Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, January 25, 2013


The Looming Tower, Scientology And How A “Righter” Writes
 A Wright Tale
 Farnsworth Bartholemew Jones CPW News Services

      A new book by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Lawrence Wright, author of The Looming Tower, ventures from the ground zero of dust covered ruins of the World Trade Center Towers to the esoteric world of engrams, e-meters, Thetans and states of clear.  In a word, Scientology.  What’s clear about Wright in choosing these two seemingly disconnected subjects, terrorist attacks and Scientology, is absolutely nothing.
     Lawrence Wright’s nearly prophetic tale of a terrorist attack on the U.S. prior to 911 was made into a movie with Denzel Washington, The Siege.  In March 2013 Wright continued to parlay his writing into more successes with a play titled Fallaci, about the firebrand journalist Oriana Fallaci whose fearless investigative journalism and Wright’s admission that she is one of his biggest heroes, seems to validate all the more Wright's eye for a story and penchant for truth telling.

     “Strange,” said Carlos Lykcaj of Impressions Magazine, “strange that The Looming Tower says so little about the deeper history of Al Qaeda’s relationship not just to the Muslim Brotherhood, but to our own CIA as they were the mules, cutouts and conduits of American foreign policy in Afghanistan during the Russian occupation.  Wright was in Egypt’s capital, Cairo, when much of this was happening having been on the staff of the U.S.’s United Nations Ambassador’s office as well, George Herbert Walker Bush’s office," said Lykcaj.
   "I would like for Lawrence Wright to have told us that the first conspiratorial attempt to terrorize New York was after the Civil War when disgruntled Confederates set off multiple incendiary devices throughout the city.  I would like to have known that Rudy Giuliani had placed the NYPD's emergency command center in the Towers and that Marvin P. Bush, George Walker Bush's brother was head of the Tower’s security company, Securacom.  I would like to have known that NYPD's Police Chief, Bernie Kerik, was sent by Bush to be L. Paul Bremer's Iraqi Interior Secretary for security of Iraq and that he was followed by West Point's leading ethicist, Col Theodore Westhusing who confronted General David Petraeus about civilian deaths and out of control private security companies before Westhusing supposedly took his own life. ”
    Carlos Lykcaj believes that Lawrence Wright has emerged as a leading apologist for the Bush family legacy and that something in the Scientology story threatens that legacy as much as the Branch Davidian Affair in Waco, Texas.  “Yes, well what people seem not to understand is that the Branch Davidians were gun runners in McClendon County which was also home to Farhad Azima’s small airline and that Farhad Azima was the key drugs-for-weapons dealer in the Iran-Contra affair.  The FBI's fire-waller on Iran-Contra took over the Branch Davidian assault.  An admitted protege of Walker Percy of the powerful Percy family from the South with their ties to the Pierce, Bush, Farish and Walker clans, Lawrence Wright is in a position to attack any and all who threaten this formidable assembly of interlocking U.S. power elites. 

     “You have to understand that the America power elites are China Traders whose fortunes multiplied in direct correlation to the control of the world’s opium supplies and that the nut-case, L. Ron Hubbard, was a high ranking member of U.S. Naval Intelligence.  From the time of the funding of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company and the rise of Cornelius Vander Starr, the founder of AIG Insurance Company whose fortunes were also made in insuring the U.S. government funded mail and opium routes, the U.S. Navy has protected the sea and drug lanes as had Great Britain's navy for the British East India Company.  Eclipsing the British Empire after 1776 we learned the business of their picking up the opium in Turkey, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan and selling it to the economically enslaved Chinese.  This must be at the heart of the battle between Scientology and Lawrence Wright who right out of the shoot target’s Hubbard’s claim that he made many trips to China. Why? Hubbard’s son has gone on record to say that Scientology is an elaborate front for his father’s drug operation that shadowed the larger one and blackmailed it for his silence,” said Lykcaj.
     As Wright’s book neared completion, high ranking Scientologists defected and came to Texas, perhaps for the security and protection that they believed could be offered there reminiscent of Mafios of one family seeking the security of the other.

     “By their fruits you will know them,” said Lykcaj.  “Even the Shriners for all of their hocus pocus and replication of Egyptian, Greek or other mystery religions support burn hospitals and the mending of broken bodies.  Try to find a Scientology hospital anywhere in the world and you’ll be hard pressed.  The big boys use the dark stuff to fund their points of light and  so justify their employment of spinmeisters while the little boys like Hubbard don’t even try....to provide legitimate science-based healing and wholeness....spin?  Oh, yea, they spin and spin and spin which is why they, Lawrence Wright,  and those for whom he writes are, along with L. Ron Hubbard, lovers of Hollywood,” said Lykcaj.
    A California law suit made many of L. Ron Hubbard’s personal correspondence public.  Wright claimed that from reading Hubbard’s correspondence “one trip to China is explicitly written about.  That was a real trip.  But there is no evidence any other trip took place.”

     It must be a very sensitive assertion, but one which any lay person reading it would say simply “so what?”  So the Scientologist’s rebuttal was so strong that Wright’s U.K. and Canadian publishers decided to pull Wright’s book in those countries.  Presumably because with their insider’s position on the history of the China Trade and their knowledge of their own government's historic perfection of that trade, they  didn’t want to cause another Cultural Revolution.

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