Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, December 9, 2015



by G. Orwell Deyh and Fuken G. Hahdis, CPW News Service

     George Lovett LeMay's feathers were ruffled by the Wednesday airing of the NPR interview of Steve Inskeep of 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz as he laid out his plan for handling ISIS.    Inskeep repeated Cruz's claim to want to "make the sand glow."

     "Glowing sand is a big demand," said George Lovett LeMay of the U.S. citizens' group Bomb Here, Bomb Now in White Sands, New Mexico with branch offices on the Bikini Island atoll in the South Pacific.

     "Ted Cruz reminds me of an indiscriminate rabid dog.   He also reminds me of Senator Joseph McCarthy, the Roman Catholic politician and Godfather of some of the Kennedy kids who never saw an opportunity to alienate masses of people that he didn't like.  Trouble is that these idiots don't target the right targets with any degree of precision.   Their sabos, therefore, go flying off into some side street and wreak havoc on the wrong innocent populations.  Carpet bombing should be thought of as an area throw rug in the sun room, not like wall-to-wall blood red Mohawk berber that goes up the stairs to the master bedroom.   Cruz's white shirt and orange tie tell us that he is from Texas, but Texans are embarrassed by his ignorance of the place that bombing of the right civilian populations had and didn't have in the history of warfare.   You think Attila or Genghis cared one iota about civilians?  No.  We are more discriminating than either of these barbarian war mongers.  War is hell.  Hell, war is God.  As Cormac McCarthy said....'This is the nature of war, whose stake is at once the game and the authority and the justification.  Seen so, war is the truest form of divination.  It is the testing of one's will and the will of another within that larger will which because it binds them is therefore forced to select.  War is the ultimate game because war is at last a forcing of the unity of existence.  War is god.'

     "In the current war on terror the god of War has a church on every street corner, but don't expect the communion wafers to be palatable or the wine to be drinkable," said LeMay who said "carpet bomb till Yusef Islam, better known as Cat Stevens is singing Peace Train in Arabic, but unless you vaporize the right civilian populations then you are just wasting precious tax payer's dollars like Hank Paulson bailing out America's upside down mortgage holders by paying the too big to fail banks to write off their post-Glass Steagall toxic paper while sitting on the Fed funding like Bill Clinton asked Monika Lewinsky to sit on his face in 1995  four years before his administration led the Glass Steagall repeal to open the door for GWB's criminals," said LeMay in one breath.

     "Ted Cruz is a moron.  We only defeated Germany and Japan because we bombed civilian populations and bludgeoned them into submission and pacification.  Ted Cruz can talk about making 'sand glow', but I say make the Kabbalah stone into a gelatinous flow of taffy-like drool that cools its 4000-5000 degree core to a nice 140 degrees in the desert sun.  You have to target the source and Iraq was not it, thank you GWB and your bevy of quail shooting nincompoops who can't hit the broad side of a real target nor identify one in the first place.  We didn't invade Saudi Arabia because the Zapata/Harken energy boys were on the receiving end of the Saudi oil sheiks' slippery petro pumpers.  September 11, 2001 and the following invasion of Iraq based on yellow cake delivered to the American people from General Colin Powell like D'jango's friend Stephen to his 'masta'  has brought this basket of tripe to a ripe head.  Are we innocent?  Hardly, but do you want Western style democratic freedom or burkas and clipped clits?  All good freedom loving Islamists like those who Googled the Arab Spring and watched as the Al Qaeda-making Muslim Brotherhood were kicked out of Egypt along with "Hose Me You Barrack"....Mubarak.....their modern Pharaoh.  Serious Islamists see the truth of it just as freedom loving Christians would not rule out turning the Vatican into a nice pile of caramelized granite if it ended future Nazi ratlines or pedophilia," said LeMay.

Click box for NPR's Inskeep/Cruz interview.
      LeMay's group Bomb Here, Bomb Now is not, however, indiscriminate in the belief that bombing in necessary.   "Bombs like walls make for good neighbors, but bombs, which remove walls rather quickly, should be limited.  Take the Dome of Rock in Jerusalem that all the world is sick and tired of hearing about as the jewel over which there will be a final showdown between the forces of good and evil.  I favor Jews, Christians and Muslims donating this sacred site to the Society for the Universal Practice of the Golden Rule without strings attached.   They could excavate the "dome" or, heck, use a couple of bunker buster on it and make it into a nice big diving pool with integrated co-ed swimming pool for all people regardless of race or religion, a neutral, non-judgmental and open place for peace.  I'd call it the Golden Oasis for the Practice of Unlimited Love and Acceptance," said Lemay.  "Even war has to take a break from its divine rituals sometime," said LeMay who added....."my Mama use to say 'greater thing shall you do than Jesus has done.   Aim high," said LeMay.   "In the long run I think the new inverted dome of the Golden Oasis for the Practice of Unlimited Love and Acceptance will cause this site to lose some of its fascination and allow people to let go and move on to build a new future elsewhere like we are doing in Tierra del Fuego and Bikini unless the waters from global warming rises too much," LeMay concluded.

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