Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Wants Trump To Reach Out Hand of Inclusion.  Trump Followers Fear Trump May Loose More Than His Hand.

by Peter Pezonus CPW News Service

     Former U.S. Congressman, Joe Scarborough, took Donald Trump to task by saying…. “I look forward to going to an Islamic center with Donald Trump and I’d like to get other Republicans to go as well.  I want to say it again.  I have been very vocal about our need to reach out to, as I say, our Muslim brothers and sisters in America and I’m not doing it because I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.  I’m doing it because I want to beat ISIS because I want to win this war on terror.  I know that 99% of Muslim Americans are here because they want to win the war against ISIS. Muslim Americans have fought and died for our freedoms.  For the American flag.  For our country.  We as Republican need to reach out.”
      Abdullah Bin Wazzi of the futurist group SAM (Solipsists Against Mishegoss), a former Muslim and charter member of the Tierra del Fuego-based world peace advocacy group with U.S. offices in Flagstaff, Arizona, Bin Wazzi says that both men are correct….. “Trump is correct to be fearful of radical Islam….and Scarborough to be hopeful.”
      “Imagine a group of white Protestant or Catholic Timothy McVeighs infiltrating American soil.  Oh yea, they did that.  Well, consider then that their power to wreak havoc on American society was many times more expressive than the fourteen deaths in San Bernadino,” said Wazzi.   “Avoiding wars is all about sitting still in a room.  It’s about moving society in the opposite direction from detonation," said Bin Wazzi who has become a transcendental meditationist.
     Bin Wazzi who nearly lost his sight in a 1990 IED explosion sees the world traveling headlong toward self-destruction and thinks that Donald Trump was not acting out of character for Donald Trump.   “Donald won’t say it, but he would deport American citizens from U.S. soil if they couldn’t afford to live in his gentrified version of a U.S. country club.  If Trump is elected you damn well better learn to play golf,” said Bin Wazzi who is deeply concerned that rising from the Republican kettle of overcooked gumbo may emerge JEB Bush.
     “You have to remember that the Bush family connections to the Saudi royals is the single biggest debacle in U.S. history.  Nothing…and I mean nothing….not Caleb Cushing drooling over the Afghanistani, Pakistani, Turkish, Indian, Iraqi and Iranian opium crops that David Sassoon had taught him to dump in China as a trading chip….not the U.S. Civil War fought over the fraudulent motive of ending slavery when it was about the rush to the Pacific across the quickest and most easily controlled rail and ocean routes to China, not even our outright first-step embrace of American imperialism with the annexation of the Philippines was as potentially exploitative as the Bush family’s cabal with the Saudi royals who were sitting on the world's underground smog chugging fossil fuel pockets as an accident of birth.  These former Bedouins have made Henry Ford and Thomas Alva Edison, not to mention the Schlumbergers and Rockefeller's very wealthy, but yesterday's achievements have become tomorrows nightmare on a planet that with solar, wind and other renewables could supply our needs from the sun for four billion years.   That is if the lights don't go out because of the smog cover by, say, 2020.  Now if a peace-loving strain of these Bedouins could turn the desert sands into solar panels, eureka!  But oil guys, Bush, Harken and Zapata, Aramco, et al among them, are holding the world hostage.  That’s why we didn’t invade Saudi Arabia after 911 when 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi.  ISIS is as much a carbon-based smoke screen as the KKK was a tool of treachery and as easily manipulated as a tool for controlling consent for war and the chugging along of the American and world war machinery....the war profiteers.  Who makes money off of Middle Eastern Wars?  The weapons makers.   The drone makers whose planes chug fossil fuel and fire depleted uranium shells….and remember that the British royals….and the Saudi royals aren’t far away….grew their initial fortune of $500 million to $14 billion dollars on their investments in uranium.  War is a profitable business and the jihadists play like Timothy McVeigh into the hands of the war mongers.  McVeigh thought he was diminishing the American police and military state, but he only enhanced it,” said Bin Wazzi.  "The same is true for the San Bernadino jihadists."
   Bin Wazzi's favorite political book on the history of the 1980's to  the present is former CIA agent Robert Baer's Sleeping With The Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul For Saudi Crude.  "It would have been more accurate to have been sub-titled "How Bush Sold Our Soul For Saudi Crude", said Bin Wazzi whose second favorite book was Peter Brewton's 1992 The Mafia, CIA and George Bush: Corruption, Greed and Abuse of Power in the Nation's Highest Office.
    Bin Wazzi converted to a sectarian religion called the Knights of the Golden Rule after a conservative Islamic ritual of female circumcision was performed on his first-born daughter when she was twelve.  "Daddy, you said it wouldn't hurt," she yelled.  "I felt like a barbarian and that's when I said to myself 'Waz you're an idiot."  Bin Wazzi's younger daughters who avoided the ritual with their father's conversion laugh about it now, but not their older sister, Aamaal, whose names means literally "hopes, aspirations, wishes," finds nothing humorous.
     "Aamaal has sadly gone through a long string of husbands who never seem to satisfy her in their relationship," said a younger sister, Aafreen, whose name is literally...."brave, acclaimed, stimulated and encouraging."

    Bin Wazzi is attempting to get the medical examiner in San Bernadino to release the autopsy of Tasheen Malik, wife of the San Bernadino ISIS terrorist, through the Freedom of Information Act to see if she had been subjected to the same circumcision ritual that Bin Wazzi arranged for Aamaal.
    "Violence begets violence," said Bin Wazzi who is contemplating and meditating on the possibility that worldwide violence may be tied to both the male and female versions of this "barbaric, anti-humanitarian bloodletting focused on our most sensitive expressions of human connectedness."   He has also founded along with other SAM members the non-profit group NoSnipIt.  "Tasheen means literally 'ever ambitious'," said Bin Wazzi.  "Can you imagine how frustrated an ever ambitious woman without the possibility of sexual satisfaction would feel?  The oddity is that it would have been the Westernized Judeo-Christian arena that could have offered her the satisfactions in life she may have been seeking.  Judaism does not practice female circumcision, but male circumcision which may actually explain Jewish men's complaints about the over-the-top and humiliating demands of their 'Jewish princesses'", said Bin Wazzi.   "Judaism's deep-seated feelings of victimization, shared less by the women than by the men of the patriarchal religion of Abraham, Moses and David may actually be rooted in the infant memories of that initial assault on the brutally shortened tassel attached to their family's jewels," Bin Wazzi reasoned.

     "There is in all of these quaint religions a desire to solve very diverse issues with the broad stroke of an ideological......claimed to be a theological....brush.  The Jewish Passover finds the Israelites waiting for God's angel of death to pass over Egypt indiscriminately killing all first-born male children as Pharaoh had done to the Israelites when, good grief, most.....I'd say all.....of those children had nothing to do with the Egyptian despot with the pyramid stuck up his rear end.  Jihad is just like that, but so was the Allied carpet bombing of Dresden and for sure the frying of Hiroshima and Nagasaki," said Bin Wazzi who fears that Mecca and Medina may be targeted by the West in order to remove the overt symbols of Muslim unity if ISIS is not reigned in by Islam's moderate anti-jihadists.  "The Western powers chose not to level Emperor Hirohito's palace, but that is not to say that the Kabbalah couldn't or wouldn't be turned into a big blob of black quartz," Wazzi concluded.

    According to Wazzi, Trump knows more about the support that Saudi Arabia has shown in the spread of terrorism than JEB Bush and other Republicans who must deny the cozy relationship between the Saudis and Bush family that was the subject of the Michael Moore film Fahrenheit 911.
"The Saudi royal family provides protection for the Muslim high holy sites of Mecca and Medina and in a way they are like right winged American political leaders who sit on the right-winged Christian bimbologists like white supremacists, but allow them out of their cages when it is advantageous to do so.  In the racket of war letting these dogs out of their cages is a catalyst for war profits as we saw in the 2001 invasion of Iraq based on Saddam Hussein's non-existence WMD's and imaginary support of Al Qaeda whose leader was the son of the Saudi royal's chief engineer.  General Colin Powell's quivering yellow cake covered lips cannot but come to our minds," said Wazzi.

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