Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dr. David Griffin's Attack on David Parry and Bill Moyers Justified

Dr. David Griffin’s 911 Miracles Hit David Parry On Noggin

 By Phyllis U. Greizgow, CPW News Service

      It has taken over a decade for Dr. David Griffin’s piercing analysis of the 911 disaster to penetrate the gelatinous piles of patriotic ear wax that deafened the U.S. citizenry to the reality of the 911 myth, but he has finally succeeded.

      Griffin’s work has brought support from an astounding array of respectable citizens convinced that a power elite has bamboozled the American taxpayers left to pick up the pieces of their loved ones who jumped from the World Trade Center windows or were flattened as if in a trash compactor amid what Griffin has called a ground zero laden with melted iron and thermite.

      David Parry had been, up until the arrival of Gary Webb, who received the support of David Parry for his work on the San Jose Mercury News articles that delivered Webb’s book, Dark Alliance, in 1996, an expert on U.S. government and CIA corruption.  Parry had preceded Webb in uncovering the CIA connections to the Iran-Contra debacle that led to the Kerry hearings in Washington. 

      Parry is taken to task along with Texan and former LBJ Press Secretary, Bill Moyers, for not being more critical in their analysis of 911, by Dr. David Griffin whose speech in Seattle, Washington titled “Why Do Bill Moyers and David Parry Believe In Miracles?”  Parry and Moyers rejected the possibility that 911 was an “inside job”.

      “One would have to look closely at David Parry’s evolution as a journalist muckraker to see if the spines of his rake were a little too wide.  Hell, spine-less,” said independent investigative journalist Fabian Colbachi.  “I looked at his admission that he missed a truckload of muck during the 2000 Presidential election in Florida admitting that Gore would have won a fair election, but more importantly, Gore whose association with Wiliam Jefferson Clinton the Arkansas Governor who will forever be associated with the flake-job medical examiner, Fahmy Malak, in a hodge-podge of bungled medical examiner reports in that backward state, and who set aside in 1999 the Glass-Steagall Act from 1933 that prohibited the smegma-laden copulative assembly of the Wall Street investment houses and the big banks who are the handmaidens of the criminal cabal of the U.S. Federal Reserve, opening the door to the Bush 2000-2008 Sandusky-like shower play with the American people.    Then Gore became the politicizing voice of the indisputable Global Warming debate so that an issue that should be as non-partisan as the health effects of tobacco or selling lead in paint or gasoline, was for a good fifteen years now a soul-less, mindless embarrassment to the world,” said Colbachi.  "Gores' tap dance was a dog and pony show that should have been as far removed from a Tennessee Senator and Clinton Vice-President as a Einstein was removed from the Manhattan Project and Oppenheimer from the Atomic Energy Commission by the fossil fuel industry.  Never mind that Gore sold his television interests to an oil-backed Middle Eastern money mill that invalidated his politicized and inconvenient.....far more inconvenient that Gore and Clinton are willing to admit.....truths," said Colbachi.
     Colbachi noted that Oppenheimer was stripped of his national security clearance for refusing to make bigger nukes for the Cold War, an attack on his credibility led by Houston's Rice University President, Kenneth Pitzer, who was working on high-octane fossil fuels for the aviation industry at the time.   Rice is home today to the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy as wells as the Robert Herring Building....named for the husband of Joanne King Herring who is credited with promoting Charlie Wilson's War and whose husband created Enron from his profits from Houston Natural Gas.

     Colbachi has insisted that David Parry’s silence in 2000 which he specifically covers in his ConsortiumNews.com biography provides Parry’s alibi for being AWOL during the critical Y2K or 2000 Presidential election.

      “It’s all right there,” said Colbachi, “and Dr. David Griffin is correct to lump Moyers and Parry together like two big lumps of coal in a smog chugging energy plant's dusty hopper-bin   Read it for yourselves,” said Colbachi:
The memories of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush were enveloped in warm-and-fuzzy myths that represented another kind of danger: false history that could lead to mistaken political judgments in the future.

Some of our early articles reexamined important chapters of the 1980s (such as the “October Surprise” controversy from Election 1980 and evidence of Nicaraguan contra-cocaine trafficking). Other stories explored more topical crises (such as NATO’s war over Kosovo and the impeachment assault on President Bill Clinton).

Author Norman Solomon and I produced a groundbreaking series on the real story behind Colin Powell’s legend. Another of my investigations examined the remarkable story of how Rev. Sun Myung Moon became an influential player in Washington.

Working with talented freelance reporters around the world, we also undertook important historical investigations, such as how the Nazis after World War II — crossing “rat lines” from Europe to South America — contributed to the region’s bloody repression.


By 1999 and early 2000, we were looking at the reemergence of the Bush family dynasty. However, as Campaign 2000 was heating up, we ran out of money.

I was forced to make Consortiumnews.com a part-time enterprise and took an editing job at Bloomberg News. One of our last stories before that break described how the news media was exaggerating Vice President Al Gore’s alleged exaggerations.

Though operating on a part-time basis, we managed to churn out a number of stories in the months before Election 2000 and kept tabs on the recount battle with stories including how Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor telegraphed her political agenda at an Election Night party and how George W. Bush dispatched thugs to Miami to intimidate vote counters.

In November 2001, we were the first to note that the big news outlets – which had conducted an unofficial recount of Florida’s ballots – had buried their own lead, the fact that Gore would have won Florida if all legal votes were counted.

      “Well, I’m here to tell you that if David Parry knew that the Bush cabal would steal an election in Florida, they’d do anything to hold power,” said Colbachi who insists that Parry’s silence along with Moyers’ on the 911 bamboozle is as concerning as “eating yellow cake at Colin Powell’s birthday party.”

Phyllis G. Griezgow has been covering the 911 attack on the World Trade Center since 2001 from her apartment near Battery Park in Manhattan.  Formerly with the Little Italy Times she has also written about the health effects of asbestos dust that settled on lower Manhattan following the 911 attack for the Chinatown Crier.

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