Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, August 19, 2013

Morgan Freeman's Jet Blues

Dubai Dollars Develop Jaffe Jet With Sino Swearingen Tale for Morgan Freeman's Soaring

by Waldo "Pepper" Patterson CPW New Services

    Living free isn’t easy.  Flying high isn’t either and flying at 560 mph at 41,000 feet for 2800 miles requires a pretty bird....an $8 million bird.  That is what Morgan Freeman has in his hangar....a Sino Swearingen jet, the Syberjet SJ-30.

     Built by a San Antonio, Texas company the SSAC jet is an amalgam of U.S., Dubai, Scandanavian and Sino investors.

    With the first SJ-30 rolling out in 2006, Morgan Freeman's acquisition was a public relations windfall to up and coming jet owners who may have previously felt that this symbol of achievement and conspicuous consumption was out of reach.  Is there any reason to wonder about this marriage between Hollywood and high flying jet builders?

    Lou Wasserman, the Hollywood MCA/media mogul traveled extensively between the New York and Chicago MOB bases to consult such personalities as Al Capone and Jimmy Hoffa.   No one is surprised that fast, high-flying airplanes are intertwined with many of the same names.  Frank Sinatra’s hit Come Fly With Me, was a personal favorite of Hollywood film maker, Howard Hughes, who was known to build planes for the U.S. military and spy planes for the OSS and CIA.

     Backed by oil money from Dubai and by the Jaffee Group of San Antonio, SSAC’s financial connections point to the possibility of a public relations problem for Freeman and any other minority celebrities who wish to celebrate success, but without endorsing models of American capitalism that succeeded on the backs of the minorities from which they have risen. 

     Dr. Wu Weng Wong of the Institute for Transparency in Utilitarian Rationalistic Darwinism or ITURD said “Everyone knows that Braniff Airways ties back to Panagra Airlines which was the OSS/CIA connected airline serving Central and South America."

       On the Board of Braniff Airlines was Walter Mischer from Houston, Texas who is a key figure in Peter Brewton’s 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush.  Also in Brewton’s book is Morris Jaffee, father of Douglas.   Douglas Jaffee is chief investor in SSAC. "Jaffee’s company built noise suppression equip to retro fit older jets and he supplied some of this equipment to Farhad Azima a key player and middleman in the Iran-Contra, drugs-for-weapons-for-hostages scandal that rocked the Reagan-Bush White House.  Brewton reported that Mischer and Coca-Cola supplied the 700,000 acre ranch in Belize upon which Oliver North’s Contras trained and that whole deal went as smelly as a fish head on a blacktop road in Jamaica in July,” said Wong.

     "Morris Jaffee was a big supporter of LBJ and John Connally.  Among Jaffee’s business partners was Houston oilman Oscar Wyatt who was indicted and jailed in 2007 for his part in the U.N. Food for Oil Scandal....paying kickbacks to Saddam Hussein for favorable oil deals.  Jaffee was inplicated in the Clinton Manges Texas scandal with George Parr.  I would like to have asked Saddam Hussein about his deals with Wyatt and others, but GWB's provisional government had Saddam hung," said Wong who believes that the elimination of the once CIA-backed Iraqi dictator meant that Saddam "died with a gut load of devilish details".

     Morris Jaffee’s world-wide business ventures have included the communist dictator of Romania, Nicolea Ceausescu and the brutal leader of Liberia, Samuel Doe who was replaced by Charles Taylor who according to international journalists had cannibalistic tendencies.  House Speaker, Jim Wright, whose Wright Amendment restricted the trade routes of Southwest Airlines was investigated for a $150,000 kickback on another deal for which both Jaffees were witnesses. "Jim Wright cannibalized the free market system by restricting Southwest Airlines' open access to airline markets," said Wong.

   “If I were Morgan Freeman and wanted to avoid the appearance of becoming a Stockholm Syndrome sufferer like former Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice or General Colon Powell, I’d definitely fly something else,” said Wong noting, “but purity of essence is a rare commodity and finding a high flier that isn’t backed by grubby money is a hard thing to do.  Confucius say ‘fast birds often leave big droppings,’” Wong concluded.

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