISIS like it did Al Qaeda under the auspices of the Muslim Brotherhood under Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.  That was after Al Qaeda murdered Anwar Sadat only to find the freedom loving Muslims of the Arab Spring tossing the Muslim Brotherhood and Mubarak out on their lobe-tied ears.  "The Saudi royals and our bad guys are making off like bandits and blaming it on their manufactured boogie men.  The only solution is for serious politicians in the U.S. and free world to attack Saudi Arabia for its harboring the 15 September 11th hijackers in the first place which GWB answered by invading Iraq.  Here," said Colbachi, "eat some yellow cake and chug it down with a shot of Saudi crude!   We then make the Saudi dessert into two reservations of Sunnis and Shias and put the Jews who have dominated the slave and opium trade for thousands of years in charge of running the operation....humanely."

     Colbachi points to a number of  significant issues that the FBI failed to adequately address and manage:

·       The troublesome evolution of the William Sessions appointment to head the FBI on the heels of the Wood murder.

·       The 1988 Pan Am 103 explosion over Lockerbie with son-in-law of CIA Middle-East Bureau Chief, Thomas Tweeton, Matthew Gannon, also a CIA agent, returning to Washington to ask the CIA top brass just why CIA rank-and-file agents had nothing in their files on Al Qaeda.   Gannon was to travel on the Pan Am plane with the son of the top ranking FBI terrorism expert who changed his flight plans.

·       In 1988 the eldest brother of Osama Bin Laden died in an inexplicable ultra-light plane crash in Cibolo, Texas.    The crash was reported by Lowell Bergman of CBS to have been in Salem Bin Laden’s BAC-111 jet and not an ultra-light.  The Cibolo airport is now owned by a former USAF General who had headed the National Reconnaissance Office and Offutt Air Force Base.

·       The 1992  FinCEN stand down that could have netted the 911 hi-jackers, but also the BCCI connections to James R. Bath and the Iran-Contra money flow and its continuing terrorist connections.

·       The FBI Director’s, Robert Mueller, support of Dick Thornburghs’ “Thornburgh Memo” that was a clear assault on attorney/client privilege and ultimately habeas corpus in the U.S..   Mueller had worked at the Justice Department before taking over at the FBI as Director.

·       The evolution of the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) headed by Timothy J. Healy that missed the terrorist/fly list loop hole like the FBI missed the 15 Saudis training to fly jet planes in the U.S..  After leading the TSC and FBI, Timothy J. Healy became an officer of IKUN, LLC a subsidiary of a AKIMA, LLC a Charlotte, NC security company with connections to MacCaulay-Brown whose CEO, Sidney E. Fuchs was a leading CIA agent about which MacCaulay-Brown states: In 1987, Mr. Fuchs was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency where he served as an Intelligence Officer at domestic and foreign posts. As an operations officer, foreign nuclear weapon systems analyst, and program manager for several large-scale, multi-billion dollar space and ground based intelligence collection and communication systems, he participated in and led missions of National and global importance. While on assignment with the National Reconnaissance Office as a project engineer, he supported the design, development, production, and deployment of several classified satellite systems. At the age of 29, he was selected to be the program manager for a classified satellite system where he led a team of several hundred government, contractor, and military personnel responsible for the overall acquisition, engineering, integration, and mission planning of space and ground segments. In his final assignment, he was a branch chief responsible for all IT, communications, and operational systems at a critical overseas intelligence collection and processing installation. A highly decorated officer, he is a graduate of the CIA Special Operations and Training School, the CIA Intelligence Analysis School, and has received commendations and recognition from the Director of Central Intelligence, the US Defense and Intelligence Community, NASA, USAF, National Reconnaissance Office, and other government organizations in the US and abroad.

     Colbachi is also critical of the NRA who has become the self-proclaimed ipso facto defender of the Second Amendment.  “There are only three to five cases where a mass shooter was stopped by someone with their own weapon and most of them were police or security guards.  What good does it do to have your rifle in a safe at home?  If the NRA wasn’t the loser group that it is, it would be telling us to brandish openly our shotguns and rifles in our hot little live hands and not our cold dead ones!” said Colbachi.  “I’m a supporter of the ACHGAVS…..the American Concealed Hand Gun Association for the Verifiably Sane.  Not only do we have a license to carry, but we are verified as sane by a team of respected psychiatrists.   The accreditation is a bit pricy, but who can put a real price on the arsenal of freedom?  Quit the NRA and join the ACHGAVS.     You don’t need the NRA to carry your long guns and shot guns and to close the FBI’s fatal loopholes. All you need is your own plan of action and proof that your are not as squirrely as the terrorists or our sorry leaders,” said Colbachi. 
     Peter Pezonus is a free-lance investigative journalist specializing in politics, mainline media use of propaganda and botched covert operations.  He consulted Woodstock, N.Y. poet, Ed Sanders, on his lyrics for the song by the FUGS, CIA Man.  "Ed Sanders is a poetic genius," according to Pezonus who along with others have credited Sanders with the link between the Beat and Hippie poetry movement, with the popularization of the term "cluster fuck" from a Sanders poem that first uses the words in the phrase "Mongolian cluster fuck".  "Sanders also coined the term "fucking a" as evidenced in the FUG song CIA Man," said Pezonus who claims that he told Sanders to add the "a". -wc


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