Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Atkins and Paleo Diet Expert Urgue Return To Hunter/Gathering

Kevin Costner's Katrina Pumps To Dance With Wolves

by John "Little Johnny" Falcon Talon CPW News Service

     Harry Hind Cuertors, author of The Atkins Admission: Why The World Depends on Reducing Population and Return to Hunting and Gathering, has laid out in his new book the value of a massive returning to the life-style of the North American plains Indians.  "There was a war going on between the pains Indians and the indigenous tribes of the Northeast who welcomed the Pilgrims with their corn.  During their peyote rituals the Great Spirit told the plains Indians across the Great Midwest to 'beware of the corn'," said Cuertors.
     This is a singular and powerful message that the Indian shamans of the plains tribes seem to have received as a great chorus of mutually witnessing voices an urging to avoid the planting, harvesting and eating of corn.   "The surfacing of the 'Narrow Leg Runner' the 1840's shaman from the Plains Cree tribe provided what was at that time a cryptic, but compelling prophecy of future developments....'Beware the corn that flows like mud up reeds from vessels of co co co la la la la la la la',", said Cuertors.   
     Likewise, "Grass Blades", the Gros Ventre Indian tribe's shaman from the same period had a similar vision during his forty day peyote pilgrimage...."Warn the children of the corn.  Free.  Free. Free the toes.  Free toes run free....run little free toes from the big ugly, bad free toes.  Run free from the corn or you will chip your heels on heavy stones and dip the chips in blobs of white goo," said Grass Blades according to Cuertors' research. 
    Dr. Marcus Walleby of the Society for the Interpretation of Shaman Messaging or SISM in Alberta, Ontario Canada said that a similar message from the same period just before the onslaught of the massacre of both Indians and buffaloes that grazed freely above the aquifers of the Ojibwe, Tonkawa and Nakoda tribes as well as the whole of the massive Ogallala aquifer has been documented.  For example said Walleby, "Meat on A Stick" the Ojibwe shaman whose mushroom and sage sniffing salves brought on new avenues of prophetic messaging said "High Frook Toads.  Fat, fatty, blubbery high frook toads kill the children of the corn. Eat corn my children and become like high frook toads,"  was "Meat on a Stick's" message.
      "High Frook Toads," said Walleby were large brook frogs that the Indians had altered slightly from the phonetic sounds of the early English traders and appropriated into their native language.   Walleby and Harry Cuertors have teamed up to write the yet unpublished study of the massive volume of Indian prophesies that justify Cuertors' thesis in his book on Atkins dieting and a return to  a hunter and gatherer lifestyle.
    Representatives of Con-Agra and Cargill have not responded.  Neither has Coca-Cola or Frito-Lay, but representative of several native tribes have indicated that Atkins Diet and Paleo Diet experts are lining up alongside what is call "a rejection of all that white crap and corn that causes our children to become little blobs."
    It has also been widely reported that attempts to sell Kevin Costner's centrifugal pumps, $50 million of which were sold in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, would not work in removing the molecular levels of fracking fluids from the historic plains aquifers that replenished the surface waters of the Great Plains.  "Just like it did not remove Exxon's Corexit from seawater, neither would it purify the ground water upon which our clean, healthy buffalo depended," said Rushing Clear Waters of the Blackfoot tribe.  "That pump will have to go out and dance with the wolves," said Rushing Clear Waters.

Little Johnny Falcon Talon is a freelance investigative journalist, age 14, who at 9 years created the West Coast housing company called I Feel The Earth Move, Inc..

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