Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Krauthammer Needs Hammer Cracking Adjustment

"Lexicological War" Is "Less Than Logical War"

By Jack S. Offundrepan CPW News Service

     The Republican wordsmith, Charles Krauthammer, has termed Obama’s war on terror “a lexicological war.”
   “Not so!” said the Polish pacifist and high speed jet ski racer who shot his way out of a former Soviet prison to escape to the West, Waldemar Modjeski.
    “While in prison I learned that people do not like for empires to come into their country and drop bombs on them.  They hate that xxxx,” said Modjeski.  “Especially when they happen to be sitting on top of a big reserve of oil like in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran or Saudi Arabia, not to mention Vietnam or hell….former Spanish, English and French colonies, too.   The U.S. just took over the role of 'xxxx-xxx of the world',” said Modjeski.  "Then they went around breaking stuff and declaring it their's like some young punk-ass juvenile delinquent selling protection insurance to the local antique dealer."

     “Take the Boxer Rebellion in China.  We stuck it to the Chinese when we re-negotiated the British treaty with China, stepping in to promise that we’d not sell opium to their poor.  Created a coalition of the willing.  Willing to slap China silly.  Did we live up to our promise?  Did Captain Ahab quit chasing Moby Dick?  Was Averill Harriman the last of the Tammany Hall bagmen?  Was General Ulysses S. Grant knee deep in the Credit Mobiler Scandal?  Did William Tecumseh Sherman march from Atlanta to Savannah to circumcise the eastern tip of Jefferson Davis’ envisioned rail road to San Diego so that Sherman could hand the Transcontinental route to San Francisco,  to Leland Stanford, and the New England China Traders, so that one day some asses like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condeleeza Rice could hang out at Stanford’s Hoover Institute?” asked Modjeski.  "Consider again the Boxer Rebellion.  Within no time at all the alliance gathered to subjugate the Chinese splintered as the fight promoting politicians schooled in the shallows of their power elites' brain pools started a feeding frenzy," said Modjeski.
      “Forget Washington, Franklin and Jefferson.  That was the hype and if not hype, then their vision was never fully tried.  This is the reality. I was hopeful that when the old Soviet Union went kaput that NATO would be abandoned and a new joint effort at sanity would be incorporated in a union between the former Soviet Union, China, Europe and Japan with everyone pulling together to create world stability and peace.  Forget that.  I would have welcomed a non-lexicological war on poverty and global warming, ignorance and population run wild, but controlled by individual initiative not diapered genocide.  Then there's the ignorance associated with about the last fifty years of America’s declining leadership based on phony multi-trillion dollar wars and bull xxxs and tiny pin pricks of light that  these devils point to as proof that they aren't totally off their ridiculous xxxxxx rockers,” said Modjeski.
       “Krauthammer won't tell you, but I will.  Obama is a shill for the same power brokers that pumped up GWB.  Obama’s continuation of Bush policies and imperial ambition isn’t a ‘lexicological war’, but a ‘less than logical war’….a war for demented jack asses,” said Modjeski.

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